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In Part 2 of our free Social Media Strategy Course, I will show you how to optimize your Social Media efforts by reaching the right people, your future customers and clients, at the right place with the right mindset. Why is advertisement so annoying and why do you think people go through a whole lot of effort to avoid being marketed to? The first step in finding a targeted audience for your product or service (yes, you probably have to create a new Target Market Analysis for each one of them) is to break it up. Now we are jumping to one of the harder ones to determine and especially, to quantify, but also one of the most powerful. Behavioral Segmentation of your Target Market takes into consideration how the consumer interacts with your product or service. And the last way to separate your sheep from the goats is to look at the values, attitudes and lifestyles (VALs) of your customers. Once you have your potential customer base boiled down to a viable Target Market, it is not too hard to figure out on which Social Media Networks they spend their time on. Ok, so you have defined your Social Target Market, then you have figured out where to find the people that are most likely to buy your product. Please make sure to sign up below to receive an email every time we update our blog, so you won’t miss any part of this free Social Media Strategy course!
We’ll be sending out our Free Social Media Strategy Course updates every Monday over the course of 12 weeks. I can tell you this…When I was interviewed  on TV by Joy Behar on CNN and ABC’s Morning Blend my cell phone lit up like a ping ball machine! 1.Your Resource Box – it’s amazing how many experienced marketers dash off a resource box almost as an afterthought.
Try to use a keyword that has at least 360 searches per month, but less than 40,000 competition in Google with quotations. For the past 2 weeks my iPhone 3GS 16 GB has been burning through the battery several times a day. Yesterday I decided to go to the Apple Store in the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. They said they needed to replace the battery but the problem was, they no longer had replacement batteries for that phone. I took my iphone back for a few minutes and did a quick search on ebay and Craigslist for iphones 3GS for sale. I took the New replacement iphone and purchased the New Apple iPhone4 for $199 plus $60 dollars for another Apple Care Protection Plan.
In less than 30 minutes of posting on Craigslist I had 3 HUNGRY buyers…Two wanted a little discount for a fast close. Marketing 101 says, find a parade of hungry buyers and then get in front of that parade and sell them what they want. One of the oldest and most established ways to attract visitors and grow your website traffic is to write and publish articles.
You have permission to use this article as long as you do not make any changes to the article and include this author box.
Building backlinks should be part of your overall blogging and website marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Your headline has to be able to grab the readers attention in such a way that it forces them to want to read the rest of your message. One of the keys to writing a good headline is, knowing your market so well, that you know what they’re thinking and looking for. Every small business owner during the course of their day, week, month or year avoids doing something in or for their business.
Step 2:  Then go through your list and check off ALL the things that you can assign or outsource to someone else. The more things you can get off your plate that you dislike and or causes you stress, the better you can be as an owwner and leader of your business. While I was waiting for my lunch at a local restaruant I decided to send out a few text messages. It is truly possible that from here on, a major war, anywhere in the world could be ended with a  simple Text Message…Seize Fire!
Then, we looked more closely to see how certain demographics respond to different types of content. Having a clear idea of your customer base will increase your business’ chances of success. In a nutshell, defining your target customers means identifying the specific characteristics of the people or businesses who you believe are most likely to buy your product or service. Start by identifying your best customer prospects based on your observations and intuition about your market (remember, your market includes not only customers, but also your competition and industry).
Monica Gail Kriese of Gail-Force Marketing has the experience and networks you need to market your business for success. As business owners, we can use content marketing in many ways to reach out to our prospects and clients to inform, entertain, and sell our products and services. However, content marketing can also help you find out more about your customers so you can serve them better and, in the process, make more sales!
Use these questions as a starting point to brainstorming more questions that can help you get to know your clients.
So, you’ll generally get better results by finding your answers in various ways and at different times.

