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Everyone knows what a virus is and hates it: is it a virus of sickness or the internet virus.
Nowadays, people are sharing everything what is happening in their lives with others and it does not matter if those people are your friends or your friends’ friends. We can find a lot of different created viral marketing strategies, campaigns and of course a lot of different results: one of them succeeds, one of them not. At first, analysing how to make a good viral message is important to mention that marketers before making viral message has to know their target audience, their business goals and in which media they want to dive in.
This was a theoretical part and now it is time to see in real life the best practises of viral marketing and the best viral marketing messages.
The key point of viral marketing success is that in short time a lot of traffic is rapidly generated.
Dove campaign “The real beauty” where marketers used motivational appeal and raised the problem of confidence. The Old Spice Man commercial was watched over that 50 million times on YouTube and was subscribed of more than 43 thousand people. However, the crucial aspect for creating a good viral message is the content of that message. For one of the finest examples of marketing a product in such a way as to reflect depth of personality, set the brand up as being utterly distinct and, at the same time, pay due homage to its hardcore following, look no further than NVIDIA’s 2014 Project 192.
If you’re into anything mobile-orientated, then you’ll know that what I refer to is a crop circle, a heavily-coded clue and the launch of the world’s most powerful computer chip, the Tegra K1.
Key to the idea – and herein lies the move’s bravery, its simplicity, its inherent beauty – was the willingness of NVIDIA to play brain-ball with a gaming following that couldn’t help but try to solve the code embedded in crop circle’s design. Meaning that by the time NVIDIA came clean, 5 days later, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the sheer weight of speculation – esoteric, religious, conspiratorial or downright correct – had grown to such an extent that the whole world wanted to know (and with great and smiling interest) about a chip called Tegra K1, it’s 192 graphical cores and a company called NVIDIA. To be considered “viral” is a great epithet for an online marketer, but one that is particularly rare for most content that is produced and shared over the internet.
The characters, jingles, situations and actions represented in them produce positive or negative feelings towards the brands associated with them.
Audience participation to share content from person to person is critical: producers create content, audiences create virality. In contrast, information that isn’t spreading or shared across networks isn’t considered viral.
One mistake C-suite executives & product managers make is expecting content to go viral on demand. According to the New York Times the average North American is exposed to 5,000 advertising messages every day.
As a marketer, this is what you want to achieve but often the most successful campaigns (i.e. All that said, there are some tried & tested rules for creating great content that has more potential to go viral and land a spot on a ‘top viral marketing examples’ list. In fact, it can literally startle them out of their routines as was the case of Japanese tire manufacturer Autoway, who’s scary commercial actually has a health warning to viewers—see it at your own risk here!
This may seem like a given, but content has to be actually interesting and worth talking about to begin with.
Of course, what is interesting varies from person to person and from culture to culture (which makes sharing content in different languages challenging; it is better to use local campaigns tailored to each market rather than a universal one for everyone) but generally, people share broad understandings of what’s interesting or not. One important delineation to note is whether this includes a call to action or not—are you creating brand awareness or are you asking the viewer to actively do something? This was the case with Kony 2012, a superb viral marketing example and a short film exposing Uganda’s Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army for alleged brutal war crimes, including the use of child soldiers. People don’t want to look for deeper meanings or search for hidden causes at the 20 minute point of a video. Content that is longer or more complicated usually requires greater attention and interest from the viewer, therefore narrowing your audience. One of the best viral marketing examples is Old Spice’s popular “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign.
Centered around actor Isaiah Mustafa’s increasingly humourous & bombastic antics while using Old Spice’s Red Zone After Hours body wash, the ads were an immediate hit with the viewing public.
Even though the campaign originally centered around one product, the campaign’s impact on direct sales of associated Old Spice products like deodorant rose significantly. First, they used SEO keyword maximization to respond to people looking for “the Old Spice Guy.”  Secondly, the campaign involved other viral celebrities such as Perez Hilton, who were only too happy to contribute.
In order to create great content that spreads virally, you must ensure that content is fresh, interesting and original to your audience. Viral Marketing creates extreme popularity over the product or services offered to the general public.
The following are the list of top 100 viral marketing videos, examples and strategies around the world. 2.    Hotmail – In 1999, Hotmail created a viral marketing campaign about its offered free email among users that can be accessible anywhere. 3.    BMW Hire Ticker – in 2001, BMW produce an eight short film which is also highly budgeted that stars some of Hollywood Tops actors likes Madonna, Clive Owen, and Don Cheadle. 4.    John West Salmon – With its tag line, John West will do the worst to bring you the best Salmon, this British owned catches the attention of around 300 million viewers around the world about the bear fight involving a man and a bear over a salmon.
