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We have an ever growing portfolio to show you just some of the work we have had the pleasure of doing. From simple website designs, to advanced online applications, and from e-commerce to mobile sites, if it's online we can help. As well as keeping customers up to date with our latest services, we also offer problem solving solutions on a range of web development difficulties in our helpful blog. BoxedArt > Getting Started With Templates > What Software Will I Need to Edit a Website Template?
Dreamweaver allows you to view any .html file very much as it will appear as a web page while it writes all the source code for you as you adjust your template's design visually. Dreamweaver will open any .html file, regardless what that file was originally created with.
Dreamweaver's default view is the Design view (shown above), but you have the Code and Split options as well. The Design view shows your file as a browser will display it - colors, layout, graphics, text, etc. A large portion of editing your template webpage can be done right in the Properties panel, except for the actual image files.
To replace an image in the template web page with one of your own, you must first have created and saved your new image using an image editing program. The Delete or Backspace keys on your keyboard function the same as in a word processor; hitting the Enter key creates a new paragraph (double-space down), Shift-Enter creates a break (single-space down).
Use the Properties panel to change fonts, alignment, size, color, and style (B=bold, I=italic) for any selected text.

You may also create links in the Properties panel - note the small yellow folder icon next to the Link field on the right side of the Properties panel.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can be used to set the styles of your web page's text and overall layout. If your BoxedArt template page has Flash content (.swf files) in it, then the code necessary to display the movie in the page is already done for you. What happens when text and links on a template cannot be edited because it is embedded in a Flash object? Need a web template, flash template, style sheet templates, or other professional template for web design, desktop publishing, print media, or to make a presentation? Website Design,Web designer, Software Design, Cosmetic Website Design Service(Rent or Buy), View website design, ECCIC, ECCIC Product Details from Chengdu Createinfo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Be it a program to save you time for those day-to-day tasks, or a large-scale software package for use across a large company, we'll build it with all the functionality you need. With over ten years experience in all things web, we offer a range of services and build lasting relationships with our customers to offer continuity of care with our ongoing support. Very quick response time, understood the project requirements and produced a flawless product. When you launch Dreamweaver, choose File > Open from the top menu and navigate to the file you wish to open in the html folders that came with your template. The Code view will display all the actual html (and any other) programming languages your file is using. If for some reason the Properties panel is not visible (usually across the bottom of the interface), you may open it from Window > Properties in the top menu.

Dreamweaver does not create image files, it simply writes the code to display them in your web page. Then, click once on the image you want to replace to select it in the Design view and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.
Most of BoxedArt's website templates come with external .css files already written for you. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. From a free consultation, through to the design, the construction and then getting your new website live, we've got all areas covered. The Properties panel is always changing, as it reflects information about whatever you have selected in the main display.
For example, if you have clicked on an image in the display, the Properties panel will give you all pertinent information about that image. Note: links do not function from the Dreamweaver screen - you must use Preview in Browser to test your links.

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