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Description online-proxy.org is a free web based anonymous proxy servers and sites and offer complete proxy server list with Online proxy features.
Granted, online privacy is an issue that has been controversial for some time and we deserve privacy on many levels. As proposed in the original posting on this topic, has anyone noticed how many of these servers there are? Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
The latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, best phone, home entertainment systems, gadgets and more, Tech new online is Online shopping paradise. The current, there are hundreds of free web proxies out there that provide anonymous surfing. As with most free web proxies, VTunnel incorporates advertisements into the service (including pop-unders), although they are easily blocked by using the AdBlock Plus addon for Firefox. Anonymouse has been around for over 10 years, and has become one of the most trusted sources for anonymous browsing. RX Proxy is a well-designed anonymizer that enables you to surf any website securely and privately, it will compress web pages with the gzip compression technology to save your bandwidth and increase your page load speed. Enjoy your uncensored and unrestricted Internet life with NewIPNow, it’s a multi-ip web proxy that lets you browse the Internet anonymously. KProxy is a reliable and stable online web proxy with over 7 years history, it supports Https protocol and allows to download files, making it an ideal service for those want to anonymously browse the Web without revealing their personal information.
Bing Proxy is an ad-free proxy powered by Google App Engine, with it you can bypass any network restriction and censorship.
If your browser will use http referer - it will make online proxy surfing more correct, this proxy hiding real referer.
We advice to use http proxy or http proxy with antivirus scan, it's cheap anonymouse private dedicated personal proxy.

If you webmaster and you do not want that customers see your content - do not share it in Internet!
The invasion of our personal activities by outside observers is something that many users have taken to the level of creating intricate personal security systems.
You should be able to access any information that you wish and not have the concern that your ISP is going to send you an email or a letter that makes you nervous. On a search timed over a five minute period, almost one thousand proxy servers were identified. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. We live in Iran and suffocation due to filtering, we state our relationship with the world, unfortunately, been cut.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Using such proxy site will keep your visit to those sites hidden so the content filter will not know that it was unsuccessful in blocking that visit. Of these, most will even unblock MySpace, Gmail, FaceBook or any other no-no when surfing from school or work.
The best part is, users can enter in a URL of an intended site, and then click one of the proxies in which to surf anonymously with - this is great for anyone who needs to use a specific country proxy. What sets Anonymouse apart from the rest is the ability to send anonymous emails and Usenet message posting - both of which when sent are randomly delayed up to 12 hours to maximize privacy. No longer do you need to visit the Anonymouse website to enjoy their services - just type in the URL of a site you wish to visit in the toolbar URL field, and that’s it! Video playback at YouTube was almost perfect, with just a tiny bit of lag from time to time - as tested during peak Internet hours using XROXY’s own SSL proxy. YouTube video streaming worked perfectly the first time; however, when leaving YouTube and trying to go back to it, we were blocked for 6 hours from accessing ANY sites through The Cloak.

Registered members (it’s free) are able to join in the Xorum (XROXY Forum) and browse the daily-updated lists of free, working proxies. The struggle of the computer user to maintain this privacy is more than noble; it is duty in a certain sense. When you are concerned about your security as you browse the internet and engage yourself with various websites for whatever reason, a proxy server is one of your better solutions. On the other hand, to us proxy servers as a means to spread malware and steal information is a misuse of the services.
What you need to know as a user is that you can use these servers to your advantage, but pleas be cautious. Proxy servers can be used to protect against hackers and this is a good thing, but hackers also know how to leverage this to their advantage. Use Web of Trust (WOT) to begin with and see what other users have to say about the server you will be using.
A proxy server is like a shield that allows you to view a site and keep your ISP’s nose out of at least most of your personal business. Keep in mind that your access to the proxy server will be recorded by your ISP, but it is possible to overstep what they are actually able to capture when you use such a server. This is a rhetorical question in a sense, but is does beg answers and it is certain that users will respond. The thing you need to do is “watch your virtual back.” Good luck and enjoy happy, private browsing.

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