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Studies reveal that properly implemented search engine marketing leads to increasing revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to editing all the content and contextual elements on a website so that search engines can effectively index the site. I was never a friend of anything I couldn’t learn myself and I was definitely not ready to spend a fortune to someone changing whatever on my website to get seen by people and therefore have visitors (traffic) to my website. Search Engine Optimization is also called SEO and is a process to get better ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This optimization is nothing else but a signal to those crawlers that this website is more important and relevant than the competition. For you to be able to fully understand SEO, you need to understand first, how search engines work, find, scan and index your websites content. With over 20 billion pages on the web and many more released every day, you can see that these robots simply can’t keep up with the job.
With incoming links are those meant which come from websites to YOUR website and not the other way around. Of course it’s not all, but if you keep these three fundamentals in mind every time you write an article, you’re more than one step closer to page 1 of Search Engines.
Because of that, the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) were full of non-relevant pages on the first page or better, in the top 5. Bits and pieces, ok, but not sentence by sentence with a little switch here and a little word twist there. Search Engines will not only fall in love with your website and its content, they treat it in a special manner and put it on the first page of every SERP. Quality, engaging content, links directing back to YOUR website, keyword relevance and the readers find what they’re searching on your website is how SEO works. When this traffic happens, just make sure you keep your readers happy and provide them exactly what you’re looking for.
Not familiar with SEO?  In fact, most people have no idea how search engines like Google figure out which websites rank at the top and which are completely ignored.
In short, search engine optimization or SEO is the art and science of making your website as easy to find by the search engines as possible. SEO is arguably THE most important factor when it comes to creating a profitable and successful online presence because without it, no matter how cool your website or how earth-shatteringly amazing your product or service is, if no one can find you in Google, then its all for nothing. Well lets say you are a dentist in San Mateo, California and you want to grow your business. However if your business website is not appearing on the first page of search results, then potential customers are going elsewhere for their dental services. Additionally, it has been shown that for people that are searching for local business services online, 61% of them make a buying decision on that search!
Now more than ever before is it vitally important for businesses to have excellent exposure on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
To gain relevance for your website, the content on your website needs to be related to the search terms or keywords your potential customers are entering into the search box. Poor SEO means that these back-links, in spite of being placed in over 1400 domains, and 11,000 websites run by 56 agencies, fail to appear on the first or second page of the Google Search Engine.
A recent research highlights the facts that the organization or companies which are SEO enabled are more likely to have visible results than those who lack it. The aim of conducting this research was to find out whether Panda and penguin are efficient in reporting the negative impact reported by SEO.
In a research conducted, it was found that if you hold a rank in top 30 for a keyword at one spot, you won’t rank for the same keyword on any other spot. From 2,000 divisions over 20 sectors which are sampled in 10 different sites – had a constant rank in SERPs.
SEO and Usability work together, it’s important to provide a great user experience to the visitors but also focus on traffic generation through SEO and other channels.
Keywords and close matches are important to SEO, and if there are multiple keywords, multiple domains work better, under the Exact Match Domain update of Google. In essence, you are trying to get a hyperlink to your website placed in the first or second page of results of the Google Search Engine, so as to get adequate traffic on your website. The basic idea is that your website should provide adequate information to users, so your page must also have out-going links to other websites, but not more than 30. Defining the Standards of SEO Solutions ESEO experts know what it takes to make your business stand out in the crowd.
Bringing your website to the leading position of search results- We are just concerned about that!
Google has recently updated its algorithms, and the stress on keywords has multiplied by many times. The steps in getting your business on the top of search engines are planned by ESEO Solutions with panache. There are some rules on which search engine optimization technology works such as selection and placement of certain keywords in your content, proper use of tags, link building, link wheel and back linking etc.
Search Engine Optimization is the process that helps better designing of your website so that it can be optimized well by the search engine. The most important thing to notice about SEO marketing is that it is one of the best ways for exposure of your business to relevant stakeholders.
SEO is a kind of internet marketing solutions and when it is compared with other online marketing solutions such as Pay per Click, E mail marketing and affiliate marketing etc. Black hat SEO is an aggressive technique that focuses on search engines rather than the humans doing the searching. Unlike black hat SEO, search engines do not frown upon the more ethical white hat SEO tactics.
All in all, white hat SEO tactics lead to the best user experience of your site, without the risks attached to black hat techniques.
