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A VMware oferece diversos recursos de suporte on-line de autoatendimento para ajudá-lo. O Workstation Player tem a capacidade de executar máquinas virtuais restritas criadas pelo VMware Workstation ou pelo VMware Fusion Pro.
Stellen Sie Kontakt zur Workstation Player-Community her und bleiben Sie auf dem neuesten Stand.
Mit VMware Workstation Player lassen sich komplette Desktop-Umgebungen mit Betriebssystem, Anwendungen und Anwenderkonfigurationen auf einer virtuellen Maschine als Container zusammenfassen und auf einfache Weise freigeben.
Mit VMware Workstation Player können IT-Experten virtuelle Desktops effizient erstellen und Mitarbeitern, Auftragnehmern oder Kunden bereitstellen. Mit Workstation Pro erhalten Sie leistungsstarke Funktionen wie Snapshots, Klonen, Remote-Verbindung zu VMware vSphere, VM-Freigabe, erweiterte Einstellungen für virtuelle Maschinen und vieles mehr. For me, Player 6 removed the ability to easily create VMnet adapters easily, allowing elaborate network configurations with GNS3. As far as I know, VMware Player 7 and VMware Workstation 11 also dropped Windows XP and Windows Vista support. I was also thinking if VMware Player 9 may further remove Windows 7 compatibility in not too many years from now.

Windows XP marketshare dropped from 23% to just 14% due to a gradual data adjustment from NetApplications.
I’m was actually referring to consumers who are still running Windows XP and Windows Vista as the host OS.
Execute máquinas virtuais corporativas, experimente novos sistemas operacionais e teste novos softwares de maneira segura em um ambiente virtual isolado em um PC com Windows ou Linux. It is licensed for use by employees, training organizations, contractors and can be transferred to partners or potential customers. Windows Vista is more than half-way through the Extended Support Lifecycle and Windows XP is already out of support. Having a modest, but rapidly shrinking Windows XP userbase is not a excuse for being on a unsupported OS.
Vendors are only just now dropping XP support, likely because it’s only recently commericially viable to do so.
These releases have come a bit earlier than expected, as Workstation 11 came out in its final form just last December. VMware Workstation Pro 12’s Main InterfaceIn Workstation, a tool I use pretty religiously, there are some minor enhancements that stick out.

In fact, some of these could be considered long overdue, such as the ability to detach a VM from the main client, and the ability to have a VM automatically suspend if the host is shut down. This is just the icing on the cake, though; all four products have a slew of updates worth reading into. Workstation is now called Workstation Pro, and Player Pro is now called Workstation Player.
While that latter name change might make it sound like the free version of the player is no more, that’s not so. If you happened to have purchased any edition of the software between July 29th and now, you can take advantage of a free upgrade – a great thing since these new versions came out earlier than expected.

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