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Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Design mobile websites and use landing pages, mobile coupons and qr codes to capture your customers. Mobile device sales, mobile usage and mobile traffic are all showing triple-digit percentage increases each year!
For an Inn or Bed and Breakfast, a website is the most important marketing tool to attract new and returning visitors. Consumers are very image-centric and will rely on photos as an essential factor to determine if they are ready to make a reservation. Consider using a professional photographer to portray your inn’s features in the best possible light. In addition to highlighting your rooms and property amenities, also show action photos with people in them. Front and Center Contact Info: Include your contact information on the home page and make sure that your phone number is prominent. Make it easy for your prospective visitor to make a reservation even if you take reservations by telephone only.
About – This page can include information about the inn’s amenities as well as a quick bio of the innkeepers.
If possible, use a separate page for every room or room type as part of your accommodations sub-menu. Little things mean a lot: Point out the features of each room that make your guests feel at home, such as a 4 poster bed, bay window reading, a hand laid stone fireplace, or a 12’ vaulted ceiling.
If you have various types of lodging, such as lodge rooms and cabins, make separate sub-navigation menu pages under the “accommodations” menu. If you provide online reservations and availability or require that a reservations request form be filled out, place this information at the top of this page.
Your reservations and Inn policies can (and should) be included on this page, however place this information below the reservations and availability section.
Breakfast (optional) – If you provide a complimentary breakfast, consider allocating a separate page to highlight your culinary delights. Mary Anne Baker is an industry expert and the owner of Innsights Internet Marketing, specializing in websites and social media management for the destination and hospitality industries. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are maybe typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising like radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

Our premium Mobile Website Builder and SMS Text Marketing Platform will help you increase customer volume and loyalty, while serving your mobile visitors the content they want and expect. Marketing agencies, web designers and resellers use Ocala Mobile to provide complete mobile marketing services and self-serve accounts to their clients.
Most businesses are seeing dramatic results with the proper mobile marketing elements in place. While verbiage and keywords are critical for search engine visibility, balance your text with photos to increase the likelihood that visitors will be able to clearly see the best features of your inn and be captivated enough to make a reservation.
If your budget does not allow professional photos, make sure that your photos include plenty of natural light.
The best option is to place all of your contact information in the footer; this allows people to contact you from any page they happen to be browsing. Therefore it is essential that you integrate your social media icons on page one, either in the header or the footer. Even if you don’t provide a link, there is a good chance potential visitors will have read reviews about your property even before they get to your website. For example, if you have lodge rooms and cabins, make a separate sub-navigation page for the lodge rooms, and another for your cabins. This avoids the need for the visitor to switch back and forth between your accommodations pages and a rate schedule on another page. This can be as simple as shopping and dining districts, historical landmarks, or an events calendar.
Include photos of a sample breakfast, and point out specifically what guests should expect, whether it is a buffet, a sit down breakfast, a Continental breakfast, or a cooked-to-order meal.
Many innkeepers provide event space for small gatherings, including family reunions, corporate retreats, baby showers, bridal luncheons, and weddings.
Ocala Mobile is the perfect mobile marketing platform for resellers.Includes White Label Panel, Marketing Website and Premium Plugin Bundle. Now I can build beautiful mobile site that really impress my own clients!Thomas HartI can not tell you how helpful your support team is. Dark and dimly-lit rooms are a turn-off and could be a deciding factor for the visitor to move on to another property’s website.
Visitors can quickly determine whether they need to call you or if they can check availability and rates, and make an online reservation all on one page. TripAdvisor has widgets available that list your most recent reviews, making it easy for the visitor to stay on your website and not click over to TripAdvisor where they can view your competition.

Include amenities such as free Wi-Fi, even if this is already listed elsewhere on the website. If your property is configured with multiple lodging types, you may be better off listing the number of sleeping rooms as part of your sub-navigation. Include as much as possible, even if you have to include a neighboring (yet nearby) town or city.
Include information about how many people you can accommodate for each type of event, and include photos of the space to be utilized. Internet marketing HTML template good choice to launch your web site.Save your time and money with our free support.
Or if you’re on a tight budget, get online and surf the web and try one of the online logo builders. You really want people visiting your site to be able to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your website content on social media. And guests often comment that one of the primary reasons they select a particular inn or bed and breakfast is because they felt warmly welcomed by the innkeeper.
Visitors want to know if they’ll have internet access from their room, and not just from the lobby or common areas.
Guests need to feel as though your inn is their main hub, with multiple adventures to choose from. Try reaching out to guests who have held events in the past and ask their permission to use their photos. Businesses that launch their mobile marketing now, will leave their non-mobile competitors wandering aimlessly in the dust.
An “about” section should describe the history of the property and how the current innkeepers came to be owners (or managers) of the inn.
Add a quote or two about the innkeeper’s hospitality philosophy and why visitors come back again and again.
Contact a local florist and ask if they can provide some table centerpieces to for a photo shoot, in exchange for listing them as a special event resource on your website.

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