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Traffic Optimisation: Getting as many targetted visitors to your site or application as possible. Improving Conversion Rate: Systematically testing and measuring different components to increase ROI. Accessible Design: Ensure you remain compliant by enabling all of your users to access your technology.
User Centred Design: Increase client loyalty, conversion and overall satisfaction by making things easier to use.
063Would you be so kind to share?Web to Print software solutions are becoming a hot button topic across industries as a way to efficiently communicate printed materials to customers as well as internal employees.
For internal use, a huge selling point of a Web to Print solution is that it houses all marketing materials in a single repository. A customer-facing Web to Print storefront allows a user to easily order and personalize a product. So why aren’t people dropping everything they are doing and signing up for these heaven sent platforms? During the purchasing process and the training phase, set  goals on what you hope to accomplish by this purchase. Because people who work on the project may leave the company or change positions, a business cannot rely on a single person (or small group of people) to accurately remember all the improvements or process changes that have occurred. Implementation of a Web to Print solution can be an intimidating task, but the benefits far outweigh the risk. For E-commerce platforms there are only a very limited number of add on modules available for small web to print operators. With 77 percent of preferring communication through email, it looks like email marketing is still going to endure and improve its effectiveness. 2015 is almost over and what is more rewarding to wrap up this year than learning a new insight about email marketing? Take a careful look at the infographic below for more insights on why optimizing email marketing matters in 2015, why do marketers rate email marketing so highly, how are marketers measuring success, and more. Soon, you may see a warning in Gmail that tells you that an email has arrived over an insecure connection. Gmail already defaults to using HTTPS for the connections between your browser and its servers. Over the last few years (especially after the Snowden leaks), Google and other email providers started to change this and today, 57 percent of messages that users on other email providers send to Gmail are encrypted.
Given that there are still plenty of email servers that don’t support encryption, chances are you’ll see one or two of these warning labels in the next few months. Fortunately, Gmail is making it easier to respond to emails on the go with its new “Smart Reply” feature for its Inbox Android and iOS apps.
To make Smart Reply work, Inbox uses machine learning to recognize messages that need responses and to generate the natural language responses.
All holidays always lend themselves to one thing: an increase openings in promotional emails. Though some marketers may assume consumers disregard a large volume of holiday emails, consumers’ behavior suggests otherwise.
One of the most important factors in achieving an optimal open rate is the timing of these emails. Holiday-themed emails continue to increase year-over-year with 83 percent of retailers sent general “holiday” or winter-themed campaigns, making it the most popular ‘theme’ in 2014. While many within the industry may fear that an increase in marketing email volume could irritate consumers and drive response rates down, this doesn’t seem to be the case. So not only are marketers deploying more holiday-themed campaigns, but consumers are responding in a positive way. If any retailers are just starting to send their Halloween-themed emails, they may have missed the boat. While it makes sense that consumers are more likely to engage early for holidays like Christmas and Halloween, some holidays lend themselves well to later campaign deployment. For example, back-to school campaigns that ran closer to the start of school saw open rates 32 percent higher than those deployed earlier in August or July. So as the holidays approach, brands and retailers should pay close attention to the timing of themed campaigns. If you want to boost your email marketing open rates more, you need to really pay attention to recepient’s personalisation.
According to a recent study of more than 100 billion emails sent in 2014 and 2015, sending more personalised email campaigns can result in open rates being lifted by nearly 150 percent. What’s more, the study implies that segmentation is a great way to customise email campaigns, with the data showing that campaigns sent to 35 subscribers or less saw the best average open rates of 55 percent. This study provides conclusive proof that personalising the emails you send, so that you’re speaking directly to specific interests and wants of a subscriber, not only strengthens the relationship with subscribers, it results in better campaign performance. Email and social media are two major marketing tools that will increase in investment by business owners in 2015.
Keep in mind that both channels have a specific purpose but by integrating your email and social strategies together you can improve your brand’s reach while adding leads to your sales funnel. Without doubt, email management is one of the most important skill every business executives must have.
