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But when looking into digital prospects, a poor design and usability can decrease your conversion rates and the design must be overlooked to improve the aesthetic quality of the website to increase its ROI.
If it takes more time to fixing the technical aspects of your website, then it’s time to optimize your website by looking back at your hosting, CMS upgradation, shopping cart functionalities, or even the entire framework that helps the user better navigate your website. If the user locates your website through Smartphone and do not find in mobile friendly, then you are missing most of the mobile traffic. Website redesign is not only for low-performing website that has less sales or leads, even websites that brings in net profit can benefit from a well-thought redesign with latest trends. So, if your business website is suffering from one of the above, then its sure that your website needs a redesign! Getting it on the system is not difficult task, but it does take some time for everything to fall in place restarting the machine is imminent at the end. During the installation procedure you can instruct the app to deliver a set of extra components, such as Anti-Malware protection, Web Control, and Anti-Spam module. Compared to other security bundles, Outpost Security Suite Pro offers a small list of modules, but nothing is unrelated to security. All these are wrapped up in an out-of-trend interface, more appropriate for experienced users since there is plenty of granular control and there are options galore. The firewall module seems pretty simple at a first glance, but its intricacy is revealed once you attempt some fine tuning. This reduces the amount of pop-ups the component would generate, but does not eliminate them. The submenus in the firewall section give you access to network activity and the ports used to communicate outside the system. As far as the efficiency is concerned, we used more than 30 tools to try to outsmart the firewall and recorded vulnerabilities only in three cases. But despite these flaws the program succeeded to protect our test system against various injection attempts, modification of the registry or the physical memory and hijacking efforts.
This is the core module in the bundle responsible for constantly monitoring everything that moves on the system.
Under Proactive Protection you will find a process manager and a file and registry activity monitor. The process manager offers extensive details on a selected item since it is designed to display child processes and the modules registered with them.
You can check out every operation a process makes on the disk (read, write, create, delete) by simply adding it to the File and Registry Activity monitor.
Even if the suite monitors and protects vulnerable system objects, you can enrich the list with items of your own as well as customize the actions for each object when they’re accessed. This module comes with its own real-time protection in order to prevent known malware from infecting files. The suite brings in the traditional scan types (quick, full and custom) but also throws in the possibility to create custom profiles for the job, which you can use according to the areas that need to be checked.
Regardless of the choice you make the task is completed fast and with a low footprint on system resources.
If you find that the anti-malware engine mistook a legitimate file for a threat, you can restore it from the Quarantine section.
As it is a full system security solution, Outpost Security Suite Pro can also process web content and filters out certain elements in the web pages, such as ActiveX, Flash or JavaScript. No matter your reasons, if you decide to tweak this functionality, be prepared for plenty of customization options. Furthermore, if you’re looking for clean pages, with no advertisements, Outpost proposes blocking the promotions by keywords and by size of their graphics. The component works like a charm when it comes to blocking websites, and it does a good job preventing the leak of private data.
Outpost Security Pro can either replace all the private information you assign with asterisks; or it can simply block the transfer of network packets containing the personal data.
There is little customization to be done in the settings window of the application, but you can set the probability value for a message to be marked as spam or probable spam.
There are two working modes, allowing both seasoned and less experienced computer users handle the suite in a more comfortable manner.

