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I was first introduced to the world of mobile browsing through the Nokia 61i, a phone I used for a bit of time before the iPhone. Since the iPhone is most used web browsing device, it's only logical to deduce that Safari is the clear winner when it comes to the mobile web browsers line up.
However, even though Safari is the most popular mobile web browser in the world it doesn't show the same kind of usage from conventional computers (Macs and Windows). To take a closer look at usage and statistics, check out which is the world's favorite search engine.
Elio Motors Becomes First Start-up Vehicle Manufacturer to Build Engine From the Ground up in 60 years; Engine to Debut at Media Event Feb. When you are on a monumental journey such as the launch of a new transportation company, sometimes you have to blaze your own trail. For entrepreneur Paul Elio, founder and CEO of Elio Motors, there are no shortcuts on the way to developing a $6,800 commuter vehicle that will get up to 84 MPG. Elio Motors believes it is the first start-up vehicle manufacturer to develop its own internal combustion engine since Nash Motors in 1951. In order to provide its customers with high fuel efficiency and still provide the performance consistent with today’s passenger vehicles, the Elio Motors engine must operate efficiently at two different loads – lower loads representative of highway cruising, and more demanding loads associated with the fast starts of city driving. The IAV team started with a three cylinder architecture and developed several Elio-specific components, including the cylinder block, cylinder heads, CAM cover, front cover, oil pan, crankshaft, camshaft, valvetrain, pistons, connecting rods, bearings and water pump. In addition to providing ultra-high fuel efficiency, the vehicle will go from 0-60 in 9.6 seconds and will have a top speed of more than 100 miles per hour. Currently on a nationwide tour, the vehicle prototype has developed an enthusiastic grass-roots following and nearly 40,000 people have made reservations for a spot in line to buy one when they go to production. Elio Motors sees multiple markets for its vehicle, including consumers who still need the occasional functionality of a pick-up truck, sport utility vehicle or minivan, but are looking for an affordable, fuel efficient vehicle for their solo driving. IAV Group is an engineering and technical consultancy servicing the global automotive industry with over 5,000 employees worldwide.
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The Ajax community provides a rich and diverse set of product offerings from hundreds of suppliers. Most Ajax technologies transform a platform-independent definition of the application (usually consisting of a combination of markup and logic) into the appropriate HTML and JavaScript content that is then processed by the browser to deliver a rich user experience.
The server code creates and serves the page and responds to the client's asynchronous requests.
The main benefit of this approach is that it allows the use of server-side languages for debugging, editing, and refactoring tools with which developers are already familiar, but at the price of dependence on a particular server-side technology. The Single-DOM approach is particularly well-suited for situations where the developer is adding islands of Ajax capability within an otherwise non-Ajax DHTML application, as the programming model matches the traditional approach used in DHTML applications.

Other Ajax runtime toolkits adopt a Dual-DOM approach that separates the data for the Ajax-related markup into an "Ajax DOM" tree that is kept separate from the original "Browser DOM" tree.
With this approach, in model view controller (MVC) terms, the Ajax DOM can be thought of as the model, the Browser DOM as the generated view, and the Ajax runtime toolkit as the controller.
It is usually necessary to establish bidirectional event listeners between the Ajax DOM and the Browser DOM in order to maintain synchronization. Server-side Dual-DOM enables tight application integration with server-side development technologies such as Java Server Faces (JSF). With the procedural approach, the application developer directs the toolkit almost exclusively using JavaScript APIs to handle all the events and manipulate widgets. With the declarative approach, the application developer directs the toolkit almost exclusively via HTML or XML markup to define the components on the page and the relationships between them. Statistics from several sources have shown that people are using various types of mobile devices to browse the web regularly.
In the initial few weeks whenever I got a chance I could be caught surfing the web on my cellphone. The sturdy Safari web browser as well as the larger screen and the ability to zoom in with "pinch" brought the mobile browsing fervour back! In fact, statistics for Safari installed on computers have shown only a slight increase over the years. Even if it means becoming the first start-up vehicle company to build an engine from the ground up in more than 60 years. 6, 2015, Elio Motors will debut the new 0.9 liter, 3-cylinder engine prototype with an official “first start” at a private event for investors, suppliers and media. This allowed the engine development team the flexibility to keep the design simple, efficient and easy to manufacture while enabling all of the major fuel economy related attributes – combustion system, friction and pumping energy – to be enhanced. Elio and its manufacturing partner Comau will build the vehicle at a world-class manufacturing facility in Shreveport where General Motors previously built the Hummer H3 and Chevy Colorado. The company sees the Elio as an “and” vehicle – purchase a larger vehicle for those times when you need the functionality, but use the Elio for solo commuter trips. As a recognized leader in the specification, design, development, validation and production launch of advanced vehicle and powertrain systems, IAV Automotive Engineering deploys a leading team of technical experts, engineering tools and program processes from its North American Headquarters in Northville, Michigan.
As a general rule, server-side Ajax frameworks expect application code to be written in the server-side language (e.g. Even though the example shows the use of a separate file, some Dual-DOM Ajax runtime libraries support inline XML.
Sometimes having a separate Ajax DOM enables a more complete set of XML and DOM support, such as full support for XML Namespaces, than is possible in the Browser DOM. With Client-side Dual-DOM, the second DOM tree typically consists of a separate tree of JavaScript objects.

I suppose the main thrust in increased mobile usage for web browsing has come after the launch of iPhone.
But, once the initial enthusiasm died, I hardly ever used it for web browsing - email yes, browsing negligible.
I could read web pages in landscape and portrait modes, the screen was larger, there was no mouse just the great touch screen and yes, "pinching" was one splendid feature. This, come to think of it, is no big surprise because it's the default search engine on iPhone which tops the list of mobile devices used for web browsing.
The event will be held at the Plymouth, Mich., offices of IAV, a world-class engine developer which has worked with such global icons as Mercedes and BMW. The three-wheeled Elio is engineered to attain a highway mileage rating of up to 84 mpg while providing the comfort of amenities such as power windows, power door lock and air conditioning, accompanied by the safety of multiple air bags and an aerodynamic, enclosed vehicle body. In either case, a Dual-DOM Ajax runtime library builds a separate DOM tree, typically using its own XML parser rather than relying on the browser's HTML parser.
JavaScript code may be required in some circumstances, but one of the framework's goals is to minimize the need for procedural logic.
And I attribute it to three things - the small screen, the horrid scrolling and mouse movement and lastly, the frequent browser crashes. If you check the mobile usage statistics below, you'll find that more people use the iPhone for browsing the web than any other device. Couple this with the exponential line we see for Playstation browser usage statistics we can quickly comprehend the fact that mobile browsing is gaining ground very fast.
These frameworks typically hide all the JavaScript that runs in the browser inside widgets, including their events. For some frameworks, the development and debugging phase handles all events on the server, but in production mode many events are handled on the client.
Sometimes (as shown in the example) the separate DOM tree is attached to the 'window' or 'document' objects.
People told me to download and install the mobile version of Opera to overcome the last problem but by that time, I guess, I had had my fill.
Considering the number of iPhones is much lesser than all other mobile devices put together, that's one great usage statistic, right?
If pre-built capabilities don't suffice, however, new component development exposes the programmer to JavaScript.

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