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A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.
The tweet kicked off a tourism campaign budgeted atA $5 million a€” an ambitious sumA for the country's smallest state.
By the next day, the ad had become aA full-blown international sensation because two seconds of the two-minute clip showed a skateboarder in front of the renowned Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik, Iceland. By the end of the week, the video had been widely lampooned by American, English, Australian, and Icelandic media as well as turned into an online meme.
The IndieWhip team was shocked when they saw their ad on the governor's Twitter account, the company's cofounders a€” Chandler Quintin, Paul Kettelle, and Brian Bruzzi a€” told Business Insider. Rhode Island commissioned New York-based Havas PRA for the project, and in March the agency contracted IndieWhip to put together a two-minute commercial from the states' building blocks of B-roll and a rough draft of a script.
The clip was solely a placeholder for a first draft, which would show at Monday's event but go no further.
When the governor put it on her Twitter page the next day, it didn't take long for Rhode Islanders to notice the Iceland clip.
IndieWhip sent a quick revision two hours later, but the governor did not delete her tweet or publish the new version. To critics, the botched video was just one more mistake in the expensive disaster that was the tourism campaign. As I dug into it a little bit and realized just how poor of a job was done, I got pretty mad myself.
That same day, IndieWhip tried some advertising judo in an attempt to make the most of the spotlight now on Rhode Island with an April Fools' Day joke. And while they wish that they had never made the mistake in the first place, the IndieWhip teamA firmly believes that the adage that "bad press is better is than no press" can be best used in the digital age.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that a member of the IndieWhip team is in the skateboard footage. While others attempt to devise an organic route to viral success, Toronto-based agency John St. Then the little girl's stuffed animal comes to life, brings Minnie Mouse with it, and everyone hugs. Thorne Travel, based in Kilwinning, about 21 miles south of Glasgow, released a YouTube video this week with a dance music soundtrack, a dance crew, costumed characters, an acrobat, confetti, magic tricks, cheap special effects and a child kissing her mother on the mouth.
The uniformed employees of Thorne Travel start the video by strutting around the center of town, a theme that would persist throughout the advertisement.
Eight women wearing black and pink dresses, and a single man wearing all-black with a pink tie, walk through the town square like a vivacious travel mafia.
Soon a large group of teens begins dancing, their moves look like jumping jacks, while Thorne Travel stands behind them and claps. They then proceed to make people's wishes come true by snapping their fingers like magicians to turn a woman into a bride and a small stuffed Mickey Mouse into Mickey and Minnie Mouse – who then hug the mother and daughter who just kissed each other on the mouth. Other highlights include closeups of the staff, a strangely-costumed individual who appears to resemble a cruise ship captain and an acrobat wearing the same dress as all the staff while performing a stunt off an outdoor stairway.
The teen dancers then fire off confetti canons while several dozen people, including Thorne Travel staff, clap madly. It all, mercifully, comes to an end when an elderly couple walking through town remarks that they need to find a new travel agency.
Using the Car Lister auto-buying platform is as easy as lifting the front wheels of a Ford Escape taxi off the ground. At least that’s what the pranksters at ad agency Thinkmodo wanted you to believe in a recent stunt.

Car Lister’s CEO enlisted the New York viral-marketing agency to pull off a stunt to bring more visibility to the site, which allows dealerships and private owners to sell vehicles in a community-like setting with the help of photos and video previews. They knew the video contained a clip from Iceland, but they claim that they never intended for that particular draft to go live. One of the four freelancers working with the IndieWhip team was given approval to insert footage he shot from a trip to Iceland, featuring a local skating.
Mocking accusations that they had subversively inserted the skating clip to create a viral video, and that they even faked the clip, the IndieWhip cofounders released a video proclaiming that they were "all in on Iceland"A and showed a skater in front of a green screen. In their case, they're grateful that it resulted in Rhode Island residents voicing their opinions about the tourism campaign, and in several filmmakers reaching out to IndieWhip to work with them. Last week, she noted that she enjoyed the way many Rhode Islands voiced their opinions for the first time on the matter, and had some fun with a frustrating situation.
It is a clip 0f an Icelandic skater, shot byA a freelancer working on the ad with the IndieWhip team. It's a question that bedevils all ad agencies these days as clients demand to be the next Old Spice or Evian.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It's unacceptable how many mistakes were made in this rollout and we need to hold people accountable, because Rhode Islanders deserve better a€” taxpayers deserve better.

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