Here at Integrity Marketing & Consulting we consider ourselves as a White Hat SEO agency and use only the industries best practices. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine’s un-paid organic search results. Google takes into consideration how active you are on external social media websites and weighs that against your competitors in its results. On-site SEO: This is basically anything that you’d do to your own site to generate more relevant search engine traffic. Off-site SEO: This is essentially a variety of things that would be classified as “link building” such as guest blogging, link outreach and producing share-worthy content. Choosing the right SEO strategies – those that make the most sense for your business — is the first step to a successful campaign. On-site content: The content appearing on your Website is the foundation on which you can build the rest of your SEO strategy.
On the other hand, if your content needs exceed the capabilities of your staff, options include outsourcing to a content provider or hiring a dedicated staff writer. Overall link building strategy: There are a variety of methods that can be used to drive traffic and links. Guest blogging: Guest blogging is a widely-used strategy for both networking and linkbuilding. Content creation and linkbait: This category includes case studies, white papers, list posts, edgy blog posts, infographics, webinars, and all the content pieces that can be used to grab attention and encourage social sharing.
Do you have a large site that targets a number of different keywords on a variety of different pages?
What types of content resources do you have available (who has the ability and bandwidth to write a blog post, an in-depth article, etc.)? Do you have any programming resources available internally (someone who could potentially build a simple widget designed to attract links or make updates to the site that would benefit SEO)? Obviously in areas that are logical for you to focus on where you have adequate resources you can get those internal resources to work for you.
Perhaps the most important thing for SMBs to remember about SEO is that they should be a more tortoise and less hare. So true – especially after the Penguin update where doing plenty of spammy SEO work can actually be detrimental to you. I was nailed by Penguin because I made some awesome visit-worthy sites, but all of my external SEO ended up working against me… sad day. We see literally dozens of guest post requests a week, and only a miniscule percentage make it through our criteria for guest posting. Without getting organic traffic to your websites, you literally won’t get a comment, share, subscription or sale online. Once indexed, search engines use proprietary, secret formulas to “rank” the site based on searchable keywords. We helped numerous clients in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston harness their SEO potential for great results. Search engines constantly evolve due to ever-changing algorithms and the development of new features. This is a very important way to increase traffic (visitors) to your website without spending a dime.
In other words, the better your website is optimized, the higher the chances are that your content will climb up in ranking. It results in websites and content not being seen, indexed and ranked for days, weeks or even months. Besides relevance to the search term, there are three core fundamentals which are very important and are checked by search engine robots before anything else.
I mean, would you use “How to train a dog” in an article about “When is the new iPhone being released”? The more links refer BACK to YOUR website, the more it tells those robots how important and relevant your websites content is. I’ve included this fantastic Infographic “Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors” (used with Permission from SearchEngineLand) to show you everything those robots look at when they do their algorithm to rank and index websites.
The titles of the articles, subtitles within those articles, tags, image descriptions, media files and even how many links refer back to your page and the source of those back links. Images are great on your blog as they help us humans to visually connect with your content (yes, people are visual). As I said, search engines got wise to it and changed their algorithm in a way, it would simply amaze you.

It’s easy to apply and if you create all your articles just like that, Search Engines are going to be in love with your website and show this by ranking you high in the SERPs.
SEO is nothing else but quality writing, sharing your content socially and pick relevant keywords to write about.
Of course they can be a real asset to your business and give you an even better boost, or lets say a quicker boost in relevant traffic to your website, but it’s not needed because you can apply everything on your own without spending a dime. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. And when you make it easy for the search engines to find you…then your potential customers find you as well. As a result, they are going to have a very hard time finding your site and learning about what you do.  the truth of the matter is, the last time YOU did a search on Google for anything, when did you ever go to the second page of search results? Every time a person enters any of these keywords into the search box, the search engine (and Google is the best at this right now) combs the Internet in a millionth of a second to serve up the web page or website they deem is most relevant and authoritative for your search. However, the relative invisibility of these sites can be blamed on poor Search Engine Optimization.
On top of that, these websites involve a huge cost that can be recovered only through substantial traffic on the Government sites. Often people think that it is just another tool of marketing social media but in reality it is much deeper and useful than that. It attracts more traffic to websites, and thereby, increases the website’s search position. The method is to compare year over year and month over month downstream in the click volume on Google which is separated by verticals. In a survey conducted in the early 2012, it was found that 54% voted for Panda in order to find which of the Google’s search changes had cause change in their business. It’s important that that common SEO practices are implemented regardless of the usability. If you have a successful website on WordPress which goes well with Search Engine Optimization then your problem is solved. Another point of confusion is whether Country Code Top Level Domains (cc TLDs) are a better choice as compared to Generic Top Level Domains (g TLDs). It also depends on whether these exact match keywords are topic authorities or brand names, or simply represent the ones who got the domains early enough to be prominent. It is important that the employees be disciplined and regular in their work and not fall into the habits of excessive eating or consuming too much alcohol, definitely not when at work.
