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I wondered if people got good at surfing on Wavestorms so I did a quick search and found some videos of people actually surfing big waves. Phone guy, after working on the job for a few days got curious and checked the back room, and found the bodies.
The guy on the phone seems to be in the same restaurant as you and even experiences a threat from the same robots as you. He might already be dead and have recorded the messages during his shift hoping to deliver them to the next guy. Assuming the mascots are sentient and are not on an auto-cycle, there's a few ways this could go: 1. The song Freddy plays (about loving your dangerous job) doesn't refer to the player character or Freddy himself.
On every night, he's calm and downplays the danger in an attempt to lull you into a false sense of security, or at least prevent you from fully grasping the severity of the situation.
On Night 1, he takes a relatively long time to mention that the animatronics will kill you, opting instead to chat about how he used to have your job and why the robots are moving and read off a company required greeting (which does mention death, but he's sure to remind the guard he has nothing to worry about immediately after reading). On Night 2, he tries a different strategy by confusing you on the way to deal with a specific character.
On Night 3, he tries to get a bit psychological by implying others have died in your position (then denying it), then implying that the horror you've already gone through gets worse, both in an attempt you get you jumpy enough that you screw up. On Night 4, he tries to once again draw your attention to the danger, this time by making you listen to a friend be killed in the same way you may be, once again trying to worry you enough to make you slip up.
On Night 5, he's pretty much out of options and uses his last desperate idea; a garbled, messed up, seemingly incomprehensible message solely meant to be confusing and scare you. The animatronics are the actual security guards of the building - they attack you because they think you've broken into the building, but they take a while to do so, because they're made to entertain children and thus give you a chance leave of your own free will.
Among the symptoms of damage to the frontal lobe are excessive risk-taking (which just about defines this job), an inability to display appropriate emotions (including fear), and a reduced ability to retrieve information from their memory (including confabulation — the tendency to recall false information as true). When the Phone Guy died, he was stuffed into the same suit he used to kill the children with. Assuming the game takes place in 1998 (which is a likely year according to the wiki), and assuming that Phone Guy was killed in 1987, this means that our dear friend was living this fate for eleven years. Possibly jossed by Golden Freddy's presence in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 since Phone Guy was still alive then. He was just so good at covering his tracks that CSI techniques at the time weren't enough to convict him, and they ended up convicting another suspect. As for who Phone Guy is in the trailer, it could be a twin brother or something, who isn't nearly as screwed up as his now deceased sibling, hence the warnings about "making a poor career choice" and commissioning the creation of the new animatronics. Jossed, as Phone Guy acts relatively normal until Night 6 when the children murders apparently occurred, followed by the Bite of '87 the next day.
Not that the animatronics couldn't kill him, but perhaps Mike DID check the costumes and found the Phone Guy clinging barely to life (tying in with the WMG lower down the page that being stuffed doesn't instantly kill you), at which point he was taken out before the place opened up (but after 6 AM) and given medical attention. The wiki notes that Phone Guy remarking on your "new summer job" on the First Night of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 despite your weekly paycheck in the same game revealing that it's early November. Actually, no matter where you go, November is not a summer month, in the north it's fall, in the south it's spring. Guy is a French last name, and there are a number of Vietnamese names that are like Phone (Phan, Phong). Because we never actually see Phone Guy in the flesh and the only way he communicates to the player is through the phone, just like Ness's dad.
On his death, he was stuffed into a Freddy suit and is trying to warn you but can only manage to say IT'S ME in Freddy's voice, as he's in a Freddy suit, before he's prevented by the other spirits from warning Mike. I mean he's been working the Night Shift for a while now, at least three weeks because he says he's "finishing up his last week right now, as a matter of fact" implying he's been there for more than two weeks and at the most a decade, so why is his position opening up when he's so experienced? The reason he kept coming back despite knowing every possible reason to not was because he knew the missing children and at some point found out they possessed the animatronics. They are either insane or tend to show off if you choose the highest settings on Custom Night. Any normal, sane human being, even a hobo who doesn't have any money at all, would know better than to repeatedly come back to Freddy Fazzbear's Pizza for $4 an hour after the shit that happens on the first night alone. Mike realizes just how fucked up the situation is and that if Freddy and his friends were allowed to do as they please, either some other security guard would be mulched or their free-roam might take them outside the pizzeria due to no one within to target. He might be under a contract, and the owners of Freddy Fazzbear's are already shown to be neglectful, persistent about their image, and utterly non-caring towards the fates of their employees.
