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Websites are now a popular place for the companies to advertise their service and products. The agreement includes information such as the details of the parties involved in the contract, the dates on which the advertisements will run on the website, the duration for which the advertisements will remain on the website, size of the ads and the cost information. These forms are nonrefundable and non transferable.If you need any alterations or have any queries, please fill out the contact form. The Website Advertising Agreement is in substance the same as the Website Advertising Terms and Conditions, both documents are legally binding and provide the same level of protection, the only difference is in their format. This Website Advertising Agreement has been drafted to protect the interests of the publisher, rather than the advertiser.
On the other hand, the publisher warrants that it shall provide the advertising service with reasonable care and skill in a professional and timely manner and in-line with the specification. Furthermore, the publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish an advertisement, or to omit, suspend or change the position of any advertisement accepted at its sole discretion. This Website Advertising Agreement is fully comprehensive and complies with all current UK legislation and applicable codes including the British Code of Advertising practice and other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority. This Agreement is in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English, easy to use and edit.
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Whether you need to write a business plan, legal contracts, proposals, business letters, board resolutions, policies, spreadsheets or any other business document, simply fill in the blanks and get the job done in minutes! Easily Protect Your Internet Business With Our Attorney-Drafted Website Disclaimer Templates, Policies and Terms of Use. You can download this website legal forms package containing important policies and disclaimers, immediately after ordering online through our secure shopping cart or by phone. Build trust with visitors and potential customers by displaying these disclaimers and policies on your website, helping increase sales.
Unlimited personal license: You can use these forms on ALL of the websites that you own without having to pay additional license fees.
Our internet marketer's legal forms package is cheap insurance against expensive legal fines and possible lawsuits from regulatory agencies. The Internet explosion has led to an increase in fines, penalties, and judgments by the Federal Trade Commission, State of California, Food and Drug Administration and other government institutions. Many new Internet marketers who are learning as they go, and even veteran "gurus" have been the receiver of legal problems and fines from these government organizations. While these new regulations benefit most people, there are some website and blog owners who are unaware of these regulations, opening them up to possible legal problems.
The best way to help make sure you are in compliance with the law is to have the correct legal forms and policies on your website. Whether you are selling a product, service, or have just started building an email list, it's time to protect you and your online business. Protect Your Business' Credibility and Comply With FTC and State Regulations Using Our Attorney-Drafted Website Protection Documents. If you have a website or blog on the Internet, displaying a privacy policy is required by law. Disclosing a customer's personal information or using it for an unauthorized purpose can have serious consequences for your business if it is in violation of your website policy. There are several laws that require website and blog owners to post a Privacy Policy clearly and conspicuously on their site.
Many Internet marketers run a risk of operating their website without posted terms of use policy.
If your website sells any products and services or just provides advice or blog postings, you should have website terms of use policy. One of the more important features of a Terms of Use Agreement, however, is that it controls dispute resolution.
Our 11- page Website Terms of Use Template was drafted by a licensed attorney, and includes many key provisions that are sold separately by other companies. A well-written website or blog disclaimer is a powerful document that can help protect online operators against legal problems up to and including lawsuits.
Since it is impossible to disclaim all responsibility, it is important that disclaimers are drafted by experienced attorneys to provide you with the maximum amount of protection and cover as many risks as possible within the limits of the law. Disclaimers are important to have properly posted on your website or blog before making it live on the Internet. By posting advertising on your website without a formal written agreement, the website owner increases their chances of legal problems and being sued. There are always possible complications and things that can go wrong while advertising on a blog or website. They are specifically on the lookout for any advertisement that intentionally misleads the public.

Because creating a website and adding content pages (or stealing it from other websites) is easy to do, copyright laws are often broken.
To deal with this shaky situation, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was formed to provide help protect copyright owners from Internet infringements and at the same time, to give the website or blog owners, a chance to respond without having to hire an attorney each time, there is a complaint. There are many ways you can get into legal trouble by providing health information and advice that directly or indirectly causes harm to one of your website visitors.
If your site sells health care products, herbs, pharmaceutical drugs, and related products, or gives advice on physical health, mental health, exercise and fitness, you should have a Medical Disclaimer clearly posted on your site to help comply with mandatory FDA regulations. While the presence of a Medical Disclaimer will not completely shield you from all liability, it will serve to minimize your risks.
