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Last months webinar with Nik Software was a massive success, so much so that not everyone was able to get in the room to watch it live. I don’t know what the maximum number of live viewers will be but I recommend registering as that’s the only way you’ll get the chance to download the recording. Although I’ll be using Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop CS6 as my host program I’ll be spending lots of time inside my favourite Nik Plugins. You can find out more information about those plugins and even download a 15 day free trial from the Nik Website or you can buy them outright from many retailers like here at Adorama. The first one was great, and I was lucky enough to watch it live, so I am looking forward to the second one since I have the same software you will be using. Yes, if you registered for the Webinar you’ll be emailed the link to download the recording sometime next week. First up is automotive with Car HMI USA 2016 next week in Detroit, April 25-26. If you plan to be at the show visit us to check out some automotive HMI demos we’ve built with Storyboard Suite.
If you aren’t going to the show, you can always download the 30-day trial and try your hand at making awesome automotive HMIs. We create a lot of demo applications to show the scalability of embedded GUIs designed and developed with Storyboard Suite. Videos are useful because they are short, concise, and don’t require much time to consume, but because of this they can only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to showcasing the depth and breadth of functionality. All of our webinars are presented live, but also recorded for on-demand viewing if you miss out. If you haven’t tried Storyboard yet and some of the features in our webinars spark an interest, we provide a full-featured 30-day evaluation for you to try out Storyboard first hand. Day 1 at Embedded World 2016 brought a lot of attendees to the Crank Software booth to check out some of the demos below and to chat with us about their projects. Storyboard Suite Digital Instrument Cluster on the BD-SL-i.MX6 board, running Green Hills INTEGRITY OS. If seeing these demos makes you want to try out Storyboard Suite, download a 30-day free evaluation and start designing today.

From February 23-25 the best in innovative embedded technology will be unleashed at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. We will be live-blogging from the event, and sharing photos and videos of Storyboard Suite from the exhibition floor.
If you want to get together with us at embedded world, please contact us to set up a meeting.
To learn more about what to expect in the Storyboard Suite 4.2 release, check out our recent webinar, now available on-demand.
As always, we provide a full-featured 30-day evaluation for you to try out Storyboard Suite first hand.
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During this one-hour chat, CNBS Software’s President, Chuck Stahl, and Gerald Schlechter, CEO of enosiX, took readers’ questions on how to improve and simplify the SAP ERP user experience. The modern B2B web store within SAP-ERP requires a robust, mobile-ready E-Commerce platform, eliminating complexity while adding efficiency and stability. CNBS’s Gerald Schlechter and Paymetric’s Eric Bushman and Jennifer Rossi took readers’ questions on online payment processing for SAP systems — including questions on security, PCI compliance, managing terms and advance payments, customer adoption, and SAP ERP data integration.
About CNBSCNBS helps its clients maximize their ERP investment with a focused portfolio of E-Commerce, CRM, and mobility solutions, that provide direct, real-time integration with SAP.
So, I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be running another brand new webinar hosted by Nik Software. Well, I’ll be starting the webinar in Photoshop and demonstrating how I use it in combination with the Nik Software plug ins.
You’ll be able to touch and interact with the demos and chat with one of our UI designers about his experience using Storyboard Suite to bring his designs to life. This digital instrument cluster demo built in Storyboard Suite takes advantage of these advanced UI capabilities. Video gives us an opportunity to visually showcase Storyboard, rather than just talk about it.

To increase visibility into Storyboard Suite features, we’ve started running webinars that dive deeper and focus on different topics, capabilities and target audiences. I think that a common theme that came up in conversations today was how scalable Storyboard Suite is, and the breadth of processors and operating systems that we support.
The enosiX framework empowers developers, IT, and the business to deliver highly engaging mobile and cross channel experiences. They also covered some specific questions on CNBS’s Web AR solution and the Paymetric XiPay offering. For example, our recent webinar (now available on-demand) was geared toward designers responsible for the look and feel of the GUIs for embedded applications. A lot of the functionality and features that go into each version happen because we value feedback from our customers. We know you’ll learn more about what you can do with Storyboard if you see it in use.
Crank Software will be there, and we are bringing a team of passionate embedded GUI design professionals with us to showcase the latest features and capabilities in Crank Storyboard Suite, our design and development platform for building stunning GUIs for embedded systems. Nik have kindly left the subject matter for this webinar totally open, so I’ll be running through some of my favourite images, showing you exactly how I made them and passing on as many hints, tips and techniques as I can fit into an hour. We wanted to demonstrate Storyboard Suite from the perspective of the designer, so our presenter was our UI designer, Fancy Dan, who uses Storyboard daily to create embedded GUIs. This is one of the easiest ways to learn about using Storyboard to create GUIs for embedded applications. For example, our Storyboard Suite 4.2 sneak peek webinar provided a preview of upcoming features a couple of months before the official release.

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