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To help you get rid of these questions coming in your mind, I have come up with this list of changes that the future SEO in 2014 might revolve around, based on the things we learned from the past year 2013.
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Haven’t you noticed the constantly accelerating pace at which content id gaining importance all over web? Some of the world’s leading organizations use Rocket Post to engage their workforces and leverage people performance for greater business results. After several false starts, mobile advertising has now truly taken off and is forecast to account for 37% of all growth in global ad expenditure this year, and 31% in 2014, according to a recent report by ZenithOptimedia. However, it is growing extremely rapidly: 77% growth in 2013, followed by 56% in 2014 and 48% in 2015, ZenithOptimedia forecasts. However, mobile advertising is skewed in favour of search, despite the fact that use of mobile apps occupies the vast majority of smartphone use.
Ads that are large enough to be seen on mobile screens are often considered invasive by users. According to the 2013 “Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising” study of 300 top-level brand marketing executives, all of whom are currently using mobile in their media mix, nearly three-quarters (74%) expect that their companies’ mobile advertising spend will increase in the next two years – a similar number to those who anticipated an increase in the two years following the 2011 survey (72%). Respondents to the survey were also asked to rank the top developments in mobile advertising. As with the 2011 study, the 2013 survey asked marketers about the key challenges facing mobile advertising. Mobile isn’t just one of the most important channels for marketers to utilize, it is becoming THE most important channel. Mobile usage continues to rise worldwide as consumers purchase more and more smartphones, which is exactly why that growth isn’t stopping anytime soon.
With mobile and mobile apps playing such a significant role in the successfulness of a business, let’s take a look at some of this year’s top mobile marketing trends and what they mean for mobile apps and the businesses utilizing them. Because location technology has improved so much this year, companies can better target their audiences.
A great personalized way of doing this is incorporating native advertising into their mobile app marketing strategy. This means businesses looking to better connect with their consumers and market their brand to a wider audience — including several potential clients — should look at ways to use social media apps for ad campaigns.
Businesses are able to capitalize on mobile video platforms to connect with their audiences similar to Facebook. The craze of 2014 is wearable technology, and we don’t see that craze ending in the near future. Misfit is one such company that had to make a strategic decision to stay ahead of the curve, and so far its choice has been a good one. Technology advances and people’s wants change every day, which also means mobile trends regularly change and businesses have to keep adapting to these trends. With the world having more than two billion smartphone subscribers, it is no wonder that mobile video ads are also rapidly growing.
I think that we can add another mobile marketing trend, which is an increase in the use of mobile analytics tools for optimizing the mobile marketing campaigns.
Although, the changes in the strategies might not sound overwhelmingly a lot to you, but the fact is they are going to play a key role in creating your marketing strategy.
By 2015, mobile ad spend is expected to total $33.1 billion and to account for 6% of total ad expenditure. Moreover, building upon this broad intent to boost mobile spend, almost one in five respondents (19%) to the 2013 survey predict that their mobile budgets will increase by more than 50 percent in the next two years.

