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Interesting TV newscast featuring Steve Jobs and Apple at the center of the Home Computer Revolution hitting the United States in 1981.
Site that we developed for our client allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio tracks or to actual AVI video files that can be downloaded to your computer.
This job included creation of custom linux library in C++ that works in conjunction with PHP as a main web programing platform.
Over the past few weeks, since Steve Jobs announced his medical leave of absence, I’ve been thinking more and more about how much Jobs means to Apple, and the creative, innovative passion the company stands for.
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You'll find here ALL the Steve Jobs video ever broadcasted since Steve's first TV appearance in 1978. A video of cancer stricken Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, walking to his car after visiting a cafe.
The last ten years for Apple has been a roller coaster ride – beginning with the very first iPod, and continuing today with the second generation iPad, which Apple will unveil at a recently announced media event, on March 2. From everybody at the website, we’d like to wish Steve Jobs a quick and speedy recovery. We help businesses communicate online through specially produced web videos to ensure their business maximise its potential to attract new customers.

We took great care to review each video and list it's content - that's especially useful with the 2-hours long keynotes.
In the video, Apple’s heart and soul wavers from side to side as he unsteadily gets into the passenger seat of his ride home.

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