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To get you started read our 2007 literature reviewed which provided us with the blue print from which TINO was first created.
You might find this shocking, but it’s the naked truth: I spend minimum 3 hours before I jot down the first phrase or idea. In depth DETECTIVE analysis (aka RESEARCH) – this is what 97% of aspiring (copy) writing gurus and bloggers neglect. But when you run the kind of RESEARCH I’m about to share with you next, you’re opening the gates to unlimited wealth. You see, the VAST majority of writers, marketers and bloggers I hear about (and study) – and I encounter hundreds on a weekly basis as per my research approach – actually make hundreds of excuses that block them to spend quality time in researching.
Let me ask you something now: what do you think is the chance to write a high-quality article if you’re only spending 10 minutes (or less) on researching your topic, target audience needs and competitors’ content? In 15 minutes I’m able to find the latest trends, the hottest topics my target audience wants to learn more about, and more importantly – the key terms they’re typing in the searching engine and the stuff my competitors have already written about. I see marketers (newbies and veterans alike) rage all the time about the latest SEO tricks and software programs. I advocate for (smart) investing in your online business; you need to know where to spend your money, and WHEN – this is the best lesson you have to learn.
The best articles I write ignite from problem-focused key phrases like for example, if I’m writing on blogging topics, I do not write from the top of my head, without searching first the current problems my audience struggles with. Just think about it: you do not spend hours on web sites, forums and blogs of interest just because you like to entertain yourself for the fun sake. And if you think about it, this is what turns unknown people into pro bloggers, super star affiliate marketers and best-seller authors: the frustration that comes from their current live events and situations.
That is why you should ALWAYS start your (content) RESEARCH with the problem-solution aspect in mind and your readers will feel like you’re writing from the heart, like you’re speaking to them as you know each others from back in the Elementary. Marketers know that … “people prefer to buy from other people that they like, know and trust over complete strangers” and we both know how true that is! Your content talks to them, or not… and in depth research is what makes your content “WOW”! My competitors are not just bloggers who talk (or focalize) ON the topic or problem I want to write about. Neglect this step and you’re reducing your research power down to 50% and cut your writing quality (and its output) tremendously.
That is why my formula is different than the rest, and it “only” requires I invest at least 3 hours of in depth research – before I write a single phrase!
You have to understand that writing is not writing in itself; writing generates from RESEARCH.
And take this: the ideas (and problems) that you write about are more important than the actual data-typing or information-organizing.
Sometimes I interview experts (and I created a ton of info-products using this method) not only because I get to learn from the best in their fields, but because I can save a ton of time, effort and money, simply by getting expert-insights and asking them the right questions. I’d say and go to the extremes that NOTHING online should be taken care of without proper RESEARCH. And when you consult with (or have a mentor) someone who has already been through such aspects, you actually should be HAPPY to pay for his expertise and save yourself head aches, time and errors. Imagine me going nuts about research, sometimes investing up to 15 hours a WEEK when having to write an in depth viral blog post, PDF report or other related content which requires facts and credible sources, not just information. Neglect your competitors’ content and whatever they’re saying (on their blogs, sites, forums, books, videos, audios, white papers, etc.) and you neglect your target audience and potential customer base. My research phase includes reading comments on blogs, on forums and on consumer reviews sites such as Amazon , plus other industry-related outlets. Sometimes I get problem-oriented long-tail keywords (pure gems) just by listening to the crowd.
I like to consider that advertising is only 20% of marketing, and produces limited, short-term results (clicks or sales).
FACT: I now devote 100% of my time to writing, and connecting with the audience I want to reach, educate and inform through my content. Someone who has already been exposed to your content is 10x times more inclined to say YES promoting you and your stuff. I NEVER (should I repeat?) mean, NEVER… push the send button once I finish writing the content. The biggest mistake I see bloggers, writers and much everybody who creates content make: RUSH.
This is why I make sure to spend (at least!) 3 hours before I write a short e-mail, article or blog post. Before you hire your next content marketing specialist, make sure you refer them to this article. Maybe you've already been exposed to a ton of information about autoresponders (aka auto responders or automatic responder software) and you're confused.
This service shows sites advertising in Google AdWords, mapped on Google Maps by their addresses.
Competitive and market intelligence is essential for making key strategic decisions, and is obtained in part through online research. Better decision making through intelligence that is relevant, reliable, and of high quality.
Greater understanding of the competitive and market environment through intelligence obtained from targeted online research. The opportunity to exchange experience with competitive intelligence and research experts and peers from a range of industries.
Competence in conducting effective internet and online database research (open source intelligence).