7.    Kraft Cheesy Movies – this microsite of Kraft allows online users to create a micro movie that last for at least twenty seconds. 8.    2002 FIFA World Cup – In 2002, a controversial edited photo was released in the British Newspaper “The Mirror”, this features the players of Argentinian Defense that holds ladies bag while standing in front of football goal. 10.    Trojan Condoms – In 2003, Trojan condoms released a series of commercials based on Olympic Games but centers on sexual performance. 11.    Burger Kings Subservient Chicken – Imagine a man dressed in chicken doing everything you asked him to do. 12.    Berlitz Language School – this simple yet totally humorous ad of Berlitz Language School helped the institution to become the top second-language learning institution. 13.    Carlton Draught – this is an Australian Beer Company who produced an ad that aims to catch the worlds attention through the “Big Ad”, instantly the ad becomes viral that it gained 162, 000 views on its first day of release alone while in two weeks, the ad gained more than one million views. 14.    Nike Touch of Gold Commercial – this commercial stars Brazilian football Ronaldinho in his display of his skills on football. 15.    Smirnoff – when their alcoholic malt beverage was launched in 2006, Smirnoff popularized a music video titled “Tea Partay” that eventually gained more than five million views on You Tube. 16.    Ecko – what makes this video viral is the discussion on whether or not the video is real or fake.
17.    Dove – this beautiful, emotional and clean advertisement caught attention of a lot of people in the world. 18.    Philips Body Groom Man – this promotes the company’s Shave Everywhere site wherein a man talks about uncomfortable topics about men grooming. The post 11 Impossible Tech Interview Questions You Don't Want To Be Asked appeared first on DreamStateDigital. You may purchase phone plans with more than enough data to cover things like casual web surfing and streaming the occasional song. It means that if you spend an hour a day on social media over a cellular network, you could be using 2.7 GB of data a month.
A lot of that usage is likely due to the auto-play video Facebook recently added to its app. You can disable the auto-play option for newsfeed videos when you’re on a cellular network by going in to the Facebook app and tapping the options button (the three horizontal lines on top of each other) found on the bottom right for the iOS version, and towards the top right for the Android version. Streaming music at the normal, average stream quality for an hour will use up 43 megabytes of your data plan per hour.
If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today? But you may not realize that browsing Facebook could be a big hit against your data plan too. The post How a tweet turned Uber’s first hire into a millionaire appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The post How E-Commerce Is Finally Disrupting The $600 Billion-A-Year Grocery Industry appeared first on DreamStateDigital. While some healthcare professionals are effectively leveraging the Web to connect with time-strapped patients, many providers still have significant work to do on mobile if they are to meet consumers‘ needs, according to a report from Kentico. The post Healthcare marketers miss the mark on mobile, leading to frustration appeared first on DreamStateDigital. Kentico’s digital experience research showed that consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mobile options when it comes to communicating with healthcare experts or navigating wellness sites on smartphones. The post Important Alert: Payments scam targeting web designers and other small business owners appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The scam: An inquiry asking if you accept credit cards before discussing any project details. The customer often suggests a large deposit on the project, but insists on a rushed timeline.
The prospective customer will claim they are ready to make payment with a credit card so that work can begin immediately. The prospective client will provide a reason why the third party can’t accept the payment directly. Once you process the credit card payment and receive the funds, the fraudsters will be asking you to quickly deliver the funds to the third party and get to work on the project.

The post This CEO is taking on the biggest banks on Wall Street — and winning appeared first on DreamStateDigital.
The post Google employee dies in an accident at the Cannes Lions advertising festival appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The post How a tweet turned Uber's first hire into a billionaire appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The post How To Rock Brand Journalism Like a Celebrity appeared first on DreamStateDigital. Goop ’s pages that are labeled “Go,” “Be,” “Do,” “See,” “Make,” “Get” and “Shop” represent the site’s wide variety of content. With light and fun articles on topics such as fashion, beauty and fitness, Conrad’s site appeals to every need of her high-maintenance audience. Hollywood A-listers are now adopting this tactic to promote their personal brands and offer insights into their interests and passions. As you plan for a new year, quarter, or month, it’s time to determine your SMART marketing goals. The post A Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect Linkedin Company Page appeared first on DreamStateDigital. A LinkedIn Company Page gives a business a tremendous opportunity to advertise its products and services, recruit top talent, & share important, interesting, and useful updates. Anyone with a company name and company email address can create a LinkedIn Company Page within minutes. Crafting a clear, relevant, and click-worthy title is the most important thing you can do to ensure that the article you spent hours and hours researching and writing performs well.