Whatever is happening in the pizzeria, especially with the freaky hallucinations and however one can interpret Golden Freddy, has essentially hypnotized Mike into returning time and time again, taking it out of his hands as a matter of sanity and more of a forced impulse to keep bringing himself to the point of likely death. Mike is effectively meant to be you, and thus the reason he keeps returning for five nights, or even potentially seven, isn't because of a suicidal desire or any of the reasons above; it's because ''you'' keep playing on to continue and try to beat the game.
Another possibility is a common trope to horror movies: Mike doesn't go back to this hellhole place. Mike is actually hallucinating all of the game, and he's the sole survivor and witness of what happened to the five children whose bodies were never found. There are four animatronics trying to kill the player character, but there were five missing kids. The reason the player character never gets out of his (supposed) chair is because, in reality, he's tied down in an asylum. The player character is coping with his survivor's guilt, and the animatronics' shoving him into the suit means he retroactively experiences their fate and absolves himself of his survivor's guilt. The Phone Guy is actually Schmidt's therapist trying to make the hallucinations seem to be not as malignant as Schmidt thinks, probably because he's trying to convince Schmidt that they (the murdered kids) would not have wanted Schmidt to have died in the pizzeria. In the hallucination, the pizzeria files missing persons reports, because that's what they actually, legitimately did when the kids went missing in the pizzeria.
Another possibility is that Mike is really working at the pizzeria in the first game, being there as a means of facing his inner demons and the trauma he suffered as the sole survivor of the Purple Guy. Mike is investigating Freddy Fazbear's because of the recent string of disappearances of security guards as well as the Bite of '87 and the missing children, with specific instructions that if he dies the police will swarm the place and arrest anyone they can.
The robots are real and terribly programmed, but the hallucinations, Golden Freddy, the robots talking next to the door, the messed up final phone call, are all in Mike's head.
In addition, whenever Golden Freddy appears, and "kills" you, it is actually Mike going fully insane and willingly stuffing himself inside the Golden Freddy suit. After either escaping or being released from jail, he takes the security guard job because he can't find work anywhere else.

Perhaps the reason Mike got a job at Freddy Fazbear's was to find out the circumstances under which his relative nearly died. The many changes throughout the building relating to the kids' deaths is a result of Mike's repressed grief trying to surface by remaining in the location of his relative's death combined with the sheer danger of the job. Hogan also suffered a string of seemingly unrelenting and very public personal lows from 2007-2012. In what could arguably be called his comeback, Hogan seemed to invest all his energy into Hogan’s Beach.
As I sat down to eat next to a table of 20-plus patrons in the midst of what I can only describe as an NRA meet-up, I realized just what it took for this living icon to complete this venture.
It was easy to imagine how this Tampa hotspot transformed into the place to be for people like this on weekend nights.
How could a man who seemingly put do-rags on the market for white people suddenly discriminate against his clientele for wearing them? On the 4th night he's implied to be in the backroom with the costumes yet you can never see him on any of the camera leads.
The restaurant might be delivering them to you now to either mess with you, make you let your guard down (because it seems that there's somebody else in the building who can assist you), or maybe he never existed at all.
The fact that he denied any danger was because the company was breathing down his neck about it, and then they wouldn't let the messages play. By the time he gets to the killing, he's already assured you that everything's fine twice (he does it once more before the call ends). More specifically, he mentions Foxy gets more active the less you look at him (implying you should look at him), then "I guess he doesn't like being watched" (implying you shouldn't look at him). He then brings up a strategy that actually does work (to an extent; Freddy will wait longer to kill you, but it won't make him leave you alone) and then dismisses it, giving you another pretty scary possibility to think about (having a metal skeleton stuffed in you) while simultaneously making it unlikely you'll use the effective tactic. He's also hoping you'll be distracted by the scary yet hard to stop listening to (morbid curiosity) message (see Markiplier's let's play, where he gets killed by Foxy because he was too busy listening to the phone to think about checking on him).
He's hoping that the call, which seems distinctly unrelated to the animatronics and adds a new level to what's going on, will up the ante with the scariness, though he doesn't hold out much hope, since you've already gotten this far. Phone guy is solely responsible for hiring you, but he doesn't actually work there anymore.
Many have theorized that was a separate bite, and a lot of fans are starting to believe it.
His ghost is now stuck inside Golden Freddy until someone figures out the truth behind the pizzeria. There are, however, some differences in Golden Freddy between games, which can be argued as it being a different Golden Freddy in each game or by Phone Guy's spirit altering its behavior somehow (possibly he partially possesses it along with whatever originally drove its behavior).