Ability to tailor online search strategies in order to filter out irrelevant data and obtain valuable information. Knowledge of a wide variety of online research sources including social media and search engines. Four steps to effective secondary research: key intelligence topics (KITs), collection plan, research, and evaluation. Comparison of the most important search engines and meta search engines, and how to implement expert search strategies. What is DIY online market research and how can it improve marketing & business decisions? What is DIY online market research and how can it improve marketing & business decisions?

Without some form of online market research businesses and organizations of all sizes are throwing money at hunches or best guesses!
Market research can result in substantial cost savings for businesses and organizations of all sizes and provide the audience insights needed to set the direction when developing, changing or testing a product, service or communications strategy.
The ease of which you now have access to self-service (DIY) online research tool like GroupQuality® enables businesses for the first time to quickly capture their own actionable insights.
Market research is an important activity for every business regardless of the industry or size of the market. Market research allows business to gain insight into customers, trends, opinions, competitors and needs. Effective market research can result in substantial cost savings for businesses by providing clear direction. Online market research involves using online tools to ask questions and capture answers that will assist with marketing and sales.
Live (real-time) online focus groups, online website usability testing, and one-on-one interviews are examples of this type of data collection.
Quantitative marketing research, often associated with online surveys, derives its data from a much larger sample group. If you need more help, you can assist you in getting your projects underway and fill in the gaps wherever needed. Online focus groups bring participants together in an online environment to discuss topics, and share ideas and opinions, facilitated by a Moderator. Online community discussion board market research occurs in a secure environment where participants login and post comments on an online research discussion board in response to a specific topic.
Online surveys are perfect for validating ideas, measuring customer satisfaction, employee feedback, and even qualifying people to participate in discussion boards and live groups. A professional recruitment agency can assist in sourcing individuals for your group either from external audited research panel lists, or by helping you recruit from your own customer lists.
You can also include a link on your website to a short online intercept survey to capture participants, or by using twitter or Facebook to distribute a participant screening survey. What is an online market research community discussion board and how can I benefit from it? ContactGQTool Pty Ltd (GroupQuality) is an Australian company servicing clients around the world.
To help us better tailor our products to meet your needs we are asking you to take a micro survey. Learn how to conduct online focus groups to generate insights needed to make quick and accurate business decisions!
Amidst all of the talk about the declining effectiveness of advertising, and the corresponding rise in advertising avoidance, another point is starting to be more discussed: market research has the same problem. Online research was supposed to avoid some of that - no more telemarketers calling during dinner, no more cumbersome 20-page mail surveys. Almost all of our clients now rely on online research as their primary source of quant.  Anybody else a little bit worried about this turn of events? I sat opposite people who merrily ticked anywhere that sped up the process for Strongbow cider during quantitative research a while back Jason. The problem probably isn't one of online, nor is it an issue of eroding response rates.
You observed that the room went kinda spinny after your first sip - this is not an insight just your metabolism! Come on Charles - what happened in the Walkabout - apart from the usual debauchery that is?
If your recall was as lucid as mine you would know that I then met up with you at The Commercial Tavern later that evening although I was with some of my fellow ex HHCL people most of the night.
I think the problem's that people don't believe in the transparency of these surveys that make them so hard! The mighty desert is burning for the love of a bladeof grass who shakes her head and laughs and flies away.Do you like it? We are always seeking out current research and new policies that relate to young people, technology and health and wellbeing. The key aspect I want you to understand: there’s no need to pay for something extra if the free available tools accomplish your needs, right? I keep things simple and use the minimum to achieve my goals and keep costs down, while knowing where to spend the most time, effort and money to reap max. And only practice will teach you the fine art of business balance and marketing optimization. Let me say that people will listen to you (before they buy) ONLY if you connect to their needs through your content.
You cannot produce awesome, believable content, unless your input (RESEARCH) is awesome and comes from believable sources, correct?
You cannot email someone you don’t know and ask them to promote your product or help you for free on a (laborious) project.
Whenever I transfer my mind from the “writing” into the “editing” mood, I lose track, I lose inspiration. Sometimes you might find better ideas or angles to say the same thing with less or better words. The majority of people would prefer step-by-step information over the so-common web non-intelligible and non-organized content. This information combined with Google’s search terms is power for your content writing and marketing. But when you write, your content is exposed on the web, and sometimes in print (if you know how to do it). Content writing is 80% of marketing which produces the highest and best results of your investment (time and money). I spend ZERO on advertising because writing is what generates repeat, long-term customers, not hit-and-miss promotions.
I use Excel to SAVE this priceless data and save me time later when connecting with influencers to help spread the word about my content. I know have a “bad” habit: to email links only to someone that knows me, or that we talked previously. In depth research, practice and perseverance are the 3 key ingredients anybody who wants to cook up “wow” content has to mix before they achieve “instant” results.