A great headline ensures that your post is found in search results and shared on social media, meaning more people will read and benefit from your article.
There are handy formulas for writing headlines, but it can also be helpful to know what words and topics perform well., a content marketing tool that allows you to research and analyze top performing content in different industries, gathered data on nearly 500,000 articles published from January 1 to April 30, 2015.
To help marketers and consultants through the process of quickly creating a campaign we have created a email sequence planning template.
The post How to plan event-triggered automated email campaigns appeared first on DreamStateDigital. I think that the reason event-triggered emails are underused is that maybe many companies are still in a campaign mindset. The great benefits of event-triggered e-mails is that once set up and tested for effectiveness, they are a low cost method of boosting response.
Research shows that behavioural email marketing is a powerful technique to automatically follow-up online customer actions to help increase conversion to sale at a low cost. The post A Guide to Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Tools appeared first on DreamStateDigital.
Companies have long used email marketing to reach out to people to keep them informed and to remain connected with them. The post 5 ways for brands to build relevance and trust appeared first on DreamStateDigital. LeadSift, a provider of #social media intelligence solutions, announced that OMERS Ventures and Salesforce Ventures have invested in the company. LeadSift also officially launched its Consumer Insights API to allow for easy integration of real-time social insights directly into other business applications to enrich contact and profile data.
The Apple Watch is here to stay, and depending on how you feel about smartwatches, that may be a good or bad thing.
The second annual EContent Sourcebook: A Guide to Content and the Digital Experience brings together everything digital content professionals need to know in 2015. But why then marketing virus which is sometimes called “word-of-mouth,” “creating a buzz,” “leveraging the media” is so popular nowadays?
So viral marketing is: “a marketing strategy that focuses on spreading information and opinions about a product or service from person to person, especially by using unconventional means such as the Internet or e-mail“, “a direct marketing technique in which a company persuades internet users to forward its publicity material in e mails (usually by including jokes, games, video clips, etc). One of the most ultimate goals of marketers in creating viral marketing campaigns is to create good viral message.
Of course you must create something that appeals to the audience and it is worth talking about so people want to share it with their friends by internet. So which messages are good examples of viral marketing? I will show some video messages which show clearly the best viral marketing examples. This video has everything what a good video has to have: fantastic writing, novelty, simple humour and sex-appeal to both men (the humour and knowing smiles) and women (Isaiah Mustafa’s chiselled abs).
The content attracts one person, then that person shares with his friends that video, and those friends shares it with others and so on. Once understood as Braille, the code was physically broken as basically the repetition of the number 192, the discovery of which only served to ramp up interest – nothing like the mystery of crop circles and a set of unexplained numbers to add evidence-based meat to the grist of concept, wild or otherwise. Here’s a company that knows itself – its product, its following, its essential difference – so well as to risk setting the world a puzzle, displaying in the process a sureness of touch as breathtaking as it is knowing. In this post, we’ll discuss what it means to be viral, some notable viral marketing examples, and some important tips on how to potentially achieve the holy grail of ‘virality’.
Given the sheer volume of commercials, a typical TV viewer is exposed to an estimated 20,000 a year, according to US firm Media Relations Inc. Thus, for something to be considered ‘viral’ it has to be shared by numerous viewers, which is why social media is synonymous with viral content. An emergency weather bulletin issued from a single source to multiple people at the same time may impact many, but it’s not viral if people aren’t sharing it themselves. That’s a bit like asking a new band to write, produce & deliver a #1 record—if it was that easy, everyone else would be doing it and there would be no true viral marketing examples. This means it is extremely difficult to get your brand to stand out and get remembered by consumers. A hobbyist fooling around with making a neat video has just as much viral potential as the most advanced digital marketer with a whole chest of resources available. That doesn’t mean content must always be vastly different to be noticed, but it should be noticeably unique.
Yet along comes one with a uniquely dour look and within 2 years ‘Grumpy Cat’ becomes the world’s most famous animal, with her own website, Wikipedia page, book & movie deals and nearly 7 million Facebook Likes.
