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The consumer Network Attached Storage (NAS) market has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. While smartphones are bringing about the personal convergence revolution, there is still a battle going on to determine the convergence product at the residential level.
As followers of the media streamer reviews on AnandTech already know, I have been in possession of a review unit of the Netgear NTV 550 since CES. The DMA (Digital Media Adapter) aka media streamer market has been dominated by Sigma Designs, Realtek and of late, the Intel CE 4xxx series.
In the competitive media streamer market, we have been covering products with a huge US presence.

The media streamer market is a highly competitive one, where you have the big players like Western Digital and Netgear, and the really small ones like Micca. Dell is one of the leading vendors in the PC market to have a play in the SFF HTPC (small form factor home theater PC) space. Powerline networking products are quite popular in the European and Asian markets compared to the US.
Instead of the usual booth at CES, Netgear opted for private demo suites at the Marriot this time around. Back in March 2010, Intel announced an Atom based platform optimized for storage applications.

Western Digital has become a noted player in the media streamer market over the last two years.
After announcing it earlier this year, NVIDIA has finally released their 3DTV Play software add-on for 3D TV owners.

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