These 'so-called' EXPERTS forget to teach you the … [Continue reading]SEMRush GEO Launched.

PPC fans and SEO professionals can now find AdWords advertisers and potential clients next door. However, due to the level of information available online, deriving relevant data can be challenging. Market research helps business gain invaluable market insight into market trends, consumer opinions, competitor weaknesses and customer needs. It is now possible for anyone to ask effective questions and capture answers to gain decision making knowledge quickly and cost-effectively. Often businesses only undertake research when starting out however market research should be a continual process as businesses grow, products and services change, competition increases and customer needs evolve. Traditional research methods can be time consuming, costly and result in reams of paper-based reports which take time to read, understand and action. It focuses on revealing people’s attitudes, behaviors, values, motivations and lifestyles influences.
Qualitative marketing research is great for gathering top line feedback, like what kind of thoughts, feelings, or associations consumers have with a product, service, brand or media channel.
More and more businesses of all types and sizes are using online research to gain valuable insight about their market.
Just as you do in a traditional focus group session but from the comfort of your own home or office via the Internet. Using GroupQuality®, you can easily create your online survey and either invite participants personally or distribute or advertise a link to a survey. This short survey which you can use to recruit people for your projects includes a preformatted question type in GroupQuality® to help you manage the people in the integrated panel manager. Learn how to recruit participants for online focus groups, community discussions and online interviews! P&G presented evidence of two identical surveys done a week apart, with the same supplier, which returned completely opposite results. If Strongbow marketing or their research agency had the courage they'd ask me what I observed in Croydon Walkabout PUb some months back. The same thinking that we do for communications around experience, engagement, utility and creating value needs to be applied to market research as well. I think all market researchers should be forced to actually participate in some market research from time to time - both to experience how boring and painful the process is, and to watch others laughing and skipping through the questionnaire. I work in market research and I think one of our challenges is to create relationships with clients whereby the researchers have the final say. According to a new review of existing research, scientists have yet to show conclusively that students learn better when they are taught according to their preferred modality—and the study’s authors say it’s time to stop funding a technique that hasn’t been proven effective. I wish that PRSA updates their test to fit the rapidity with which the community relations occupation is changing. So expect to find articles and reports on young people, health and wellbeing, technology and alcohol and other drugs.
In depth research; I have developed a simple yet powerful, unique formula that I use each and every time (before) I write something, be it a short email, article or blog post.
It seems like they don’t really have the time to look for what others have to say, they think they know it all.
Because people (my visitors and your readers) are always going to be facing obstacles and are always going to looking for new solutions.
You have to know to ask the right questions in a politely manner (whether by email, skype or phone) – and asking the right questions TAKES in depth research. That’s why I can easily sell free information for $10, $50 and even $149 because people are willing to invest in the time you took to arrange stuff people want to read. You want them spreading the world about your brand, your service, your content, and everything you have to say online and offline.
The Online Research for Competitive and Market Intelligence workshop from the ICI will provide you with an overview of the principles of online research, from determining the research issue to presenting the results. The most common uses of online research includes online surveys to measure customer satisfaction, or conduct live online focus groups to test new brand opinion, product packaging or website testing. GroupQuality® has been built with the knowledge included so anyone can use the powerful features to ask their own questions and capture the answers needed to make clear businesses decisions.
Online market research using GroupQuality® allows you to track and record results instantly, with top level responses and results available as soon as responses are received. A large enough sample to make accurate assumptions about all people in the target audience. GroupQuality® is the all-in-one online market research platform wrapped in the know-how to empower anyone to generate their own actionable insights! Online focus groups are divided into two main types, the more common chat based focus groups and the more recent webcam and audio based focus groups.
If more research were relevant and provided value back to participants, then more people would be participating. That’s why almost anybody can turn into a little “expert” on a topic if they take 3 or more hours to study a topic in depth.
I don’t have problems starting the writing, as I have enough quality research material on my hands.
I let my subconscious mind feed new thoughts and ideas and when it does, I go back and edit the text: add, rewrite or remove some words or phrases. You will learn how to obtain focused, comprehensive, and thorough results by effectively planning and conducting secondary research. This allows business to gain vital information about customers, products and markets before their competitors and at a cost and turnaround time that is hard to match. This form of research generally derives its data from a relatively small group of participants. In most instances it would be time consuming and costly to interview everyone in your target audience.
Unlike others, we make accessible both qualitative and quantitative research tools with the knowledge so anyone can ask effective questions and capture answers. You can also easily run reports to quickly see where responses are weighted and the comments as they are submitted.
An online survey made up of a sample of people from the larger target audience generally provides the information accuracy needed to make informed decisions about the whole audience, or population.

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