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I received a few requests to clarify what the LIVE website optimization webinar is all about.
The way this works is you’ll get to watch over my shoulder as I optimize real life examples of small business websites. So I’m looking for a few business owners who want their website optimized LIVE on this webinar. Your competitor’s websites are outranking yours even though you provide better products and services. You’re planning to redesign your website and you want some direction on how to proceed. These are just a few reasons why you’ll want to submit your site for possible inclusion in the webinar. In the body of your email please tell me a little about your business, the problems you’re having with your website and any questions you might like me to answer. You’re also encouraged to share this with your friends and business associates who have websites and are not part of my customer list. We all know how critical a website is to your business strategy, but what does it really take to have a great website that drives traffic, generates leads, and converts them to revenue?
In 2007 a WordPress blog was added to facilitate conveniently posting the news the attorney is compelled to write from time to time. If your legal firm needs a website designed with features not shown in the example above, just let us know what you need. Why Website Optimization Trumps Search Engine Optimization You are using an outdated browser.

Is a feature rich and visually appealing online store is running with slow loading speed then it would not be able to convert its visitors to its customers thus speed optimization is vital.
One Sky Media is awarded the contract to build and provide ongoing search engine optimization for the new website. A custom design is made to take advantage of web browser rendering improvements made over the previous 4 years.
For the previous four years the site was focused primarily on bankruptcy law and ranked highly on Google for the related search phrases. A semi custom design, starting from an existing website template is chosen to maximize value. The new custom design is coded using XHTML and off page CSS to replace the table built, inline styled, semi custom template originally used in 2004. Due to a downturn n the number of bankruptcy filings in part attributable to the tight lending regulations in more recent years, the sites navigation has been rearranged to promote a more general practice law firm website. The the color scheme, header graphics design and photos are all customized making it one of a kind. This new method of designing web pages makes the site more accessible to anyone browsing the website with non traditional website browsers. At the same time the site was appearance was freshened and the attorney’s photo is now featured on the home page. It also reduces the size of each web page by eliminating all of the code required for the table based design making it more user friendly and search engine potent.
Here’s how to do it.The terms search engine optimization and website optimization are often used interchangeably.

A matching custom WordPress theme was also developed making visitors transition from law firm website to law firm blog transparent. But they are different.It brings to mind the mistaken interchangeability of the terms inbound marketing and content marketing. But the majority of people still think that “website optimization” means ranking at the top of a search engine.The distinction is important, because to many companies and marketers, SEO gets most of the attention. Most SEO efforts are focused on following the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms. It is your chance to fully and comprehensively discuss the topic for which the visitor was searching. That’s the nature of website optimization and why it is so important and effective.When optimizing your website, yes, you need to follow search engine optimization best practices, but more importantly, you should think about user experience, lead conversions, and acquiring customers. It has no effect on the search engine algorithms but the person searching often reads it before deciding to click on the link.One more tip – your website optimization should really never stop.
Ongoing analysis and measurement of your website analytics will provide you with ample feedback to make sure you’re making the searchers (and the search engines) happy.

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