The most efficient way to find out what you want to know is to simply ask your clients what they want.
Online, you can use these forms on your website, Facebook fan page, and even send out questions through Twitter.
Offline, clients who come to your office can complete printed forms while they’re there or you could mail the items and have your clients bring in their completed forms. Progressive profiling is a marketing strategy where you find out a little more and a little more about your prospects or clients as they engage more with you. Get involved in the online communities of your target market and you’ll discover what’s on their minds. Send email newsletters to your clients and prospects once or twice a week with interesting and helpful content.
You can get very specific with split testing, even using identical pages except for one small change to test a new idea. Google provides some great tools to tell you about who visits your website, where they came from, what interests them on your site, how long they spend on each page, what page they leave from, and much, much more. With their analytics tools, you can even segment your readers based on their answers to short questions and track your Split Testing visitors.
If you have over 30 likes on your business Facebook page, you can use this helpful function that tells you about visitors to your Facebook page.
Find out information on daily users, number of likes, demographics of your visitors, page views, and more. Go to seminars or panel discussions on hot topics in your industry to find out more about your market. Set up a booth at other events and provide flyers, pamphlets, or business cards that address concerns of your market and lead them to your website where you can capture more information and engage them in your other content. Use these content marketing strategies to reach out to your customers and provide them with what they’re really looking for.
The more you know about your customers, the better you can target your content, products, and services to what they want. About Kathryn ThomasKathryn Thomas is a #1 Best Selling author on Amazon and a Certified Life Coach. Because companies in the past, and sadly even now, are pushing their advertisement to people who, simply put, don’t care about your company, your product or your service. There are 5 ways to look at your market: Geographic, Sociographic, Demographic, Behavioral and Psychographic.
In addition, local search has been kind of a buzz word for the past couple of years and that for good reason.
Sociographic segmentation looks at the personal and individualized needs of your customers. If you have an informational product, do you target a beginner, intermediate or advanced audience? I wrote a more detailed post that gives you Tips which demographics spend time on which Social Media Networks and how to find targeted Social Media Networks for your niche.
Thanks so much for following along this series and I hope you learned something new through this blog post. Also, please feel free to share this free resource with your coworkers, employees or professional network! Stay tuned and sign up below so you don’t miss any part of our 12 Step Social Media Strategy Course. As with identifying your target customer, writing a STRONG RESOURCE BOX should take up a significant portion of your time. Yes, there were a number of iphone 3GS for sale, but I didn’t see any Brand NEW ones. I had the best phone and as a bonus still had 9 months left on this Apple Care Protection which was transferable. Get their attention and let them see you have something worthwhile to say, something they want and need to hear. If your site is about Internet marketing, writing articles about candle making isn’t going to benefit you.
Never assume that just because you post an article on your website, that people know they can use it in a newsletter or link to it. Maybe not a solutuion for everything you’re avoiding, but a good part of it can be outsourced. If you are in the habbit of not paying your bills in a timely manner, hire a book keeper or a accounting service to do this for you. Don’t let the simplicity of what simple text message can do for you and your business. To get a better understanding of how people of different genders and ages react to content, we surveyed 485 people online and asked them to indicate which emotions they felt when viewing 23 viral Imgur images we chose from over a three-month period.
She stated, “We’ve been given a tech savvy generation completely open to digital absorption; a generation that personally relates their social identity to brands, providing advertisers with plenty of avenues with which to reach them. Many business owners sometimes resist defining a target customer base, thinking it might limit the business or reduce the number of potential customers.
Next, you do research to learn more about your market, such as what your target customers’ buying habits are, what your competition is doing, or whether there are important industry trends. Starting with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Okanagan College; specializing in Marketing followed by 30 years in the Marketing and advertising industry.

The better you know and understand your prospects, the better you can tailor your products and services to their needs and desires.
Collect 3 or 4 bits of related data, like family status, what other concerns they might have, or information about lifestyle or hobbies. Each time you collect information, link to your Privacy Policy and remind your readers that you’ll use the information to better serve them.
And the more you offer them what they want, the more money you can make, and everybody’s happy! Well, there are a few tactics that I will show you how to get a laser sharp focus on who your target market is.
If you are a fitness studio, do you target people who sign up on January 1st and who you don’t expect to show up when March comes around?
You’ll get more joint venture offers, more people one-way linking to your website and more people referring friends to you as a resource. Sure, you may get some readers who will post a link to an article or repost the article on their site, but their visitors aren’t likely to be in your target audience, so why bother?
Include a note at the bottom of every article giving them permission to add a direct link, or use the article in whole with your bio included. They could select feelings related to joy, sadness, fear, disgust, or surprise by choosing an adjective related to that emotion. We should be seeing more socially-conscious, immersive, emotional brand experiences that capture the mind of the Millennial — executed through the devices across the screens they spend the most time on. Offline, they may feel that it just takes too much time and trouble to give you details that could reveal important information. You might be able to offer them content that’s more to their liking and end up with a loyal customer. This approach uses high volume advertisement such as TV commercials or glossy ads in fancy magazines to shout their message to the world. So you have to make a smart choice of who is actually most likely to purchase your product or service and eliminate groups that are very unlikely to purchase.
Then you select the most suitable customers from within each category and where they overlap, you will find a it. Most companies out there are small to medium sized businesses and many  of them target a local market. Remember, even if you are a B2B company, the people who you interact with will not give up their VALs at the door when coming to work and often times, they will adopt the VALs of their customers.
Since you’ve already demonstrated yourself as an expert on the interview, this give you the credibility you need so they trust you.
The amount of traffic you could get really depends on how many listeners your interviewer has.
People online are used to scanning content to see if it’s really something they want to read.
We also conducted a similar survey featuring non-viral images instead of viral ones for comparison purposes. That’s because the most effective marketing campaigns for Millennials starts with the right data, executes with the right technology, and succeeds with the right media. Identifying target customers does not prevent your business from accepting customers that don’t fit the target profile. If necessary, given the new information, make changes to your target market or niche in order to make the most of an unmet demand in the market. The goal is to bring in more money, so they can reach even more people on even more mass media channels. If you are a hairdresser in San Diego, you don’t have to waste your money on people to see your ads in Nevada. If you are organizing youth travel trips, you not only have to make it fun and exciting for the kids, but also appeal to the parents who are more interested in the safety and well being of their children. It’s entirely possible for you to get over 10,000 to 100,000 visitors from one interview if you’re interviewed by someone well known. Cantor adds, “While relevance and reach are supremely important, two factors to pay particular attention to are resonance and relationship. Social Media is actually a great way to find that out, because it encourages two-way conversation and you will only gather this information, if you connect with your customers on a personal level.
Are you still in the “providing information” stage to build trust or do they already want to talk specifics like price or warranty? It’s also possible that you’ll have to do a bunch of smaller interviews that only net you a few hundred visitors, especially when you’re just starting out.
If you get to know your customers so well that they share this kind of information with you, and can provide them with a good or service that will speak to them on this level, you are on to something. While they might be online between 5-7 pm, they might be preoccupied with taking care of the kids and prepping dinner, but it might be a good reminder so they can discuss the buying decision at the dinner table. Concentrate on the major hubs for your industry and don’t make your decision based on only one of the 5 factors that determine your target market.

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