We as viewers can see ourselves in the same situation or encounter the same feelings represented by the content. The impact of the video may be debatable since Kony is still at large but since its release, it has been viewed 100 million times and Time magazine called it the most viral video of 2012. Content that is concise, to the point and attracts interest right away have a much higher chance of going viral. Not only is it important to enable social sharing on your website, but it is also crucial to optimize social sharing directly on your content to encourage users to share.
This was a highly successful marketing effort for the brand’s hygiene products launched by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy in 2010. It cleverly appealed to women despite promoting a men’s product, succeeding with both genders in the vaunted 18-35 age demographic.
Other brands took notice and were soon imitating the commercials but with far less success (since they were violating rule #3: be original!). More importantly, its impact on brand awareness was remarkable; it re-framed a brand associated with an old-fashioned image into an online millennial-friendly media hit. Brand managers capitalized on their new-found mindshare by deepening audience engagement with concept spin-offs.
Thirdly, it had members of the public interact with the main character through an AMA (‘ask me anything’) format on multiple social media platforms over three days. It should resonate with them and be easy to digest, but most importantly it needs to be shareable. This popularity paves the way to increased sales and demands of the product and services.  In fact, some viral marketing becomes part of the culture in certain areas, while some becomes a crucial part of the daily lives of people belonging to a certain class. The approach basically was made to make people believe that indeed the event really happens by posting incident details in their website as well as creating forums that even before the movie is shown, it already catches attention from people. It created brand awareness since users who sends emails to others bears the message “Get your Free Email at Hotmail”, this is a link that takes people who click on it to the homepage of Hotmail for free registration. Some describes this as morbid and disturbing while some says that the video is both interesting and innovative.
This viral video becomes an instant hit because of its sexy presentations of the lingerie wore by Kylie Minogue who at that time is making her big comeback in the limelight. This has been a hit among children and parents who loves introducing new things to their child. The picture spread like a virus in the internet and emerged as the most shared picture of all time. This viral video gained 300 million viewers around the world that stimulates discussion about the commercial and awareness of the product as well.
Although Nike had been producing a lot of viral videos on sports, this is by far among the most watched video of Nike that gain around 30 million of views. The videos popularity gave birth to online contest and follow-up videos to make the website interactive and sustain the popularity of Smirnoff beverage. This shows an almost amateur video about the spraying of graffiti at Andrews AFB Air Force One left wing.
In fact, on its first day of release, the video gained 44,000 views and a total of 12 million within its first year of release alone. A 21 year old man makes a hit by reaping sixty million views in You tube which in turn becomes You Tube most viewed submitted video.

The videos appear at different rates for each user based on a variety of factors in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Although several marketers, such as Web MD, have made a strong push for applications centering on healthcare, doctors and providers must roll out a greater presence on mobile and SMS to connect with consumers.
That’s why we wanted to let you know about a new scam targeting web designers and other online merchants.
They do this because they’ll be paying you with a stolen credit card, and want to complete the scam before the card is reported as stolen or the true owner of the credit card detects the unauthorized transaction. This could range from them not being set up to accept credit cards to them being tied up with a family emergency. Unfortunately you will now likely be looking at a loss as the true holder of the credit card will dispute the charge and you will receive a chargeback.
The site—featuring her handpicked team of experts—provides a goldmine for guidance on food, fashion and mindfulness, among other topics. Articles feature multiple graphics and rich visuals produced with a feminine flair that resonates with readers.
It’s the leading social networking site for professionals, it is a truly unique space on the web, one that blurs the lines between knowledge- sharing platform and relationship-building tool.
The guide also includes several inspirational visual examples garnered from top-performing company pages to assist you in crafting your own perfect linkedin company page. This way, you not only know how to optimize your headline but also can come up with article ideas that will attract and intrigue your target audience.
To setup event-triggered email does need investment in a project to work through the relevant creative treatment and targeting for different customer actions and position in the lifecycle. You can let the technology take the strain since there are too many triggers and layers of segmentation to manage manually. One barrier to setting up these event-triggered email sequences is the time it takes to specify the sequences if it’s a new approach to the company or agency. In fact, there is a high probability your company is already using some form of it, even though you might not be aware of it. Traditionally, you would buy an email database and have an email server with the capability of high-volume email blasts to send out mailers to people in that database. He says in a press release, ““Companies need to move beyond collecting likes and retweets with meaningless content. The company says the investment will further product development efforts and fuel sales and #marketing. As we learn more about how people are actually using their smartwatches, manufacturers have the opportunity to create devices and operating systems that better address the needs and wants of users. One of the main points to make your company known, acknowledged and popular is to act actively in social media. 350 plus news placements, 100,000 shares, a total 840, 000 original and related video views, 103 countries, a ratio of 23:1 return on investment. It is a marketers dream to have their content effortlessly spread itself to millions and millions of viewers. Other equally unhappy cats may be just as ‘worthy’ of such adulation but they are unlikely to find the same success. Truly viral content informs, challenges, satisfies, engages, educates, scares, or inspires.
