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We provide reliable, scalable and secure hosting solutions for individuals and business of all sizes.
With web applications, we can make your business available and accessible anytime and anywhere. IctPack Solutions Ltd is turnkey ICT solutions provider with a strategic objective to be a leading provider of INNOVATIVE ICT solutions and services. With the explosion of mobile marketing over the last couple of years, we here at Tatango have seen an increasing interest in location based SMS campaigns. To get answers to some of the most commonly asked location based SMS marketing questions, we reached out to our good friend Rip Gerber (pictured below), the founder of Locaid, the world’s largest mobile location-based marketing platform, and the exclusive provider of SMS geofencing technology to Tatango.
Mobile geofencing, which is sometimes called Geotargeting, is a location-based service (LBS) where layers of location intelligence allow a brand to make decisions or take some action based on a geographical area of an SMS subscriber.
Creating a geofence for an SMS campaign will allow a brand to tailor SMS promotions to an SMS susbcriber’s real-time location, increasing SMS marketing open rates and SMS redemption rates. The SMS campaign was targeted at cardholders of select branded credit programs, which ran from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve in 2012. The SMS promotion encouraged SMS subscribers to use their store-branded credit cards for a chance to win a shopping spree at one of the participating retailers. 39% of SMS subscribers said that the location-based mobile marketing campaign influenced their purchase decisions. 37% of SMS subscribers said the SMS promotions influenced them to visit a specific brand within the mall. 68% of SMS subscribers indicated they would sign up for future location-based SMS promotions. Card holders that received the location-aware mobile marketing messages spent on average 24% more in a shopping trip than the average card holder that didn’t receive the location-aware SMS promotions. As I said earlier, a mobile geofence is a layer of intelligence that allows you to make decisions or take some action based on a geographical area. Locaid advocates the use of network-based mobile marketing geofences that uses carrier-grade location data to pinpoint the location of an SMS subscriber.

Other considerations that affect location accuracy of an SMS subscriber include the wireless carrier network technology, including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, HSPA, and LTE deployments, in addition to the topography of the area, such as if the SMS subscriber is in a dense urban, suburban or rural area.
With network-based Geofencing you can reach 100% of your SMS subscribers regardless of mobile phone type, carrier or plan.
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We simply deliver high value INNOVATIVE solutions by bridging the gap between BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY. We are experts in crafting software applications tailored to the unique needs of each business we encounter. We do manage and administer IT systems on behalf of clients so you can focus on running other aspects of your business. Our hosting servers are efficient and blazing fast to ensure your website and other hosted applications have the smallest loading times.
Our web solutions include data entry and data management system, web portals, content management system, file sharing and management. We aim to be our client’s reliable partner to steer through competitive business environment powered by state of the art business automation technologies. While this type of technology has been around for years, there’s still a lot of questions regarding location based mobile marketing, and concepts like mobile geofencing, and how these technologies can be used to improve your SMS marketing campaigns. Below are the 10 most commonly asked location-based mobile marketing questions and their answers as they relate to SMS marketing.
Mobile geofencing isn’t a new technology either, and as our society becomes increasingly mobile, developers and brands are realizing the added value that mobile geofencing can bring to their SMS marketing campaigns.
For example, Locaid recently powered the technology behind a location-aware SMS marketing campaign for Easton Mall, in partnership with Alliance Data. The SMS geofence was created around Easton Mall in Ohio and was designed to trigger an SMS text promotion to SMS subscribers when they were within a predetermined proximity of the mall.
A mobile geofence can circle anything, or any area, such as a retail store, a stadium, or even a neighborhood. The number one rule for location-based marketing is that you need permission to locate a mobile device.
The correct way to use a geofence for an SMS campaign is to use it as an additional data point for your SMS subscribers in order to send locally-targeted, relevant content. The size of the geofence depends on the SMS campaign requirements and the expected accuracy of the underlying location method that will be used i.e. The best use case here is for online gambling where location data is a key requirement for any wage-taking gaming app, or mobile lottery.

Locaid has the widest reach in the industry and can locate over 400 million mobile phones across the US and Canada through our unrivalled relationships with the tier 1 and 2 wireless carriers.
The best part is that this type of technology can be implemented on existing SMS campaigns with only a minimal amount of work.
Call Tatango at (888) 517-6345 or send us a message, and we’d be happy to discuss the capabilities of this exciting technology. Our ability to influence change is fueled by the integration of art & media from the idea that is stage forward. We have excellent team who are self dependent and passion is to create crisp websites and innovative solutions for all your web needs. With PackSMS, you get your own web-based account and an SMS bundle to start right awayyour marketing initiatives at reasonable prices. Locaid uses a Network-based Geofence, which uses carrier-grade location data to determine where SMS subscribers are located.
Permission can be obtained in multiple ways, from customers replying to a text message confirming they want to share their location with a brand (see below for an example), to customers giving permission within a web opt-in form that captures their mobile phone numbers. This will then increase SMS redemption rates, and thus the return on investment on any SMS campaign.
Obtaining approvals from regulatory agencies and gaming testing labs require that a users physical location within a state or territory with legalized online gambling be verified to allow bets to be placed. Our platform comes with a very easy and intuitive web-based UI and has many of the advanced SMS marketing features of the bigger platforms. We prepare the content of the SMS exactly in the same method which is followed by famous cell phone companies.
It is kind of studio awash with fresh and innovative ideas that permit us to create enduring messages, question and new & modern prospective. We consider ourselves to sell not just services but also a complete user experience in relation to our website design and development.
You can see an example of this below, where this SMS subscriber is 22 miles outside of the geofence that Starbucks had setup for their Mountain View store location. For example, with location-aware SMS marketing, restaurants only need to look up the location of their SMS subscribers once a day around happy hour if they’re interested in sending SMS promotions to increase traffic during happy hour, as they would only focus on sending promotions to those subscribers within the geofence during that specific time. GPS location can be easily spoofed, and wifi or geoIP are insufficient to provide validated location beyond country level. Network location accuracy, reach and un-spoofability make it a requirement for authenticated, verified location compliance. In the todaya€™s times, when the whole world seems to be going online through Website, Adwords, SMS and Email Marketing.
Having SMS Marketing is must for every business to reach out to the maximum potential customers.

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