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Every organisation is different, we all operate in different environments and we all have different goals. The first is clearly defining your goals and objectives knowing what keywords you have researched and chosen to target what your audience are looking for and ultimately what you want them to do when they get to your site is the foundation of everything that you will do.
Fourth you need to ensure that everyone in the organisation maintains a healthy respect for online reputation management.
Many businesses today have well-crafted and well thought out policies for writing and publishing content on behalf of the company, but many still don’t. What this means is that what worked for you today won’t necessarily work for you tomorrow and you have to embrace the fact that this is a moving target that requires your full attention if you want to stay ahead. While successful organisations tend to exemplify these traits this is by no means a complete list. Sadhiv Mahandru has been involved in online marketing for over a decade covering PPC, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Creation and also creating effective websites. Ready to move from constant chaos to sustainable success?Content Strategy for the Web is the industry's go-to handbook for creating and executing successful content strategies.
This second edition retains all that was wonderful in the first book, while yielding dazzling new insights into the hows and whys of content strategy. Anyone who’s up on technology has heard of mobile web design and content marketing—two terms used with increasing frequency in the online world. Can mobile design and a great content marketing strategy be combined without sacrificing either content or design elements? The truth is that great content does not have to be sacrificed for mobile design and can even be enhanced by the capabilities of new devices. How can web designers show clients the importance of mobile design and content marketing, and combine them effectively? Showing clients how their website appears on a variety of handheld devices or Google’s GoMo Meter is a good way to promote the responsive design element.
Adhere to the following best practices to show clients that responsive web design that incorporates the unique features of handheld devices and a killer content marketing strategy can work together to create an awesome online experience. Google’s Mobile Movement infographic presents a strong argument for integrating responsive design into a content marketing strategy. To properly integrate responsive design and a content marketing strategy, accept that you should work as part of a team that includes marketing professionals, or develop your own content marketing skills. Expect the marketing professionals to set the content requirements, and design around them.
As a team, identify and create content based on user needs, and then optimize the user experience in a mobile environment.
Take advantage of whatever the device offers—GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen, phone and camera features—to build and present your content in a creative, useful, engaging and entertaining way. Multi-screening occurs sequentially or simultaneously, providing new opportunities for multi-platform content marketing. Think of mobile content development as responsive marketing, or creating content that meets the way people use their devices. Combining responsive design and a content marketing strategy for optimal benefit forces businesses to throw out unnecessary content and focus on the stuff that is important to customers. Mobile design forces designers and content marketers to prioritize and design for the smallest screen on the market.
The best content marketing strategies use responsive design and the unique capabilities of mobile devices to anticipate and answer the user’s needs based on an analysis of typical users. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!

So everyone’s ideal content strategy will be unique, but in order for us to understand what content strategies work and which do not, we can look at some of the core components of content strategies that successful organisations share.
Perhaps a cornerstone of a good content strategy is to research your audience and then understand them well enough to be able to market to them effectively. This is not something that you are going to be able to tackle alone and you will need buy-in from your CEO all the way down to your new recruits.
Whenever you put anything out there on the web it is there forever and it is there standing by your brand. If you fall into the latter category, you will want to invest some time to define just what people can and cannot post in whatever editorial procedures that need to be followed. Ultimately, your reputation will dictate whether customers want to do business with you or not. Monitoring trends involves not only keeping up to date with your industry but also with things like renewing keyword research and reviewing your content structure and strategy on a regular basis.
Take a look at your own organisation with your own objectives and then define your own success. Specialising in Search Engine Optimisation Oldham and providing services throughout the UK. Read it and learn how to create and deliver useful, usable content for your online audiences, when and where they need it most. Web users expect to be able to ask questions and get answers online, most of the time before they ever want to speak with someone from your organization in person, on the phone, or even by email. A properly integrated responsive design and content marketing strategy should produce a phenomenal user experience for visitors to your client’s website. Don’t be surprised, however, if your clients balk when bits of important content are omitted on the tiny screens.
When a smartphone user needs to book dinner reservations while running to catch a bus, he doesn’t have time to explore a beautifully rendered menu with glorious graphics. Say a hungry and busy pizza lover uses his smartphone to order a pizza while riding the train home from work. When he is on the train, his GPS-enabled smartphone shows him the closest location of his favourite pizza franchise as a pop-up on a map.
The difference is that when designing websites and choosing content for mobile websites, the user’s needs change based on a variety of factors—in particular, the device they use. The user may start their online shopping expedition with the smartphone and only need immediate access to this season’s fashion line, for example. When the online shopper continues on to their tablet, they want to see a shopping cart and e-commerce options.
If they don’t, users will become frustrated and will simply jump to competitor websites that are easier to navigate.
They don’t want to read novels about widgets on their phones; they want to know where they can buy a novel and what it costs.
The phone, GPS, camera, video and web access of smartphones and tablets provides unlimited opportunities for creative marketers to present their products and services in innovative ways. Knowing your customers role in an organisation, their location, their demographics, their interests and their behaviours, will help you step into their shoes and bring insights into the planning process. You cannot un-tweet something and if you publish something in error, the odds are good, that some server somewhere has already captured and stored whatever it was that you did not want up there.
The last thing successful organisations do with their content strategies is spending time monitoring trends.
You can learn more about Internet Marketing and SEO by reading my own blog which is updated frequently.

