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There are two applications that I use everyday to manage my network: remote desktop and vnc.
This would connect the rdesktop client to server using a 1024A—768 display with 16 bit color depth. To ensure system load the ndiswrapper driver instead of the bcm43xx_mac80211, I blacklisted bcm43xx_mac80211. The last step is to use system-config-network-gui to add a wlan0 device to your system and activate it.

If during setup, your wireless card is set up as eth1, you need to change the file accordingly.
First, I need to uninstall 64 bit mozilla as the 32 bit mplayerplug-in needs 32 bit mozilla. I forgot to mention that the machine is running Windows XP Professional SP2 with all the updates. You might need to stop NetworkManager service and restart network service to use your wired connection again.

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