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Many businesses continue to operate under the assumption that a website, a basic product offering or great brochure will bring profits and revenue to their bottom line. You already know the importance of product, price, placement and promotion, but none of that matters without people.
Whether your brand provides information products, consumer goods or services, one thing still remains the same: the most effective marketing is still word-of-mouth (WOM). WOM generates buzz and it gets passed along over and over and over again in a highly influential way. According to the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Survey: 90% of consumers said they trust recommendations from people they know, while 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online. It’s indicative that all forms of advertising retains certain level of pervasiveness to them.
A viral network: Social media has created a new instantaneous viral network, Facebook has more than 250 million users and Twitter has 20 million growing more than 1000% year over year. Now that you’ve got your killer message and a channel to distribute it, how do you get the viral network to be, well, viral?
In order to be trusted, you need to build influence on your audiences’ terms and be truly authentic in sharing and informing.  I’ve discussed being authentic before so I won’t get into the detail again, but recently I’ve found that there are some low level engagement that are both ineffective and deceiving. You simply have to apply those questions to your audience to start thinking about the meaning in your engagement. People can be impressed easily but that doesn’t mean they’ll act on it to buy your product or do what you’ve asked.  You’re audience can be your best word-of-mouth marketing campaign but that comes from within the quality of the engagement. As a marketer myself I understand the “selling” tactics but it only works best if you bring value to the connection and develop a consistent long-term relationship with your audience.
Why waste the time to reach out if you aren’t ready to have a meaningful conversation?
Conceptually, you are the center of the network universe and social media is the tool that enables you to build a community around a product or service in forging your brand’s marketing distribution channel. Whether you have a brilliant product or the perfect message, developing your channel takes time and precision while owning it takes relentless focus on your audience’s ongoing needs. The downside to the network is that it can work against you destroying your reputation just as fast.
If you want to be part of the decision making process, you need to be considered as a key opinion leader or resource.
Your customer will compare before they a purchase anyway so why not give them a reason to start liking you because you’ve willing to share the wealth.
The customers that give you feedback are often your most loyal customers so why not reward them by fulfilling a few of their suggestions.  Keep in mind that providing what they want should not be the main source of innovation, rather it’s a good starting point.
This can be seen by how Major League Baseball players are forgiven about steroid use if they admit their wrongdoing rather than lie about it.
In addition, when you show progress or improvement as a brand, your customer will empathize with you for the openness and sincerity. How are you improving your brand in social media?  What kind of success did you have with your social marketing efforts?
Hello Eric, you have put together a laser targeted and brief summary of the Social Media potential. Therefor these points you have mentioned in your article are essential to be taken into account for any business to drive interested and potential clients to and expand the visibility and trust of a business.

My guess is that a big part of the story is a popularity contest – everyone wants links from the popular bloggers. It’s not that different, social media in some ways is mimicking how we engage offline face-to-face. I think being honest and upfront makes a huge difference in your credibility and keeps people coming back. It does but you also need to provide value, there has to be a reason why your brand is at the top of mind, honesty allows you to compete it’s not an advantage.
This is an important step because your Social Media Marketing Plan will revolve around your primary objective and your individual goals. You need to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your time on social media, and for everything you do to revolve around achieving those specific goals. This is a bit of a segway, but I have two blog posts I highly recommend you read before you complete your Social Media Marketing Plan. In those posts I talk about the importance of serving your market, and selling to your market, and how rude it is to not recommend products and services.
These may seem like easy questions on the surface, but they’re not always easy to answer. Tip: Do channel-specific offers such as a “twitter20” coupon code for 20% off, or a “pinterestfan” coupon code for a free offer.
Make a list of what will work best in and for your market, or with your business model, and keep those objectives in mind with every single update you make.
For now though, print off the included Checklist so you can brainstorm your goals in detail – which will help you make the most out of your social media time. Use a time block, just 15 or 30 minutes a day max, and dedicate this specific time to social media marketing and growing your reach, finding affiliates or JV partners, connecting with brands, increasing engagement with your target market – or whatever your highest priorities are in your business at the moment. I’ve mentioned already that you want to focus on your loyal fans more so than just numbers and stats. I bet you created a business plan before you invested the time and money in opening your current business, right?
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Those days are over.  Brands are now crossing over into the hybrid marketing era that incorporates some form of social media. It’s how friends tell friends about the things that excite them or what business owners tell other business owners on what works for their business. In the case of WOM, it contributes to instant social proof and is particularly effective in social media. It’s obvious that both emails wanted me to do something but why would I care about someone that doesn’t care about me?  Have they read my blog or know what their readers are about? Once you’ve earn the trust, it spreads like WOM marketing expanding to all directions reaching your potential prospects. This means knowing your brand strategy in social marketing will be extremely important to maintain the sphere of trust. Supply your audience with free resources such as reports, statistics and guides that can help elevate your perceived expertise.  With the amount of information on the internet today, your audience can find almost anything but if you can quantify the information that leads to a path of knowledge enrichment, you will certainly earn a few brownie points to be considered as the prime candidate. If the free information you provide is valuable, you’re already a step ahead of your competition not to mention that you’re turning them into your “A” customers by providing all the necessary training and education.

The players that got caught were all given a chance to show their remorse, the ones that lied never get to play the game again because they simply can not be trusted. Similar to the examples I gave above on the two media celebrities, if they actually took time to get to know me, I may very well assist them with their requests, but now it’s back to square one again. There is just a lower barrier to entry to spark interactions enabling more people to socialize but it’s a bit harder to build authentic intimacy. My reasons for creating my social networks have changed from just being available to be followed to creating another channel of communication through which I can continue to build trust and relationships with my blog readers. Otherwise you can get sucked into Social Media, waste your time, and not see profitable results.
Reading these two posts will really change the way you view it, and help you see how it actually benefits your readers! This will really help you with your overall business objective, so take a moment to read them.
There is a Checklist included in your download package that you can print off and use to complete this exercise. Nailing these down will make a BIG difference in your business because it will really tighten up your targeting and improve your focus.
People love interacting with brands and stores online, and getting quick answers & personal solutions -and- resolutions.
It’s a great way to show “Fan Appreciation” for followers on specific social media channels.
Again, see these two posts: Apology Marketing is Killing Your Sales and Do You Avoid Making The Pitch? Hosting channel- specific Fan Appreciation days or specials like I mentioned above is just one great idea! Google does this very well with their how-to videos extending their brand with social learning. Even if the interaction happens mostly online, in a digital form, it’s not that different from non-digital socializing, is it? Which means less time wasted, and more time spent strategically improving your profit potential.
You can also use social media for market research, and reward your followers for surveys & feedback. That’s why you want to focus on your “true fans” and also on conversions – the truest metric to determine the success of your social media strategies.
If this strategy works well for you, host a “Fan Appreciation” sale or special (or free download) every month.
This goes a long way with merchants and brands (and even sponsors) that I may want to work with.
On the other hand, if I personally find something interesting, I like to tell about that, so the people on my network can see who I am. Things like this keep people paying attention to you so they don’t miss out – and that’s exactly the type of engagement you want!

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