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In the past most people avoided using large images on the homepage, but it seems like all this will change during the upcoming year. Some of the largest websites have taken advantage of this trend already, and you can often see large images & advertisements on their homepage – something that was considered unacceptable a few years back. Responsive design is a trend that never dies – we’ve been talking about it for more than two years and there is still more to desire. Web-page backgrounds used to be simple and minimalistic, but many web designers have already adopted a different approach when it comes to creating the perfect background. Plain backgrounds have become a thing of the past, because a more sophisticated background gives you the opportunity to use it as extra ad space or publish some eye-catching visual content there. Sliders are already used in many websites, but we expect that the number of sites using sliders will significantly increase in 2015. Sliders have been around for a while, but in 2014 the number of sites that took advantage of this great visual element drastically increased, and we expect this trend to continue in 2015. Parallax scrolling first became popular in the beginning of 2014, but today it is used on more and more websites. Navigational menus are getting better and better with each passing year, and 2015 won’t be any different. Navigation improvement is a must, and it looks like slide-out menus will be the biggest thing to happen to website navigation in 2015. Helvetica, Times New Roman and Arial were the most frequently used fonts in the past, but this all started to change recently.
Gradients, reflections, drop shadows and beveled edges are quickly becoming a thing of the past! Flat UI design took off in 2013, and it still one of the biggest trends in 2014, and many factors show that this won’t stop in 2015 either. Ghost buttons are used on many websites, but we expect them to become even more popular in 2015. Under the horizontal banner, there is a dashed line that separates a left column from a right column.

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Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the constantly changing trends that must be followed closely if you want your products to look good.
The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is exactly what this web design trend will try to prove. However, in 2015, more web designers will focus on improving the mobile usability of their products, because more and more people have started to browse the Internet through their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
Whether a web designer built a website using his coding skills or by using easy tools like google sites, wordpress to build free websites, he would prefer to insert HTML5 videos in the background for the advertisements of various products mostly. This simple yet functional design feature gives you the ability to quickly showcase your portfolio by presenting only the most important information. This unique effect gives you the ability to create flexible and unique web pages that will certainly pleasantly surprise your visitors with their effectiveness and convenience. This will be the year of slide-out menus – they are convenient, easy-to-use, and give you the ability to show more important content on your website.
Nowadays more and more websites use more personalized fonts that help them stand out in the crowd and make an impression. And if you are ready to spend some dough on a premium font, then take a look at Helvetica, Gotham, Futura, Adobe Caslon and Neo Sans. Flat design is the biggest trend at the moment, and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. Don’t be surprised if many of your favorite websites adopt a flat design in the next months.
This type of websites are usually very simple, and they present the viewer with as much information as possible which can work great when it comes to advertising products or presenting a portfolio.
This trend will surely be adopted by many popular websites in 2015, so keep your eyes peeled for the changes that are about to come.

Ghost buttons are actually a pretty simple thing, but they are becoming more and more widely used. They are easy to create, very appealing to the eye, and they are a great final touch to an overall great web design.
It is already October, and soon we’ll enter the year 2015 – a period which will certainly bring us many new web design trends, and will maybe resurrect some trends that were popular a few years back.
A single, large image that disappears as soon as the user starts to scroll can be more helpful & convenient than a wall of text.
These menus are also incredibly useful when it comes to optimizing your website’s navigation for mobile devices. We expect that in 2015 many websites will switch to more intriguing web fonts that will give them the uniqueness they need. Flat design is clean and minimalistic, and is usually paired with bright colors to create a truly unique appearance that will instantly be appreciated by anyone who sees it.
Even social media giants such as Spotify, Pinterest, Twitter and Google are already using the tile-like arrangement. They are minimal, stylish and very easy to create, and usually they are combined with a cool and simple hover animation.
In this post we’ve gathered the most anticipated 10 web design trends 2015, and hopefully the information we provide will help you keep your designs modern & unique. We expect them to be used more often in 2015, and we think that they are a great way to end our collection of the top 10 web design trends of 2015.

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