That is how he is alive in the sequel, and how he appears to know so much about the animatronics. Going by MatPat's logic, Five Nights is a prequel, which means Phone Guy was actually killed on Night 4 in the first game. The only ones who knew were the murdered children, and this whole setup was just to keep the possessed robots from targeting him. He has always been very shy, or damage to his frontal lobe caused his personality to change (from a very outgoing and affectionate guy).
It seems he developed his timidness in 1987 out of horror at what keeps happening at his beloved Freddy's. It goes on to note that early November would be considered late fall in the Northern Hemisphere, but would indeed be considered the start of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
The occasional "laughter" you hear in the security booth is also not laughter, it's the Phone Guy in a muffled kind of suffering, still using Freddy's voice. Even Fazbear's isn't stupid enough to fire a man who is good at a job that would cost them a lot of money for every person they had to replace thereafter (which is implied to be a lot).
Rather, the death scene we witness at the end of the 3rd game was Phone Guy's death on the 4th night of the first game; his final recording wasn't at all dissimilar to the events that played out in the minigame where the Purple Guy dies. In this case, Springtrap isn't the original killer like we'd assumed, and he only tries to kill the player character in the third game due to his insanity. You're a lone guy working an overnight shift in relative darkness with robots free-roaming around the place.
It's all just a ploy to get some free labor by freaking out the employee so they'll be too afraid to come back. You are the reason you're being subjected to this hell on earth within a children's pizza joint. Of course, it must be fucking awesome pizza to keep him coming back to a job where Cruel and Unusual Death is so common that "we have to shovel your remains into a bucket and clean up the resturant before we do the legal paperwork" is the stated company policy.
It may be that their bodies were simply disposed of in a mundane manner and then the killer was caught before he could kill the last survivor and decided to torment the kid's parents by acting like he killed that one, too. We never see him sit down to start work or get up to leave, nor do we ever see him reach for the phone (on the first day before he knew about the animatronics' desire to kill him). They're shown as the Bigger Bad, because Schmidt thinks they had something to do with the incident, since it happened in their restaurant and the culprit wore a Freddy Fazbear suit.
And if the possibility that players are playing as an older Mike Schmidt in F Na F 3, then that means he's back again to protect another person from the same psychological trauma he suffered from working at the pizzeria, and that his mental facilities has gotten worse over the years (which would account for the phantom jump scares). Alternatively, Mike is in Hell or has gone insane and is being tortured by the spirits of the children he killed. Perhaps this lost loved one took a chance and tried to finally expose the depth of their and their friends' tragic fate, looking for ways to communicate with their older relative, by altering just what he sees. His first restaurant, Pastamania, was located in the Mall of America and closed less than a year after opening. There was the messy divorce from his wife Linda in 2007, in which it was reported that he turned over 70 percent of the couples liquid assets to her (no word on who got to keep the couple’s Thunder Mixer). A $5,000 cash prize will be awarded to the best-dressed contestants in the sexiest, scariest, and totally 90s categories. This restaurant seems to be his way of grasping at his glory days, trying to remain the Hulk Hogan we knew and loved back then, but I wish he would allow himself to retire his do-rag and maybe jet ski up to someone else's beach. The Phone Guy recorded four days of audio full with false information and placed it in a place where the new guy would be sure to find on the first day.
Freddy himself is either unwilling to participate at first or he's SUPER dedicated to freaking out Mike.
He's not very happy at losing his job, and so is trying to get the new guy killed out of a hope that management would realize he's the best for the job and can't be replaced.

As a semi-final desperate grasp, he asks you to check the back room, hoping you'll be stupid enough to do it during your work hours.
