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In today’s web 2.0 world, sometimes the presenter on stage is the only one who doesn’t know what the audience is thinking – because everybody else is viewing the Twitter stream.
These new prototypes fix that problem, allowing you to give presentations in web 2.0 style, with the comments from your audience appearing directly on the screen, in real time, during your presentation!
Based on the SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius dashboarding technology, but completely free to use, the prototypes can be embedded in any PowerPoint slide deck, and provide a real-time Twitter ticker feed, a Twitter feedback slide, and a set of Twitter voting templates. Posted in Web 2.0 by SAP Tagged BusinessObjects, PowerPoint, Presentations, SAP, Twitter, Xcelsius.
I do not know how the Internet works, I just push buttons, especially the back button when things go wrong.

Showing pupilsa€™ work Sharing files Showing pupils videos etc Increasing Assessment for Learning Increasing pupil independence and self-evaluation Blogging Why use blogs? Motivation- make the world your classroom wall Learning no longer confined to exercise books Who is the audience for work which goes into an exercise book? Truly global perspective Can be demonstrated by visitors maps on blogs The last 100 visitors to the Spanish blog Blogging Why use blogs?
Writing Increased motivation- will be viewed by more than just the teacher Very obvious to all when their peersa€™ work is missing from the blog Blogging Why use blogs? Reading Principal skill gain- pupils constantly reading each othera€™s work Allows free choice of which sections to read Aids pupil independence Blogging Why use blogs? Listening To podcasts To videos (pupil created, music, adverts, football commentaries etc) To peersa€™ work Blogging Why use blogs?

Assessment for Learning Comment function allows peer assessment using a€?Two Stars and a Wish formulaa€? = 2 positive elements + 1 element to work at next time Self-assessment as pupils comment on their own work and thus self target set. Enjoyment and motivation- MFL becomes cool again Speaking the pupilsa€™ language whilst teaching them ours Increasing range of services available via WAP e.g. Voice recorder Camera Video camera Stop-watch Bluetooth Ability to play-back videos and music How much would it cost a department to have enough of these to share between 2? Describing school as go round it Describing local area Guide to saving the environment Following and giving directions Describing friends Recording grammar explanations during the lesson Issue: how to get the recordings back to the teacher Options- 1) bluetooth them to a computer 2) bluetooth them to teachera€™s phone 3) other options?

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