They see their own customers and clients talking, texting and surfing the internet via their mobile devices. This is your chance to explain that you can introduce media queries and responsive design into their existing content strategy, or build a new content marketing strategy using responsive web design techniques to ensure that the most important content appears on every device. Your goal is to find creative ways to present content that best meets the objectives of a given website while working within the parameters set by responsive design. He taps the link, which leads to the mobile website, and he discovers he can order right from his phone.
According to Google’s 2012 report, “The New Multi-Screen World,” 67% of subjects used more than one device to shop, and they used these devices sequentially, or in steps, to move from browsing to shopping to making the purchase.
Businesses can capitalize on this by using handheld device capabilities in conjunction with online and offline marketing activities. Restrictions imposed by mobile design (such as small screens and slow load times for graphics) force efficient and affective content, which requires stripping away the excess that exists on traditional websites.
With some careful planning, an integrated approach to design and marketing can result in a cutting-edge campaign that excites and engages users and results in more sales leads—and a happy web design client. Once you have found the people and an involved group is one that is passionate and excited to spread knowledge. The only thing that’s certain about the Internet is that the online marketing landscape is constantly changing and new competitors are popping up by the minute and old competitors are doing new things. They also understand that excellent content is the key to making money directly or indirectly from a website.
Getting the people in your organisation onboard is not an easy thing but having a plan with a good thorough reasoning and clear expectations around your goals can help persuade them to jump on board. Your business environment is changing faster than ever before and your target audience is changing along with it. The majority of your customers and prospective customers are online, and they’re looking for you. What many clients don’t understand, though, is that a website that performs well and shows great content on any handheld device can help them gain new customers in the mobile user market. Remove the one that says “Wicked Web Designer” and don the one that says “Content Marketing Guru Extraordinaire”.
He then realizes he forgot the pineapple (which his pregnant wife craves) and immediately clicks the “Call Us” button on the touch screen to dial the store’s phone and speak to an employee, who adds the pineapple to his order.  The GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen and phone capabilities were instrumental in making the purchase. The mobile web allows businesses to take their online content marketing strategy right into the place of business through QR codes on posters, banners, product labels and brochures and through applications such as Foursquare. Are your customers finding you, or are they finding your competitors?We offer services to help drive relevant, targeted, motivated traffic to your site: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (or, as we like to call it, Searcher Experience Optimization), and Social Media Marketing. Most web designers overlook the fact that every web site draws a diverse group of visitors. Contact us today about our site engagement and analytics services.Web Marketing Services - Ease of Measurement vs. Typical Revenue ImpactMake Your Site A Better SalespersonWould you hire a salesperson who could consistently outperform his or her salary?
Why would you hesitate?Your web site can be your most effective salesperson, no matter what industry you’re in.
We can test different versions of web pages and let user behavior be the judge of what works and what doesn’t.

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