The results clearly demonstrate that while hurdles remain, greater marketer experience and ongoing industry efforts have allowed the earlier urgency to abate.
Since there’s basically an app for everything these days and new ones are developed daily, it’s no wonder predictions are made for there to be more than 4 billion app users worldwide in 2017. And it’s not just targeting a large group of their audience, but the capability of targeting individuals. Businesses are using mobile app marketing techniques to create a more personalized experience for their users. Through location technology and knowing a user’s mobile history, businesses can target each user with relative mobile apps and sites. The average smartphone user downloads anywhere from 25-40 apps, but then only regularly uses half or a third of those.
With the Starbucks app, customers pay for their coffee and track their purchases on their smartphones. It’s a way to stay connected with friends and family, a way to get and share information, and a great way for businesses to reach their consumers. Facebook for example lets you quickly set up mobile app ads to push to users.  Other tactics could include Facebook remarketing, promoted tweets, LinkedIn sponsored updates, Stumbleupon paid discovery and other tools or maximum exposure. Adapting isn’t a new concept, and like the example above with Misfit, it’s very possible for a company to do. They just mean businesses need to continue evolving and improving with technology and the times, and businesses must fully understand the needs of their customers to make sure their mobile apps and mobile marketing strategies are meeting those needs. The use of mobile devices will continue to rise and those that ignore it will be left behind! The data gathered from mobile analytics will give you insights that will allow you to take action in a variety of areas. With the rise of various social media platforms to such a large extent, the future of SEO is going to involve this important part of the internet for sure. Moves like switching from Google Shopping to PLA’s, encryption of keyword driven search terms, to display of larger advertisings on the Maps layouts, everything suggests that paid is where Google wants to be in the coming times.
The kingly content meets constant challenges and develops religiously to meet new demands and maintain its stature. More than two in three (67%) cited the IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad units as a key driver in the space. For example, a highly important challenge in 2011 was privacy issues, named by 40 percent of marketers.
Doing this means their users are more likely to download the apps and visit the sites shown, which also means those businesses will better monetize their mobile visitors. It also has a loyalty program, My Starbucks Rewards, where customers earn rewards when they purchase with their phones and then can redeem their rewards for free Starbucks products. According to one study, social penetration (how much of the population is using a social network on a monthly basis) is around 40% across the globe and growing. About two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users access their social network accounts from mobile devices, with Facebook being the top smartphone app accessed. Video is a fun way of sharing information, not to mention easier for users to digest that information. Instead, they’re devices with apps that collect a user’s data and relay real-time notifications and feedback to them, and people are loving it. All that’s required is making some tweaks to their existing mobile app to fit their own wearable design.
Its CEO said he knew only making fitness trackers would put him out of business within the next year, so recently Misfit partnered with Pebble to make the Misfit app and its algorithm technology available on a Pebble smartwatch.

Partnering with other companies to give customers exactly what they need is one way of adapting. I think that analytics tools will be a large part of the equation as well, since it is vital to know how mobile plays into the customer journey. Within the past couple of years, the number of people using YouTube for mobile has increased from a mere 6% to 40%.
Google is surely going to add social media as an integral part of their monitoring campaign, and it is obvious that Google+ is going to be the key platform. With Google tightening its grasp on website content quality, you need to develop a content strategy that will work for your website.
So to ensure maximum success in the future, you need to focus entirely on paid campaigns basically PPC. SEO is going to take a much more converging role with various other mediums which are going to impact Search Engine Results Page display.
Surveying marketers in 2013, a year in which the Digital Advertising Alliance released mobile privacy guidelines, that number nearly halved to 22 percent.
More apps are out there than people can handle, causing a serious case of mobile app burnout. This app shows Starbucks understands its customers needs because it makes life easier for every on-the-go Starbucks customer by helping them more quickly get in and out with their coffee, not to mention a chance at free stuff which all customers love.
Because video is such a strong mobile traffic driver, businesses need to start producing awesome video content. Now instead of a sports band, users can wear a regular-looking watch and with one glance can see the time, their number of steps and other activity the Misfit app tracks. But the best way of being prepared and adapting to these changes is staying up to date with the mobile industry, taking the time to really understand mobile trends and making mobile a top priority. No question that consumer have different behaviors when using a mobile device versus a laptop or desktop computer so real-time insights (as you mentioned) are huge. Getting top quality, fresh, unique and user friendly content on the website must be the priority, no matter what business you are running. For instance, you can use paid traffic on YouTube to siphon some traffic back to your site, paid Facebook campaigns, as well paid campaigns on content sites such as stumble upon. A good example of this can be put in the form of combining SEO tactics with social integration.
With this happening, a business needs to make sure if they create an app for their consumers that they create a useful app their users can really connect with.
The year 2014 is going to be a year where the power of social media is going to strengthen further. In simpler words, we know that SERP results rely heavily on user reviews besides local listings. Therefore, you need to integrate them both as a part of your website optimization strategy. In addition, progress has evidently been made in the area of standard mobile metrics, as 31 percent of marketers cited it as a highly important challenge in 2011, with only 13 percent noting it in 2013.

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