It created awareness for a specific cause and resonated with a ton of people, but had no broader effect because there were no identified actions to be taken.
It was a pleasure to watch and you wanted to make sure your friends could laugh about it too.
This segment of the campaign was so successful it garnered 6.7 million views after 24 hours, ballooning to over 23 million views within 36 hours. If your content has all those elements, you have the foundation for potential success in viral marketing! Take for example the viral effect of Hotmail who become one of the top email service providers to a large number of people and even some corporate organizations.
This viral marketing creates 12 million subscribers which was later owned by Microsoft for $400 million. The concept basically is about the high endurance and durability of the BMW cars showing the cars in an action packed films.
Regardless of how people perceive the video, it serves the very purpose of its creation that is, catching people’s attention. By making the micro movie, users spend more than thirty minutes in the site, enough for an exposure needed by Kraft in building their online presence.
Although the concept catches people’s attention, it hardly serves the purpose of increasing the sales of Burger King. What makes this commercial special is the skills shown which creates discussion over people who watched the video if in fact it were real or edited through computer. There’s a lot of competition today when it comes on marketing but these videos that you share just make it easy to adapt to a old but good strategy on marketing. Be sure to keep an eye out and look for these telltale signs that you may be dealing with a fraudster. Originally started as a weekly email newsletter, Goop quickly transformed into a repository for consumers who crave lifestyle content. Paltrow follows the principles of brand journalism by providing the type of lifestyle content that focuses squarely on her target audience.
Mark Brownlow has more on the whys and wherefores of event triggered campaigns in this post on Email Marketing Reports. With that in mind, Battery Ventures decided to find out exactly how smartwatches are being used.
Yes, about viral marketing that is sometimes defined as a virus which spreads faster and faster, and makes more and more profit for creators.
The other types of viral marketing are – emails, newsletters, blogging, chat rooms, feel-a-friend script and flash games.
So in order to make people want to share the message it should contain one or couple of different advertising appeals. All this in 5 weeks – concept to reveal – and for a smidgen of what you might pay for a standard product launch. Some viral videos created singing legend and international artists like Justin Bieber and Charice Pempengco who rose to stardom because of the viral video that spread over the internet. The short film gathered around 11 million views from you tube and provided a 12% sales growth on the company.
They’ll offer to place a large deposit and then ask if they can transfer funds to you that are destined for a third party. Paltrow and her team provide such compelling information that it wasn’t hard to get sucked into a few articles while researching this story. Goop features many industry experts, which enhance the credibility of the site even beyond Paltrow’s celebrity status. Though the site may tout Conrad’s celebrity name, the information is laser focused on her target audience, the typical girly girl who views primping as a necessity. To help you align your marketing efforts with SMART goals, our Partner HubSpot built this marketing planning template that you can download for free. In this blog, I will explain what viral marketing is, what the key points for making a good viral message are and of course I will give some examples of really successful viral messages. All those types are used by marketers to share their message through internet which gives perfect possibilities for instant and inexpensive communication. The first and most attractive is humour – we all like videos or pictures of funny people doing funny things. Online marketers absolutely need to ensure their content is effective for their chosen platform.
Many of the examples here are mostly videos but in some cases it could be a contest for a campaign and used in linkbuilding or creating a viral content marketing.
Once you agree to the project, this new customer will want to pay you with a credit card very quickly. Once you transfer funds to the third party the original credit card payment will be charged back to you and all contact will be lost with the scammer.
The blog articles or videos of how to make your life better, how to achieve goals and believe in yourself often go viral and for really wide audience.
That is how the message would have a specific audience from the beginning which of course would grow with shares. However, this appeal should not be used alone, because then most likely it will not go viral. This element is used to warn about some danger and the content should be really reliable and genuine. To watch attractive and young people is more enjoyable than seeing old and ugly people in videos but this fact is one of the last points which audience consider watching advertisement. Thus, of course a good message is not the only factor of success but it is for sure the base for that. All those commercials stuck in my head and I think those are one of the best examples of really good messages of viral marketing.

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