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It’s still common for small pieces of JavaScript to be written directly within the HTML page, not in a separate file. A side benefit of using an external JavaScript file is that it can be cached by the user’s Web browser. Second, each use of script can present inline JavaScript code or incorporate an external JavaScript file but not both. A common point of confusion, especially among beginning Web developers, is the proper way to reference other files and folders. Relative paths can be harder to get right, but they continue to remain accurate even when files and even entire sites are moved (so long as the files retain the same relative relationship). The technical reason for this is complicated, but it has to do with how data within script is parsed in XHTML. Fourth, it’s common to place script elements within the HTML head, but that’s not required.

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But as your JavaScript code gets more complicated, or as it’s repeated on multiple pages of a Web site, it makes more sense to use external files, where the JavaScript code is easier to maintain.
This means that if multiple pages on a site use the same external JavaScript file, the browser will only need to download that file once. First, as with most HTML elements, you can use multiple instances of script within a single HTML page. In fact, many current developers advocate placing script elements near the end of the HTML whenever possible.
An absolute path begins at a fixed and consistent point, such as the root of the Web site. You only have to do this if you’re using XHTML and have JavaScript written within the script tags; this isn’t required (or recommended) for HTML, including HTML5, or when the JavaScript code is in an external file.

The argument for doing so is that it improves how quickly the page seems to load in the browser. This is because when the browser encounters a script tag, it will immediately start downloading that script (assuming the script is not already cached). The browser will not be able to continue downloading the HTML, and therefore display it, until the script(s) have downloaded.

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