Relevance is the key, and it is necessary to make sure that your website is under the same category as the hyperlink that points to your website. Such pages are considered irrelevant and can affect your link and search engine optimization in a negative way.
Our services are customized as per the needs of a particular website, and for that, our SEO experts undertake SEO analysis for your website. We undertake in-depth keyword research and make a list of the targeted keywords before starting our SEO efforts. We believe in the concept of content enrichment and use the same with other SEO tactics such as meta tag management, keyword optimization, cross-channel promotion and link building.
It is well known that around 90% of the traffic to a website is directed by major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
No matter, what is your idea to work behind your business or what kind of responsibilities you have towards your business at the initial stage, any of the effective tools such as Search Engine Optimization can offer you the way to increase and fasten the growth of your business. A variety of points involved in SEO are good to catch awesome traffic of relevant stakeholders so that they can view your services and take actions to hire your services or buy the products. When you are interested in target traffic and uninterrupted flow of customers’ views, it is the best thing you should opt that will ensure success of your site.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is simply that: the practice of optimizing your content so that search engines can find it.
In this video Rand covers most of the fundamentals of understanding how the search engines work. This is code created so the content seen by the search engine will be different than the content seen by the user. Hidden text is exactly that: text that the reader cannot see on the page, but that search engines will definitely pick up. This means a long list of keywords and key phrases is packed together without any formatting, simply to grab the attention of search engines. SEO is a general term that encompasses the process of ranking different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and website search. Having a more active and current Facebook, Blog, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter page can give you the extra edge you need over your competitors in a google search result. There’s so much information out there, much of it conflicting, making it nearly impossible to drill down to the right strategies you should be employing. This includes specific on-page elements such as title tags, image ALT tags, meta descriptions, internal linking strategies, as well as technical SEO (i.e. If your site has a relatively small amount of content and is targeting a smaller basket of keywords that are highly relevant to your business, after you get the basics in place with regards to on-page SEO your focus will likely be on building links to help rank for your core terms. This is followed by the decision between managing these tasks in-house and outsourcing to an SEO agency.
It’s also possible to maintain production in-house and outsource to an editor to refine content before publishing. This is one task not easily managed in-house, unless you’re already employing an SEO specialist or developer knowledgeable in SEO best practices. One of the most effective that is also highly useful for branding and thought leadership is content marketing.
The process involves outreach, pitching and producing content appropriate for placement on related websites.  Guest blogs are often used as a way to establish thought leadership and brand awareness, so informative posts coming from a CEO or other high-level executive have a bigger impact.
Infographics should almost always be outsourced unless you employ a skilled graphic designer, while the other tasks can be managed either in-house or via outsourcing depending on the skill level required and the technical level of the content. If so your focus should likely be on technical SEO issues and internal linking and information architecture. If so you’ll want to find a way to build links into specific pages, likely spending more of your efforts – particularly your ongoing efforts – on content marketing and link building.
If you’re lacking in the areas that you’ll want to dedicate the most attention to, however, (if your focus should be on technical SEO but you lack technical resources, for instance) those would be areas where you’d want to consider outsourcing. Time spent perfecting a keyword assignment, generating titles, metas, H-tags, alt tags and top notch content is by far the best way to improve the search engine friendliness of a site. I would love to be able to throw money at the internet and tell everyone to visit but that’s not particularly practical.
Remember the goal of all search engines is to show the best sites for a particular query – the ones that provide the most value to a searcher.
If you want to make more money or sales from your websites, focus on SEO.What is SEO?SEO can be elaborated as Search Engine Optimization, it simply means, optimizing your blog posts or web pages for the search engines to bring more visitors to your sites. After indexing and ranking a website, search engine users who search for relevant keywords receive a link to the website.
Changing markets and new players constantly invest in new SEO strategies that also affect the rankings of a website. A little code here, some article embedding there, throw an image in the mix, upload it and it’s live.
I’m going to break it all down for you and before you know it, you tell to yourself, that this is so easy, even a kid can do this.
That’s right, SEO is applied to attract relevant visitors to your website in a natural, organic and unpaid way. I’d like to focus on the three major ones – Google, Bing and Yahoo, because they make 99% of all search results.
If you have a business website and your content falls into the “I scan it later” category, this can literally break your website’s neck and therefore your success will take much, much longer. Another big step which brings you closer to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
The prettiest picture won’t impress the smartest robot if you don’t add a relevant description to the image, preferably with the keyword search term. Yes, they’re just bots which have been programmed, but the programmers are humans and they made sure that their robots work just like the humans told them to. When I write my articles, I always do this with the intention of applying SEO with every word, every phrase and every paragraph, in a natural, engaging and quality way. Create back links in a social manner and use search term relevant keywords in your article’s title and within your text and those hearts pop up because of YOUR website and its content.