Stop using your inbox as your to-do list. Your email inbox is for correspondence not for managing your workflow.
Most people generally bring their smartphone or tablet within reach at all times, so it stands to reason we’d prefer checking them for emails rather than log onto a desktop.
TECHAKIDS is community driven program dedicated to teaching and engaging your child in internet technology, web design, computer programming and coding.
We are here to teach and empower the next generation of young and young at heart tech entrepreneurs and engineers. It’s like if you bought a TV from Costco and then 18 months later they let you walk in there and get a brand new TV for FREE. Achieving video marketing success is sometimes seen as expensive and hard to do. Content creators are often disappointed with the amount of effort it takes to produce an online video versus the online exposure and visibility that it actually receives.
Follow these 10 unforgettable but easy to implement video marketing success tips and you’ll be bragging about the exposure that this rich form of media is providing for you! I wanted to rank high for the keyword “Digital Marketing Company Columbus.” The content in my video was geared around this keyword. The process for getting a video ranked higher in Google search results can be faster than a website since there are less videos out there. During the video editing process; create a lower third graphic that is unobtrusive to the video content. Additionally, include a link to your website in the video description on YouTube so people can get to your site by simply clicking on this link. For a real estate company, for a $100 budget, I was able to successfully drive over 2,400 views for one of their 30-second commercials.
Additionally, more people will see the video, the more viral it will become which will result in more publicity.
Typically, if one of my videos receives over 20 combined comments and “Likes” and also generates over 100 views, the more likely I am to see the video spike in the YouTube and organic search results. If you are unfamiliar with creating a YouTube transcript, HERE is a great article that outlines the proper steps.

Did you know that when someone subscribes to your YouTube channel, your most recent video will appear on the homepage of their account!
If you subscribe to other channels that are interesting and actively participate in comment discussions, you can easily build your subscriber base.
Small business owners are today faced with several challenges as a part of their everyday business operations.
With so many things that need to be done with limited resources and small teams, it can get really busy and overwhelming for small business owners. In this article, I will list specific ways in which Twitter can be leveraged for the benefit of small business owners. The only pre-requisites for this are that you should know exactly who your customers are and whether they are active on Twitter. Case-in-point: An entrepreneur I know who runs a high-end designer fashion label was working on the Social Media Strategy for her business.
As a small business owner, if you’ve established that you’re customers are active on Twitter, the next step is to start active engagement with them.
Take-Away: Clear, consistent and continuous communication in line with the brand is the key for brand creation and brand recall.
One of the keys to success for small business owners is the kind of business networks they are associated with.
One of the most important back-end activities essential for most small business owners is continuous focus on research around specific focus areas. Take-Away: Be clear on the research objectives and use Twitter to get direct feedback, responses or hear from the experts. Constantly learning and knowing what’s happening in your industry, within the market with your customers, partners, suppliers, competition, etc. The life of many a small business owner is filled with moments of uncertainty, doubt, questions and lows. If there’s one big mistake young people make in their careers, it’s this: they work so hard for their employer that they forget to invest in themselves. Sure, it’s more secure if you become what Seth Godin calls a lynchpin, someone who holds organizations together and makes things happen.
Usually taking shape in a eCommerce type storefront with a variety of products, these items mostly contain the ability to add variable data fields for complex or simplistic personalization.
It can be accessed by anyone in the company, streamlines the ordering process and automates the workflow. The UI experience is terrifically simple, which leads to increased sales and happy customers. Well according to the NAPL (National Association for Printing Leadership), 80% of Web to Print users reported that their Web to Print solution is not meeting expectations. Not only does it require a monetary investment but it is also entails time and resources.  Therefore, it only makes sense to compare all of the options. While some web to print software is extremely simple and easy to use, it still may come with a learning curve.
Maybe the company hopes to fully automate its backend processes within a year or increase sales by a percentage.
