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HTK-INC Co., Ltd is a team of Web application, Communication, Mobile engineers from Viet Nam. We look forward to participating in ambitious, long-term projects with clients from all over the world.
There is one thing which we will never tell you out loud, because we think it just goes without saying - your satisfaction is guaranteed. We're professional at building Cross-Platform Communication (like Whatapps, Viber), Cloud management system, Web application, Webrtc based application, Video Conference. A web developer or a software engineer is a term that is used for the one who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications.
HI, I ALSO WANT TO DO COMIC STUFF, PLEASE TELL ME CAN I GET COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO. We seek an experienced individual who can be part of our advanced development team, working on cutting-edge solutions for Search Engine related Business Intelligence.
Hands on experience in MySQL database related system developments and ability to write efficient queries.

A software engineer resume must include all skills in computer science, it's also important to considerate related certifications. To obtain the Software Engineer positions in a company that will offer the possibility of career advancement.
Our country is known to have the best programmers in the world and apart from that we only employ the best. We would like to contribute first-class solutions to your projects and gain recognition as a professional company you can really rely on.
A Web developer can be an individual or a company that provides services to build and maintain high-end websites. With Internet booming for the last decade, any decently hard-working and creative person can be a millionaire in this gold rush.
The company offers end-to-end solutions from Website Development to Performance Driven Online Marketing and Social Media strategies.
Engineers will gain exposure to the entire software development lifecycle including requirements gathering, development and testing.

After you decide to become our client, rest assured that we will deliver the project on time and in budget utilizing the most efficient solutions and technology.
The skills of a web developer are project management, usability engineering, web content management systems, web server administration, database administration, software engineering, information architecture, network security, and search engine. Based in Sri Lanka, eMarketingEye has won the prestigious SME Agency of the Year award from Google in 2009, among other recognitions worldwide. He can be a professionally trained Developer or an engineer or can have ample personal experience working with various scripting languages.

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