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Get Rid Of Images, Sort OfSlow loading web pages usually mean one of two things: your website server (web server) is overloaded or your database server is overloaded. You work hard to make your website attractive and engaging for visitors and ultimately potential customers and you spent time putting strategies in place to attract people to your site via SEO, social media, email marketing. Now that you are convinced that you need a website that loads at the speed of light, how can you tell how fast or slow your website is? Check your server: Some servers are slower than other, depending on how old they are, how many sites they host and how much room you have allocated on that server. Refer to external files whenever possible: Have your JavaScript and CSS files saved as external files and just call them from your code. Make sure there are as little server calls as possible: Referring to external files is the first steps. Use gzip compression: If your host supports it, using gzip compression can reduce the size of the files sent to browsers by up to 80, 85%.
Cache your webpages: A cached version of a webpage is a version that has been loaded previously and is saved on your machine. If you are going to make your website faster, I suggest you run the tools presented in this article, then implement some of the suggestions and run the tools again. According to Harry Shum, a Microsoft computer scientist, computer users will visit a Web site less if its loading time is slower than its competitors by 250 milliseconds, or one-quarter of a second. In 2009, a study by Forrester Research found that online shoppers expected pages to load in two seconds or fewer — and at three seconds, a large share abandon the site.
Now what about a blog who doesn’t use summary pages and has A LOT of sidebar gadgets? Most bloggers care about people reading their content, commenting on their posts, and following them. Many blogger’s have the idea that they just need everything that they have in their sidebar.
I have come across blogs with LOTS of things they put on their sidebars and the page loads is very slow so I don't revisit them.
Thanks for this Steph, I thought I was doing everything I could to boost page load time but I can't believe it takes 5.79 seconds which is slower than 74% of the pages on that site wow!
I never thought about this for my own blog but yeah I definitely don't like long page loads when visiting other sites. I love to share my love for books with other readers, discuss all things bookish, and create book lists to help readers fill their bookshelves. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! If you're a regular reader of Gizmo's, you're probably the resident internet expert among your friends, family or company.
A web page is made up of numerous file-based elements, each of which has to be loaded from the server every time someone views the page. One of the more common problems for slow running WordPress sites comes from widgets that are outdated, or need to connect to a database.
When you load images and other information on a website, your web browser will save parts of that data (such as images), so that when you visit other pages that have that same content, it will load the content directly from your computer rather than fetching it from the web server again. To cache your images, update your web server configuration to provide an Expires header to your image responses from the server.
FacebookWe are excited to announce that we CRUSHED our goal of 5 tons of material for the 3rd Annual Flowers for Towers recycling event. We want to wish everyone a happy holiday and we hope you all get some much needed time with friends and loved ones! Learn how to creating long-form content can boost the value of your content & help improve your rankings!
In the first case, the web server, the best way to reduce the load is by getting rid of the largest files.The largest files on a typical website are the images. Slow loading websites generate fewer page views per visit and visitors ultimately spend less time on site. Not only do you have to worry about your website usability, you need to make your website faster to make Google happier as well. A dedicated server would perform better than a server on which you share the bandwidth with possibly hundreds of other sites.
Try also not to have too many images, icons and little objects that clutter your loading queue.
This article gives you more info about gzip compression and explains how to set up your server. It is faster to load a cached version from your machine than to have to reload the page from the start every time.