With a lot of enhanced technology such as animation can be an effective tool to set your campaign apart from the pack. However, for the longest time, the standard practice for sending email between providers was to leave them unencrypted. What’s more, the responses that are chosen (and not chosen) help improve the feature’s future suggestions. In fact, a survey conducted internally found that open rates for holiday-themed email actually increased in 2014 and consistently exceeded those of non-themed campaigns. For some holidays, it’s more effective to send promotional emails closer to the actual date, while for others, earlier emails perform better.
Black Friday saw the second highest volume of emails at 80 percent, followed by Thanksgiving at 63 percent. While it’s important to note that themed campaigns are crucial for many B2C brands during the holidays, it’s also worth paying attention to the timing of these campaigns. Like Halloween, Cyber Monday and Christmas campaigns benefited from earlier deployment in 2014.
As most Halloween enthusiasts have long been prepared by the time October 31st arrives, it makes sense that earlier campaigns yield better results. Back-to-school, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving campaigns saw higher open rates when deployed closer to the holiday. Parents and students are simply not shopping for school supplies until the days leading up to the start of the year. It’s important to understand how consumers operate at this time of the year and adjust campaigns accordingly. Conversely, campaigns sent to more than 7,500 subscribers, which suggests little personalisation, averaged a 14 percent open rate.
Small businesses tend to be great at developing authentic customer relationships and this data underscores the marketing value of those relationships. It compared the email marketing tactics of 15 smart marketers, giving an in-depth analysis at your convenience. Take a look at it and start doing the correct email marketing strategy like a pro.
Some of us have learned to handle it in ways that doesn’t stun our productivity, while some still have no idea. The following infographic contains some tips and tricks to help you manage the inbox madness and become an insanely productive entrepreneur in the process. This presents online marketers with a great opportunity for increasing open rates and ultimately boosting the success of their campaigns.
We all use technology everyday and TECHAKIDS believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn computer science as well as read and write code no matter what there age or background .
What if your video could appear extremely high in the search engines and thousands of views could be obtained for an extremely low price point? More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every 30 days. I made sure that the keyword in which I was targeting was included in the title, description and tags. Including the website URL that you’d like to promote as well as the phone number and logo is ideal for driving traffic from the video to the website that you’re looking to endorse.
This will be the last memory the viewer takes away from your video so give them a reason to visit your website! Additionally, with YouTube advertising you can include a lower third message with clickable links. Similar to link building, if your video is picked up on numerous websites, the search engines will view this content as more powerful which can improve your organic ranking for the video.
Just like a social media post, the more buzz that your video receives will result in greater exposure. Since major keywords that you want to rank high for will likely be included in the script, this will provide SEO juice for your video. The more subscribers you have, the easier it will be for you to gain publicity for a new video that has been uploaded.
That being said, uploading your video to sites like DailyMotion, Vimeo and Break will be beneficial for added exposure.
With affordable advertising and tremendous search engine exposure, this rich form of media will help you obtain more publicity.

But giving the right answer usually requires a lot of thought, introspection and clarity on your business goals and strategy. The only pre-requisite is that you should be clear on what brand image you want to create, and ensure that you tweet in line with this brand image. Twitter can be a very powerful medium to establish new business connections and strengthen existing ones.
Sometimes an easy way to get answers is to ask a question on Twitter, or ask someone with a good Follower base to post the question. Gone are the days where employees have to contact art, human resources and finance just to get business cards printed.
Do your homework and do not get stuck on picking between two solutions or the lesser of the evil. Users need to be taught and supported throughout this time or they won’t use the application. Depending on the type of business and the use of Web to Print software, goals will differ or change. If Web2Print Provider is giving proper support that ensure your business can leverage most of your investment. The result is most of them agree about the hidden potential and true power of email marketing. By leveraging the feature, users can save time on replying to messages that need just a quick response, and can also get a jump start on messages that require a bit more thought. This trend is likely due to marketers making a greater effort to provide better mobile experience, improve inboxing strategies and create more personalized email content. These events require very little advanced planning (no more than a day or two), so it is likely that consumers are simply not thinking about them until they are fast approaching. Similarly, Thanksgiving and Black Friday campaigns deployed in the two weeks leading up to the holiday saw higher open rates compared to those deployed further in advance, most likely due to the lack of advanced planning or gift-giving required. Consumers can ‘plan’ for some holidays on the day of, while they require advanced preparation for others.