Keep them in mind for later when your revenue made by your website allows you to hire the pros. The content on your website must be easily found, but it must be relevant to the search engine queries your customers enter.
Not only does this reduce the traffic on these sites greatly, but also, fails its purpose of ensuring transparency in the US Governing system. As a result, inaccessibility to information makes the citizen feel that the Government is inactive and unresponsive. That is the reason the organizations who have taken up the approach have reported that they have gained much more success in influencing people because of the credibility factor related to it. In the early days, while SEO helped people to find you out, social media assisted you in appealing the people in a better way.
He then designed a customized quantifier GOCT with the help of comScore search planning data to calculate the negative changes in the Google click. However, if this is not the case then you need to search for the platform which is healthy for your needs, still holding the facility of being SEO friendly. Multiple domains also create a particular niche on the web for sites that do not wish to compete with similar content on a single domain umbrella website. Keeping these in perspective, there is an acute need for a good work culture in this industry that requires sharing data and information among colleagues. The health and well-being of employees is of utmost importance, so temperance is more than just a virtue; period.
Acquiring quality backlinks is quite a task, since there are a lot of factors that affect the search engine rankings of any website.
With so many searches being made every hour, your business needs to exploit the potential of reaching the targeted customers.

We take time to understand and evaluate the search engine friendliness of a website, to devise strategies that can yield practical results.
We take time to find every possible keyword that is related to your website and can be optimized. Our proven SEO techniques will bring traffic for your website and retain the same for churning business. When you get better rankings in the search engines, you get better traffic, and there lies the prospective of turning your visitors into your customers. Primary and secondary keywords, title tags, back linking, link wheel and organization of content properly on website are some points on which this system works.
Whether you talk about planning authority in niche or looking for the easiest way to hike ranking of your site in search engine dramatically, SEO is the strategy suggested by experts of internet marketing. There are a number of ways to strategize your SEO approach, and some of them are in good practice, while some are not. These pages exist solely to spam search engines with keyword phrases, and then will redirect visitors without their knowledge through the use of cloaking. Optimization involves strategizing the structure and wording of your content for better positioning in search engines. Every time you type something into Google it does its best to show you the highest ranking result to match your search. In this post I’ll try to walk through several of the considerations you should be taking into account in determining which SEO tactics to prioritize for your business. Here’s a breakdown of the main strategies falling under each category and how to determine what tactics will make the most senseyou’re your business.
If your business involves highly technical information, and you have someone on staff with both the bandwidth and the skills to produce quality content, it makes more sense to retain content production in-house. That said, for many smaller content sites a periodic SEO audit can be effective in keeping your site up to date with best practices without having to retain an SEO on an on-going basis. You’ll want to spend some time thinking about the different types of content creation and promotion that will be the most efficient and effective for your business, and consider how best to use your resources to execute a content marketing strategy. Still, it’s possible to have posts ghostwritten if you don’t have the capabilities to produce it in-house.
Add in a fresh blog post on at least a weekly basis, as well as the right internal linking set up, and the site will be ready to receive the full benefit of a linking strategy whenever the budget becomes available.
Internet marketing has become so competitive that one way or other spammer find their way in. SEO can be divided into two major factorsOn-page SEO andOff-page SEOOn page SEO includes your content, keywords, internal links, meta description etc.
By investing in a long-term Off-Page SEO strategy, companies can stay ahead of their competitors regardless of changes. Now all I need to do is to wait a couple of days and my website is going to explode with visitors. They detect new websites, new articles and changes to articles, which have been already published. So, doing proper research to find relevant keywords for your article is where the magic is. Every article should have a keyword based frame, in other words it needs to be relevant to the keywords you’ve researched for it. Many before you abused this system with false backlinks, re-written content of other people, etc.
In other words, you NEED to write in your own words and don’t simply re-write your research.
Also the other essential factor of the progress of online marketing is the evolution of the concept of search from a simple to a much more intricate form. Hence, in order for veterans to create an effective workplace environment for the ones new to the industry, it is necessary to give importance to the 5 virtues given below. With our Search engine optimization strategies, your business will lead the search results. Our team works dedicatedly towards keyword and competition analysis for ensuring the expediency of SEO plan.
We have always believed that converting traffic to business has a lot to do with your website planning and design.
With our customized Search Engine Optimization services, you can take your business to the forefront of search engines, to ensure visibility to customers.