It is possible that your website has a virus or malware that is slowing down the loading time. They speed of their internet connection, the browser they use and many more things can also impact how fast or slow your website will load on their computer but you don’t have any control over that. We exist to help clients embrace the digital world and the technological change that is revolutionizing their businesses.
Those who don’t mind waiting in a long line, listening to a story that never ends, and reading a book where nothing happens until the last chapter. Only three years earlier a similar Forrester study found the average expectations for page load times were four seconds or fewer. I know your blog is personal and you want to make it your own, but you don’t need a hoard of gadgets in your sidebar to do that. Before I upload my blog template to Hopeless Romantics, I compress the CSS code and then the HTML code.
Once you click the compress it button, copy your new compressed CSS and go back to your template.
It may not be something we always consider with our blogs, but it is very important to many users. As a reward for your efforts, you may have a cookie *gives digital cookie* Oh, ya, who am I?
I love reading in my free time and recommending books to other people (I'm a book pusher, beware).
After testing my side with its whopping 60s to upload, I've decided to trim everything down. I would love to follow the Compress Code hint but i think the instructions you provided are mainly for blogspot unfortunately.
I think the infinite scroll is a default for wordpress blogs, I had to search Google on how to disable it LOL. I find it more irritating to have to jump from page to page than to wait a couple of seconds to load the next post down. I am so unlikely to read a post in my feedreader if the whole post isn't there, especially at least a graphic to catch my attention. I've used it before but then removed it since it was getting tediously long and would take forever to scroll. I notice that design-heavy sites also has the tendency to load longer than norm, that's why I prefer website designs that has minimalistic aesthetics but has great, informational contents like whatAZ web design has. Looking for More?I always try to take the time and answer any questions left in the comments or sent to me through my contact form.
The average user can easily be turned off by a slow website, especially because there is so much competition on the internet.
Sometimes, people will install widgets that constantly require a connection to a database for every page.
For images that do not change often, you should specify a “far future” Expires header, typically a date 6 months to a year out from the current date. Let’s make a quick size comparison: this article contains about 1,000 words each with about 7 letters plus a space between each word. What do you mean you haven’t received it yet?” or “Our international Skype free video conference has a 1 second lag between the image and the sound.
A study done by KISSmetrics shows that 40% of consumers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The only thing you can do is make sure you have done everything you could on your end to make your web pages load faster.
6S specializes in connecting data and storytelling to help make brands profitable, shareable and more ultimately valuable wherever, whenever and however people choose to engage with them. After viewing my chart, it would seem that my bloglovin subscriber count in the sidebar and my shareaholic icons take up the most individual time to load. I’m going to go over 3 tips on how you can cut down on your page load time and gain more viewers in the long run. When you are writing the post you should see a little icon with the other formatting icons that looks like a paper ripped in half. I'm here to talk about all things books, create long bookish lists, and push books in your face through book reviews and other features. When reading this I gave myself a high five :-) great advice and I look forward to reading more! I don't like having to click a link in order to continue reading, it's just even more time ya know? We love to play soccer, use Photoshop, cuddle with our cats, watch movies, eat queso dip, and of course - read books.

They also show a correlation between page loading time in seconds and page abandonment rate. Even with all of our patience for the things of this world, guess what most everyone does not want to wait for? Just click in the post where you want to end the post for the home page and click that paper icon.
Just keep in mind that when you want to make edits to your template, you’ll need to do it to the uncompressed file you saved and then re-compress it to upload it.
I enjoy reading young adult romance and fantasy, cuddling with my cat, coding websites, and playing soccer. I started limiting myself to only a few posts on the main page so that the blog wouldn't be too slow to load, but I guess I can have more if I make use of the summary posts feature.
This means reducing the file size, or even changing the file type, to make it a smaller and more manageable file without reducing the image quality to the eye. You should also reduce the size of your images as much as possible until it starts affecting their quality. Instead, each post has a read more button which you can click to view the rest of the post.
I used to have A LOT of clutter in my sidebar too, but I've since gotten rid of anything that I think is unnecessary. If you follow this tip, you don’t need to read the rest of this article (but you still can). To compress them, you can use tools like jpegtran or jpegoptim for JPG, and OptiPNG or PNGOUT for PNG.
Posts themselves can take a lot of time to load, especially if you’re using rafflecopter for a giveaway. Instead of displaying all of your labels, consider installing a drop down menu with a Features menu tab.
The point of me using feedly is to read blog posts IN feedly, if I wanted to visit every single blog for every single post I wouldn't bother with feedly. If you are using a WordPress site, a plugin like Smush.it can be very handy to compress your images.
If you don’t have Photoshop, here are some tools to assist you such as pngcrush and jpegtran. If you have slow loading webpages, don’t waste your time changing settings or tweaking themes or adding cloud services—just spend an extra $5 to $10 a month on faster website hosting.I started out with a baby hosting plan with Hostgator years ago now. I used to try and speed up my websites but as fast as I could tweak them, the bigger they got, slowing them down again.
I finally realized that it was OK to start a business with small hosting but you could not continue like that!I’m not saying you should try to spend your way out of every business problem, but this is one problem where it doesn’t make sense to spend your valuable time when a few dollars will go so far.You can upgrade your web hosting or bite the bullet and buy the best hosting there is for WordPress called WPEngine. If a user was going to read that post, they would know just by the title and first 1-2 paragraphs. Why not make it easier for them to see the second and third posts if they don’t like the first one?
You can speed up WordPress with their built in CDN, super fast servers and amazing up-time.But if you’ve just started your website business or you don’t have even a small amount of extra cash, here are a few tricks you can try to fix slow loading web pages without having to mess around with any settings. To keep my websites running super quick, I don’t host all of my images on the same site as my text.
One thing the overwhelms database servers is displaying pages with dozens or hundreds of comments. An acquaintance of mine used to go through his blog periodically and delete comments he thought were uninsightful. These services will store all of your comments on their server and display them on your site using Javascript code which won’t slow down either your database server or web server.
They’re an ideal service to fix slow loading web pages.The downside to third-party comment services in my opinion is that they control all of your comments. If your comments are important to you and your site, you may want to continue hosting them yourself. You might not even have many plugins installed but you might have a resource hog installed.
You have to weigh up your options and unfortunately your website loading time should come first.

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