Displaying an earnings disclaimer on your website will help build trust and tell visitors you are making accurate claims and that while such claims may not be typical, the claims you're making are in fact real and achievable. The FTC has clear guidelines about making or implying potential earnings from a product or service. As a business owner, it is important to protect your business and limit liability wherever possible. Our earnings disclaimer statement is attorney drafted, and can help provide your business with that extra measure of protection when selling your money-making products or services on the Internet.
Affiliate arrangements are a powerful marketing and sales tools, but can be considered risky without a professional affiliateagreement in place. Using this affiliate agreement will give you a binding agreement and will lay out all of the important details between you (the website owner) and the person selling your products for commission (your affiliate). The Federal Trade Commission is on the lookout for any advertisements that are found to be deceptive to the consumer, and has recently cracked down on third party affiliate marketers and the companies that use them.
If you do not conduct due diligence, or have a way to monitor your affiliate's actions, you could be opening yourself up to additional liability.
Most website and blog owners forget that when they have discussions with employees, independent contractors, vendors, web hosting companies or anyone else, that without a signed confidentiality agreement, any of the above-mentioned people or companies can disclose any information you discussed or provided to them without any liability whatsoever.
An attorney-drafted confidentially agreement can help you protect your customer's lists, vendor list, trade secrets, pricing, costs, margins, sales, business plans, computer files and much more. To save you the time and the hassle of digging through unorganized documentation, we have formatted these website policies and disclaimers so you can easily edit and add your company and website information in the places we have provided. You can help protect your online business with these attorney-drafted disclaimers, policies and agreements. All disclaimers, policies and disclosures include information and legal compliance instructions on how you should post them on your site to help you to be in compliance with the new laws.
As an Internet marketer, you surely have testimonial endorsements on your web site and may or may not have heard about the FTC testimonial and endorsement guideline revision that has had a large impact - but do you know exactly what was added and revised? Order this attorney-drafted website disclaimer template package today, which includes the important forms an on-line entrepreneur should have to help protect their on-line business. In addition, the web advertising agreement will also include the terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of contract at any time.
The Terms and Conditions are little less formal than the Agreement as they have been designed for incorporation into a website.
This Agreement is biased in favour of the publisher rather than the advertiser since it contains provisions where the advertiser gives various warranties in relation to the advertisements and agrees to indemnify the publisher for any breach of warranties and other provisions contained in the Agreement. However, the publisher does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access by users of the sites but will use reasonable efforts to provide this. Also, the publisher reserves the right to remove advertisements immediately and without notice for what it considers justifiable legal reasons or on receipt of justifiable complaints. We are constantly adding new documents and features to address user requests and the evolving business landscape. Our Business-in-a-Box software gives you unlimited lifetime access to our entire collection of 1,800 business and legal document templates.
Our professional website disclaimers, website privacy policy and terms and conditions were drafted by a licensed attorney specializing in Internet law.
Not only do some not follow these guidelines, they also do not handle testimonials, endorsements, and projected earnings in a way that complies with the Federal Trade Commission. This includes website documentation like a privacy policy, terms of use, website disclaimer.
In contrast to a website's terms of use which governs a user's legal rights with regards to the website, a website's privacy statement discloses how you will collect and use your visitor's and customer's information when interacting with your website. This can result in civil and criminal lawsuits against the website owner from a disgruntled customer.
Any website terms of use policy statement should be drafted by a licensed attorney experienced in Internet law and should include clearly defined provisions and legal framework to cover the legal operation of your website to all visitors, whether they are just browsing your site or are a subscribing member. Particularly with Internet commerce, a potential lawsuit could arise anywhere in the United States, or world for that matter. This agreement gives you an essential layer of protection that every business operating on the Internet needs.
Disclaimers can help by transferring responsibility from you (the website owner) to your users, visitors and customers.
An attorney drafted website advertising contract is an excellent safeguard for website owners and advertisers. The FTC monitors this online advertising to try to ensure there are no false or deceptive claims made by the advertiser. In recent cases regarding compliance with these regulations, the FTC has held both the advertiser and the hosting company site liable. And, with the rise of social networking, blogs and other discussion sites, the large increase of stolen content by members is not unexpected.
