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NetObjects Fusion Essentials Free Web Design Software is one of the leading web design tools on the market today. View and edit template from your local desktop, make & publish web site on any hosting. Publish to your own folder on desktop with html, image and xml files, then upload all files to your web server easily.
A true drag-and-drop website builder with numerous easy-to-use tools and components that allow you to build sites quickly and easily.Plain and simple, NetObjects Fusion Essentials is different.

It can be used to build responsive website that can be viewable in almost all desktop browsers, mobile and tablet devices.
A4Desk also comes with a built-in form for you to easily define page title and add meta tags .
Most HTML editors provide you a design-preview interface, but without some web knowledge, you end up lost and frustrated. Add photo galleries, forms, rollover images, scrolling text, Flash, and even e-commerce to create a sophisticated site quickly and easily.

NetObjects Fuson Essentials is the ideal choice for designers who don’t know HTML, business owners who need a web site, or anyone who wants create web site for personal use.

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