It is a daunting panel, filled with fine tuning options which do not appeal to most of the users. With looks and handling defying the current design standards for security products, it is safe to say that Outpost Security Pro is an old-school product aimed at the more knowledgeable of the users rather than novices. The first day you launched your website, it was on trending theme, and it met all your needs and was a great marketing tool for your business. Going through a redesign process would be the best choice to overhaul your long overdue website and recapture the audience to say relevant to industry trends. It is sometime difficult and quite tricky to look at why some features of the site do not work intuitively.
So make sure even your landing pages are properly optimized and designed in a way that encourages visitors to click your website and eventually convert.
Nowadays more internet users are accessing websites through mobile devices and if you don’t have an optimized website with necessary coding and frameworks, your potential visitors will be going somewhere else where they have access to browse freely. Keeping things the same could not increase your conversion rate, so your site has the ability to increase its lead generation by doing some design tweaks to weigh better than before.
And, when you think it’s time to redesign your website to keep your business in front-of-mind with the audience, get in touch with us! With the recent release of a new product line, our focus shifted towards Outpost Security Suite Pro, the protection bundle which encompasses all the layers of protection developed by the company. During the process you will be asked to choose one of the two working modes available (simple and expert). These are pretty important protection layers that keep you safe from malware, unsolicited email and malicious elements embedded in web pages. The package includes a firewall, real-time protection that keeps monitoring program activity and blocks and reports malicious activity, web content filtering and anti-spam possibility. If you start editing the rules of an application you’ll find a myriad of options to control the channels a program uses to exchange information as well as inter-process communication, which is sometimes used by malware to send info to the network on behalf of legitimate applications.
In order to reduce them, the firewall runs in auto-learn mode at the beginning, which means that activity of trusted apps is viewed as legitimate and, as such, allowed.
During our testing we still had to offer our assistance and instruct the firewall to block or allow the connection it detected, even in the case of known programs such as PicPick or Pidgin. Network activity is extremely rich in details and shows the remote addresses various processes connect to, the ports used for this, the rules governing their activity as well as the amount of data transferred in and out the computer. We managed to send details over the web using Windows DNS APIs, impersonate the default browser in memory and connect to the Internet as well as modify the contents on the disk directly. It proved that it deserves its recommendations as one of the best firewalls currently available on the market. It encompasses behavioral analysis of the running processes in order to pick up malicious activity, keeps an eye on vulnerable system objects so that they’re not changed by unauthorized apps and it can also prevent user-defined folders from being accessed.
For the latter you get a description as well as the manufacturer, thus making it easy for an expert user to spot modules that have injected into a legitimate process.
This section will log every step complete with the type of action, date and time as well as location of the modification.
There are various default levels of security for behavioral analysis and you can also customize the activities that should trigger an alert on your screen as well as create a list of components that are safe to be accessed by new apps.
The main window of this section presents statistics about the malware database used, identifiable by date, the number of objects scanned and the last verified file. Besides the security risk these may pose, not loading them can also lead to faster, cleaner browsing, since these elements are also used for displaying ads. Apart from simply setting a specific Web Control level, the choices include defining the actions for different categories of web content for regular web pages and email and news. A third option in this sense is to rely on ImproveNet list, a collection of keyword provided by ImproveNet service.
Under ID Block section of the configuration panel there is the possibility to punch in text strings you wish to be protected and which are not to leave your computer.
There is, however, one possibility to send this sort of info off: by setting up an exclusion list with addresses that are safe to receive such details. The component can be used in tandem with Microsoft email client (Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail) and The Bat!

All the analysis is carried out by the Agnitum Anti-Spam plugin dispatched to your email client. Although there is the option of automatic training, Agnitum also gives the opportunity of segregating the messages yourself, by manually marking them as spam or valid. You have a top of the line firewall, the proactive protection does a great job kicking out active threats and the anti-malware section manages to pin down malicious items, keeping them out of the system. Customizing the firewall or proactive protection component is definitely a whole lot more than what the average user expects. All in all, the protection offered by Agnitum Outpost Security Pro is one of the best we’ve seen, but setting it right is reserved for more advanced users.
That might be probably a few years back, and now the world, your business and the competition has changed!
But not all users think like the designer, so the judgment on the user experience will be lost when navigation is unclear. Hence, to put things on the right place, it is very essential to update your website that helps you increase your profit and sales. Matching query based searches, proper targeting of SEO friendly URLs, optimized content are the things to keep in mind. Triggering your website with some changes can help you take better decisions on making good business at your end. This selection does not affect the installation process but the behavior of the product when it comes to the options for taking an action and the richness of the menus in the interface. However, we have to admit that as you take care of notifications their number decreases significantly up to the point that only new or unknown connections are reported. The downside with the Bayesian filter, despite its eventual efficiency, is that you have to spend time training it. WordPress is an open source project that means that you can take the WordPress code, make modifications in it and redistribute it openly. Getting valuable information about the bounce rate, exit rates, user navigations, target marketing research and other analytics elements, you can make a right decision on making enough transitions to your website to increase the usability of your potential visitors. You can terminate auto-learn mode at any time, from the context menu of the system tray icon. This means that it’ll prove its efficiency after a while, which involves some training. There is no native way to do this on WordPress and hence I started looking for the plugins that would allow me to do the same. I found quite a lot of plugins, but I had to skim through a lot of them before choosing the one I was going for.
PDF Light ViewerDownload NowThis plugin allows you to embed multipage PDF documents of many sizes in a flipbook kind of manner. All the pages that are embedded will have a thumbnail and the navigation between the pages of the PDF is smooth and fast.You have features like full-screen mode, lazy loading of pages, zooming, etc. This PDF viewer is based on Turn.js, which means that no matter how big the PDF is, your website will not slow down at all. This process not only damages the quality of the document, but it also increases the server load as well as load times on the web page.This PDF viewer plugin on the other hand, allows you to embed PDF documents into a flipbook without converting them at all.
You can add a PDF document of any size with any number of pages and this plugin will work flawlessly!5. Keep in mind that the documents you are going to display need to be hosted on GroupDoc’s cloud storage and keep in mind that the GroupDoc Cloud API is a paid service. You can also host and view you MS Office files on Google Docs.This PDF viewer plugin allows you to embed these documents on your WordPress website, and PDF is supported.
This plugin creates stunning HTML5 pages for your documents.The WebGL library provides all kinds of functionality to the plugin, and you can upload your PDF documents and then use a shortcode to display these flipbooks easily!This plugin works perfectly on all platforms – PC as well as mobile. Google Doc Embedder allowed me to embed PDF files from my Google account, and this saves me the disk space and bandwidth on my servers.On the other hand, Real 3D Flipbook allows me to create some stunning flipbooks with smooth amazing transitions.

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