By following the provisions of the DMCA, a website or blog owner agrees that if a copyright holder thinks, their information was stolen and posted on your blog or website you will take it down if the copyright holder provides appropriate notice as defined in the DMCA.

Whatever you are selling or giving advice about; you must make sure that it is made very clear to the consumer exactly what they can, and cannot expect your advice or product to do. Generally speaking, a disclaimer is a statement that helps to limit the scope of your liability and obligations.
Because of the strict guidelines most Internet marketers should have a properly drafted earnings disclaimer clearly visible on their website. Having an earnings disclaimer posted properly on your website or blog makes good business sense. If you have an Internet business, you can create a relationship with a third-party website to expand the visibility of your product or service and build your list. This can be particularly true if your company works in a regulated industry, or your business is subject to consumer protection laws and regulations. Using this agreement, you will agree to pay your affiliate a certain percentage of the sale or a certain amount for a generated lead. In a recent action, the FTC ordered an on-line company that sold guitar lesson DVDs to pay a $250,000 fine because they were working with an affiliate who used misleading statements in their on-line advertisements. In order to protect yourself, it is important to have clear performance standards in place, a way to oversee them, and a means to correct a problem should one arise; this is where an Affiliate Agreement can be of great help. This is one of the most important agreements you can use to protect your online or offline business.
They help provide legal protection against dissatisfied users and customers and will also help you to comply with the laws that govern website and blog owners. Did you know that each email you send which violates the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $16,000? Get up to date on these subjects and more; learn what you need to watch out for in this free report. If you are not satisfied with these forms in 30 days, simply call or email us and ask for a refund. The website owner or the publisher makes a web advertising agreement with the advertiser and a specific amount of space is allocated to the advertiser to publish their offers and services. The Website Advertising Agreement is in traditional agreement form and should be signed in hard copies by both parties to the agreement.
Other areas include handling personal information such as names, email addresses, payment information, and more.
An attorney drafted privacy policy will not only help protect you legally, but it will also help instill trust and confidence in the customers who use and visit your website. In contrast to a privacy policy, a website disclaimer or terms of use control a visitor's legal rights concerning the website and provide you with control over your legal relationship with your visitors. Advertising on many websites will usually consist of "banner and text ads" that generally consist of graphics or text links positioned somewhere on a website. Furthermore, unlike conventional advertising, the Internet, blogs, and websites present the possibility for additional problems because the sites are accepting personal and credit card information. This opens the website owner, blog owner, or discussion forum owner who is legitimately trying to follow the law to legal threats, cease and desist letters, and lawsuits.
This document also prevents individuals or companies from harassing you with fabricated threats and ridiculous requests. Are you telling a visitor they can make "X" amount of dollars if they buy your product or service or will achieve a specific result?
An earnings disclaimer is usewhen you are selling a product or service that has the potential to generate income for your customers. Affiliate arrangements can open you up to false advertising claims, first amendment issues and infringement problems. Every time, the visitors click the ads of the advertiser in the website, the advertiser pays a predetermined amount to the website owner.
This can be important when not only selling your product, but also when you are trying to build your list and email marketing campaign.
In fact, courts recognize a terms of use policy and website disclaimer as a legally binding contract between your business and your customers - this can help minimize your liability if you are ever sued. Courts have held, however, that parties to a contract are able to decide in advance where the dispute will be resolved.
Should a website visitor's computer get infected, or they are provided deceptive information, without a professional advertising agreement in place, the website or blog owner could be susceptible to fines and legal action. You the website owner are trapped between your rights as the owner of a website or blog and the legal rights of the copyright holder who's information was taken (or stolen) and posted on the Internet.
An earnings disclaimer can help protect you from liability if a disgruntled customer claims that their expectations were not met after they purchased your product or service. This article will give you and overview of CAN-SPAM's main requirements so you can comply and move on with developing your business. The web advertising agreement is basically a document outlining all the details regarding the advertisement. By clicking on these types of ads, the visitor is sometimes redirected to the advertiser's website or blog. Due to the countless legal actions taken against marketers by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and similar government institutions, many Internet marketers are realizing the importance of protecting themselves with an earnings disclaimer. Should a dispute arise, you can also specify that it be solved through arbitration, rather than in court. Arbitration is often preferable to a traditional court because it is quicker, and much cheaper.

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