Phone guy is trying to sound terrified, but he's so excited by the suspense that he can't make himself sound more than a little timid. The reason why Golden Freddy doesn't shove Mike into a suit is because Phone Guy accidentally kills Mike by giving him a heart attack. On Night 4 he dies after the animatronics finally catch him, which he may have anticipated would happen one day. He's not actually scared of the robots because he's seen so many horror movies that he's used to scary things. It's possible that the game takes place in the Southern Hemisphere, but since the pay-rate in that game actually fits the U.S. What sounds like laughter is actually crying and other sounds of pain as he tries to break free to warn Mike. He doesn't seem to be being switched back to the Day Shift, because otherwise he wouldn't need to record anything- he could just tell Mike. He asks that Mike check the suits in the back because Phone Guy knows that the animatronics are blaming the murders on whomever the Night Guard happens to be, and he figures he's certain to die if the animatronics catch him; however, since he's somewhat of an expert on the spring suits, he might figure he knows enough about them not to trigger the springs by accident. Furthermore it would explain how Phone Guy would know some weirdly specific information about the Bite of '87. However, thinking of the time compression, they don't spend a large chuck of time actively going after you. Each of the frames of the animatronics in the game represent the kids, with Golden Freddy not having a frame because it's the costume meant for Schmidt (who always is shoved in a Freddy Fazbear suit). This would also explain why Springtrap was after you in F Na F 3: because you're Mike and the resurrected Purple Guy trapped inside the suit has some unfinished business with him. The obvious joke is that your overtime pay is only 50 cents, but considering you've already been paid for the week, the better assumption is that the check is for the single night, setting overtime pay at $20 an hour. And after passing on the George Foreman Grill franchise (before Foreman was attached), Hogan tried to make up for the loss by fronting a line of health-centric blenders called the Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer. Later that year, his son Nick was arrested at 17 for an illegal street race turned car crash that left his close friend, and former Iraq War veteran, braindead.
He fakes his death during the fourth recording when Freddy comes to visit him and he recorded backwards audio for the next three days. Every night you survive makes the odds they'll come to this conclusion less and less likely. He also neglects to mention the fact that Foxy even exists, and how you should use your door lights, which he claims are very important the next call.
Here's what happened: the Phone Guy tries to tell Mike the truth when he sees him (as he's the only one who knows), but every time he does see Mike, he goes berserk and screams Mike's name to get him to listen up (frontal lobe damage can lead to sudden aggressiveness). He knew, or had a very strong feeling, he was going to die, because the animatronics were getting more and more clever about knowing his methods of defending himself from them. While the kid's brother would certainly be told about the kid's frontal lobe having been destroyed, it seems unlikely, that a random employee would know about the precise damage done. It would be make more sense to ask "Why does he keep coming back" if they ganged up on the door, constantly banging on it, never leaving the space around the office and constantly staring at you.
And if it is Mike you are playing in the third game, you are helping him finally face the source of his psychological torment. The terms of the contract might make it so your first five nights have abysmal pay, but your paycheck after that becomes significantly larger as a result. A lengthy and expensive civil suit followed, and Nick spent six months in county jail before he was released on probation.
The storied of the five kids and the '87 Bite may or may not be true, but the Phone Guy uses them to enforce the notion that the mascots are lethal. In that scenario, Mike is a thrill seeker who believes there is real danger, but he would be severely disappointed if he ever found out the truth. Finally, he doesn't mention conserving energy until the last second, hoping you'll be using one of your devices through the call (who wouldn't want their doors shut or the lights on in a creepy pizzeria at night?) and draining power.
Unfortunately, the only thing that comes out of Phone Guy's mouth is an ear-piercing screech. At any rate, Phone Guy is probably from the Southern Hemisphere, born and raised, and his calling it Jeremy's "summer job" is him forgetting that Americans consider November part of fall. Consider how hardcore they are against Mike on just his sixth night, and think about how Phone Guy was there for at least three times as many nights. After the fifth day, the check Schmidt gets has the year written as "xx," which could be because it's not a real check and only in his mind.
It'd be a good system to weed out people too incompetent to survive the job while rewarding those competent enough to keep the death toll down. Then, in 2008, Hogan started a 19-month-long nightmare where he endured nine back surgeries and was told he’d never walk again. When they start getting frustrated and, perhaps, offended by Mike's avoidance of them, Freddy comes up with a plan to "greet" Mike and convinces the others to be more forceful and unpredictable. The Phone Guy's motivation can be anything from being an ass or because it amuses him to making a profit from Mike's experience. If the player character really is still a kid, then that could also explain the amount of money he gets, as he wouldn't know what a normal week's worth paycheck would look like. To top it all off, an embarrassing sex tape he made with his best friend Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife, Heather Clem, was made public in April of 2012.
Maybe he sells the video of the "game" as a comedy or horror film or Mike paid him for the job while he was looking for his thrills.
You KNOW it's just an attraction and you're not in danger, but it doesn't stop you from jumping and getting afraid.
Freddy still comes with a plan to trick Mike so the others can greet him when the others start complaining too much.
The phone guy's messages, the animatronics getting more and more persistent and spending more time getting close to the office? Maybe that's just the owners trying to get him freaked out enough that he won't come back and then they won't have to pay him.

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