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Digital DJ Tips reader Kaan writes: "I've got really interested in producing and remixing lately. Today's new DJs can get a good headstart by learning to remix, re-edit and generally make tunes their own, and it sounds as though you wait to be "club legal", you've got a bit of time to dedicate to learning! Having said that, you may want to look at Ableton Live as a digital audio workstation to use for DJing and producing, performing and composing. Over to you, readers: Kaan wants something to let him start doing simple mashups, re-edits and maybe productions. Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members to get access to an exclusive area of all our free training articles & resources plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. I am also nearly ready with an own song which I made with the help of reidiculous tutorials as mentioned earlier. I have found most beginners to have more success using Fruity Loops and Reason, then moving to Ableton.
Ableton is full of symbols, hidden actions and can be very confusing to someone that is not hip to producer-y lingo. Reason and Fruity Loops have a great package of sounds and internal tools which can be translated to other bigger DAW’s, and can give a beginning producer a great platform to jump off of.
Live is the beginning, the middle, and the end when it comes to all phases of production (unless of course you just happen to find that a different program suits your personality and way of doing things better. I started with something I no longer remember the name of Then when fullblown cracy got a ensoniq paris system it was huge and officaly never got suport beond Windows 98.
I'm trying to record audio with my voice on my computer using my typical desktop microphone. Most likely its the software you are using that is recording the mono track from the microphone to a single track on a stereo recording. If you tell us the recording software, we might be able to tell you how to resolve the issue.

I believe that even if a microphone is monoaural, both the left and right track, in ideal conditions, would record the same. Do you have a dedicated sound board or are you using the onboard sound or are you doing this from a laptop? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged audio microphone or ask your own question. I don't have a lot of experience in terms of DJing, because firstly, I'm not 18 yet (five months to go!) and secondly, it's extremely hard to get into the scene here in Switzerland because it's not as big as in other countries, and the scene is dominated by some 'top' Swiss DJs here. You can do the above on Traktor, on Virtual DJ, on Audacity (it's free), on Garageband (if you're an Apple user). It has lots of fans due in part to its unique clips workflow that allows you to improvise with preset loops.
My first step was, as you already mentioned Phil, Garageband but soon switched over to Logic because I thought that it would be much more professional. Next was Cakewalk Pro – a midi tracker which I mapped to sound samples uploaded to the 4MB of ram I had on my Sound Blaster sound card. Maschine, or a Maschine Mikro if you’re on the cheap, gives you a massive sequencer, which will then almost always be the heart of your production setup. I then graduated to Acid Pro, which I think is very good if a total noob, as it is loopbased. I'm currently on Windows XP and I can't hear anything that comes from my mic because the Realtek drivers refuse to boost it's sound as on Vista, that has slightly more up to date drivers. After knowing your motherboard model, you can then probe around the manufacturer's site for the drivers.
It can then by zapped over or plugged in to GarageBand, or any other DAW youre learning, for the multitrack recording and mastering. There are also a lot of free resources on the internet to get you started and improving your experience level.

If you can't check your motherboard, try checking Device Manager for your sound controllers, it might give a hint. I had a real hard start with Logic and it took very long to realize the ideas I had at least half-way. Sequencing and sampling is your friend, and it’s going to be the bread and butter of your setup, best to really get to grips with it with a powerful and easy to use workflow. However, this only works for a period of time as with your experience grows, you want to create original work.
I think he does a good job on remixes and is giving you a nice view behind the scenes in his tutorials.
And perhaps best for you, the beginner, there’s a truckload of Certified Ableton Trainers who are dying to teach you how to use the thing, either for free or for very cheap.
I used Ableton too but mostly in remixing, mashups and in-depth post productions after finishing a track in Maschine.
So MIDI comes into the picture, and even Acid Pro has a midi functionality I went on and started working with Steinberg Cubase.
He is building a song from the scratch and you get to know certain things how to realize basic techniques and stuff.
I love Cubase and won’t leave it ever, but it took a lot of effort and time to get to know this application … well!

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