Especially given that research found that just 34% of companies just have the ‘basics for mobile optimisation in place’. Uploading your video to YouTube will instantly get your online video content seen by the masses.
Within 30 days, I was able to get this specific video ranked #2 in the organic search results. Sites like Vimeo cost money to sign-up for but depending on your wants and needs for your video, it could very well be worth it. Follow the ten steps above and you’ll see your video skyrocket in the search engine rankings in no time! Second, is the focus on top-line growth through new customer acquisition or new business from existing customers. Not only is social media cost effective, ubiquitous, easy to learn and adopt; but if a well-integrated social media strategy is adopted, the probability of business success is significantly amplified! Once you have this answer, the Twitter journey is a lot more focused, useful, productive and enjoyable! The two specific ways which are of great help in this regard are Hashtag search, and by following the Gurus (experts) in a specific area of interest. More often than not, this can be one source of primary research data, similar to an online real-time survey. No matter how good you are at your job, no matter how great your skills or how big your network, your job is not secure.
But no matter how awesome you are, if you’re depending on someone else to employ you, your paycheck is at stake. It also allows sales or marketing teams to easily implement direct mailing campaigns, email marketing and create pURLs. Change is scary; a change in processes can dishearten employees if they aren’t trained properly.
The more data that is collected the bigger scope of the picture you will see and how the business has been affected, negatively or positively. Here, you have nicely explained implementing of web to print software as its frequently updated tools depending on different platform like WooCommerce and OpenCart. When sorted by effectiveness ratings of Good and Very Good, email marketing is the clear winner with 64 percent rating email marketing positively. A joint research project between Google, the University of Michigan, and the University of Illinois found that 94 percent of inbound messages to Gmail can now be authenticated, which makes life harder for phishers. Overall, it’s important to remember that themed campaigns generally do well when it comes to deliverability, but the timing can make a big difference when it comes to engagement.
It’s likely that as Christmas approaches, consumers become preoccupied with other life events and are less likely to pay attention to email. To get the most engagement from back-to-school, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday email campaigns, marketers should wait to deploy until a few days before the event.
While all holiday-themed campaigns can drive revenue for brands and retailers, in order to ensure maximum engagement, timing is everything. There is a bunch of cool data and useful statistics that back up the importance of integrating the two together.
If you’re not optimising your campaigns for mobile devices, then you could be seriously falling behind the others. The easiest way is to identify your key partners, competitors, customers, analysts, publications and experts in your specific line of business, and follow them on Twitter (provided they have a Twitter presence).
One of the best ways is to stay and feel positive, inspired and motivated through the storms and rainbows. Decide with your team a handful of features that make sense for your business and make sure your potential vendor meets those requirements.
The best way to combat this is to have a plan already in place when you purchase Web to Print software. Take a look at the following infographic for more detailed information concerning email marketing big trends in 2016.
But at the same time, these researchers also found that there are “regions of the Internet actively preventing message encryption by tampering with requests to initiate SSL connections.
You’ll also find two really cool case studies that are highlighted in the graphic as well, reminding that integrating social and email is a win-win situation. You will be able to gather real-time data and insights into trends, views, opinions and perspectives. Many Web to Print software providers may include training services in the package, or can provide it at an additional fee.
Make sure you do not get blindsided by fancy features(that you may not even use!) and the bells and whistles of a new toy. I forgot to mention all the other additional aspects which running a business usually involves – like Positioning, Branding and Marketing, Innovation, Human Resource Management, Communication, Operations, Finance, Strategy, Compliance, etc.
Regardless of your training choice, it is imperative that you assign an executive contact that will be a point of contact for users and will oversee that the software is used consistently and properly.

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