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SponsoredLinX offers a number of different services to help drive more qualified traffic to your website. Our second step is making sure that your website is able to convert the traffic you receive into leads for your business. As you build up a customer base you need to make sure to keep engaged and retain your relationship. Sadly, we see landing pages belonging to small to medium business owners which are suffering from a disconnect. So many marketing activities online direct people to a business’ homepage and not a specific landing page, when the truth is your conversion rate could drastically improve if that traffic we being diverted to the correct landing page. For this very reason we’re running an Optimise Webinar later in the month (27th April at 10:30 am AEST to be exact) on The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page.
The plan of attack It’s no secret that retailers across the world pocket from annual calendar events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Easter, sports games, concerts, movie premieres and public holidays to name a few.
Our attitude towards the Internet and how we interact with it on a daily basis has changed how we do business forever. Get your Google AdWords account checked out by a professional and see where you can save money. Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, will be dishing out his expert knowledge on all things related to conversion optimised landing pages, and the science and data behind why we do the things we do online. In this webinar we will take you “under the hood” with senior web design and search engine optimization experts from QuartSoft Corp. You'll learn what you need to know to improve your Magento store performance with properly built and designed landing pages.

Register for the eventRegister now and get a 20% discount on Magento extensions created by QuartSoft’s most experienced Magento developers.
0 Talking about landing pages that convert is one of a Conversion Scientist’s favorite conversation topics. Just think of what would happen to your revenue if your landing pages had a 50% conversion rate.
Helping people build high converting landing pages just never stops being interesting, so next week, on Thursday, October 15th, Brian will be joining Avangate for a free webinar that will teach you how to do just that.
When you register, share a URL for your landing page that needs a boost, and Brian will give recommendations to improve its performance. Last year we found an average of 23.4% more sales, leads and phonecalls for our clients in the first six months.
It means you need to invest in your online marketing now more than ever, and Convertopages is the perfect tool to use in addition with your Google AdWords campaigns. You have probably heard that your website’s bounce rate is a clear indication of how relevant and successful your website, and landing pages, are.
He’ll be providing you with insights into landing page design and how it affects your marketing efforts. Successfully running a business in the digital marketing industry for ten years is an epic feat! Having high-converting landing pages has made our webinar series Lab Coat Lessons a big success.

Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, will be covering everything you could possibly need to know about how to create a high converting, optimised landing page.
If you could see a mobile-friendly version of your website in the mobile interface then well done to you!
For our Q2 issue we’re celebrating and remembering where we’ve come from and how far our journey has taken us to be where we are today.
Hopefully you can pick up some useful insights from our cover story feature on page 23 which can aid you in your business endeavours. If you are wondering how your Magento store can benefit from properly designed landing pages, please, feel free to register for this event. You can also learn valuable information about your target demographics when you direct your online traffic to a high converting landing page, which can then inform decisions you make in relation to other aspects in your online marketing strategy.
You can actually pinpoint what customer personas are converting well, and then you can devise new ways to target your marketing to them.

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