SEO is one of the well known Google policy applied automatically by the search engine for optimizing the quality and worth of your contents online to offer them good visibility.
One of the most important things to know about SEO technique is that it is simpler and more comfortable task to be carried out in comparison to other online marketing solutions.
Most reputable businesses and online companies will use the former, referred to as “white hat SEO,” including Integrity Marketing & Consulting!
Disreputable companies use black hat SEO for quick financial gain, rather than catering to users themselves for long-term investment in their content. On-site SEO is important for any Website, but may be more or less valuable depending on the type of site you have – for instance this should often be the primary focus for larger websites that have a lot of robust content, broad distribution “built in,” and already have a lot of authority and trust with search engines (such as news sites).
But as your audience grows you may find that you need more frequent updates, so you may choose to outsource to an agency. This could be as simple as periodically publishing well-thought out articles and infographics, or it could be as complex as publishing multiple posts a day and adhering to a strict editorial calendar.
If your website is not listed in the Top 10 on the results page of major search engines, then you are losing business to your competitors. It was around two years after my website went live as I came across webmasters talking about SEO. Putting that keyword already in your article’s title or even better, it is your article’s title, is a big step closer to higher rankings.
Crawls your website even more frequently and thanks to all the social sharing, you’ve got quite a few links going back to your website. Once you’ve got the ball rolling with some tweaks here and there, your website is going to climb high in rankings and that will reward you with massive traffic. How must the Government ensure that every Government website is treated by every public domain as a good potential landing page? Design and SEO folks have to work together to find the best approach in order to provide a usable, fast, lightweight design, ready to compete with others in the search engine results. The reason is that you cannot use the same marketing techniques as you used for your simple website. We, at ESEO Solutions, have designed and devised SEO strategies that promise to bring your business in the limelight, where your targeted consumer base will be able to find your business with every search. Keyword mapping has been a core strategy that we have used for all our SEO clients, and they are more than satisfied with the results.
Our SEO experts can work in coordination with your web developers, to ensure that your website looks appealing and has the relevant content matter to hold the customers. In fact, no online business can survive in the absence of SEO in the current internet competition. The flipside of white hat SEO is called “black hat SEO,” which can sometimes yield short-term positive results – at a cost.
The tactics delineated below are highly frowned upon by search engines and may even result in a penalty or ban of your webpage.
Additionally, sites that regularly post new quality content are more likely to gain regular readers, because they tend to become known resources on their subject of expertise.
Like on-site content, if the blog content is highly specialized, it’s probably better to keep it in-house. If a person has been continuously focusing on quality, these updates aren’t going to matter a lot.
SEO is lifeblood for most successful online businesses including the legendary ecommerce websites like Amazon, Apple, eBay etc. If a visitor goes to your website and clicks away from it within seconds, chances are he didn’t find what he was searching for and the robots will know that. If your new design is expansive then you need to build more links, to much more promotions of the new features. Without the help of search engines, all those BIG websites wouldn’t be making millions of dollars in income every year.SEO is essential for your online business because most people use search engines to buy products.
Every time you share your content socially, your fans, followers and even friends of friends and followers of followers will read it. Although, it may seem complicated but giving your website a new looks on regular intervals is a must-do thing. Typically the content from such link-driven requests is substandard compared to what other experts write, too. As online community is getting bigger day by day, you shouldn’t be neglecting the importance of SEO to increase your sales.SEO is cost effective and you can yield better ROI (Return of Investment) if you focus on your target customers while optimizing your web pages for specific keywords.
We turn down requests that are not about sharing expertise, but instead seem to be motivated by link building. However, you need to keep in mind that to know how to keep your website’s SEO updated you need to know the basics of the same. They spend time on finding buyer keywords for their websites, then they start writing posts accordingly.
So avoid using the repetitive keywords on your web pages, use relevant keywords instead to start getting quality traffic from search engines.Be aware of Google algorithm updatesVery often, Google comes up with various algorithm updates like Google Panda, Penguin, Google Hummingbird etc.
Which means your website traffic might suffer from these updates if your content is not search friendly.Don’t post copied contents on your websites, always focus on your readers and customers while writing posts, use proper keywords sparingly and you will get rewarding results from search engines. Before hitting the publish button your websites, make sure to use few keywords that your audience might type on Google.
It would be even better if you do a proper keyword research before writing your blog posts.As a good research and optimizing your blog posts for search engines (without keyword stuffing) can have a big impact on your search engine rankings. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail   Tweet FREE EMAIL UPDATESSignup to stay up to date with the latest news from Magazine3! Email: Subscribe What is Magazine3?Magazine3 creates WordPress Magazine & Blogging themes for a mass audience that are easy to use and setup.

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