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To a lot of people, a smartphone does most of the things they’re supposed to do on their personal computers. If you’ve used Adobe Photoshop on your Mac computer or Windows PC, you probably will love this and definitely choose it over the first one I mentioned.
This application is quite different from the rest because it’s main focus is enhancing your photographs without much hassles. This popular photo editing software for iOS lets you adjust saturation, contrast, color temperature, brightness and more.
I assume this needs no introduction since it’s the most widely used photo sharing application on Android and iOS owned by Facebook. I guess you have just missed some great editing apps named as Pixlr, Snapseed and VSCO Cam. Join thousands of marketers and get access to the latest articles, freebies, product announcements and much more! September 10, 2012 by Shiwangi Peswani 11 Comments You might have noticed the amazing pictures uploaded on different websites on internet. Have a look at this picture below and you will understand what I want to say No doubt there are some digital cameras available in the market which gives the crystal clear picture but most of the renowned photographers also use the photo editing software to make their pictures look even more stunning and attractive. In fact most of the branded cameras are now coming with a DVD or CD having the photo editing software in it. IrafanViewThis photo editing software is designed works powerful for the professionals and simple for the beginners. STOIK Imagic-This software helps in editing the still pictures as well as the video with an ease. DigiKam DigiKam is a free photo editing software which can be downloaded from its official website.
MyPaint MyPaint is an open source photo editing software and is designed especially for the digital painters.
5DflyIt is an excellent photo editing software which provides an automatic photo rendering of photo templates. Acorn It is a brilliantly designed photo editing software which adds shapes and texts to your images. SeashoreSeashore is the photo editing software designed for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework.
Kolor Paint KolorPaint is a free photo editing software which is very simple to understand and to use. Krita Krita is the software featuring digital painting and illustration based on the KDE Platform.
Pixia is a photo editing software originally designed by a Japanese developer Isao Maruoka. Photoscape Photoscape is an easy to use photo editing software which enables the user to fix the small errors in the photos and perking up the look and clarity.
Whenever we talk about the photo editing software, the first name which flashes in our mind is of Adobe Photoshop.
Yeah Praveen these photo editing software are very userfriendly and give excellent results. Wow, the end result of the girl on the very top looks like what I make with T2i 50mm 1.4 prime when overexposed.

Thanks to sharing great listing for Photo Editing Software, this is very good & different stuff, i like post.
I didn’t know there were so many photo editing programs out on the web which are free.
Thanks for stopping by on my blog Ravi and yes I completely agree with you that everyone now is looking for an easy and fast way but no doubt photoshop was a milestone in photoediting software..
One of the most difficult thing for the students is to arrange money for buying essential tools required for their studies.
This is one of the basic software for the video editors but all of the simple tasks like trimming, processing and polishing of the videos can be done with windows movie maker 2012.
This is another good free video editor in this list of best paid and free free video editing software for students. Camtasia studio 8 is not free software but its one of the essential video editing software for the professional video editors.
I, for example, use my iPhone for gaming (something I hardly do when I’m on PC), taking great pictures and editing photos, organizing my calendar and much more.
Having tried a lot of image editing apps in App Store, some paid and others free, here is a list of the 10 best image editing apps I’ve personally used on my device. I use this app most of the time since it’s got the most needed features and it’s extremely easy to use. Photoshop Touch brings the real Photoshop experience to your mobile device and it’s probably the most advanced image editing tool there is on the iPad. There are lots of effects to select from to improve your picture quality or just for the fun of it.
Apart from the social integration, this application lets you apply different effects to your photos before sharing. This, along with other features like stylish text labels makes it a powerful photo editor for your iDevice. I like instagram apps a lot, I never used that before but last sunday I just edited an images for my cute family, it’s working fine for me. What do you think; are they clicked that beautiful or they are made beautiful using the photo editing software. Not just the resizing, rotating, cropping or adding effects, the photo editing includes lots more. Gone are the days of clicking the pictures from the roll using cameras and then getting the pictures developed in a dark room. You can add colors to a dull picture, reduce colors from a over bright picture, change the background, remove the red eye error and much more with the photo editing software. IrfanView is the first software with Multiple Gif Support and is also considered as the first graphic viewer worldwide. If you are using it for some non-profit organization you can download it for free but if you need it for your professional use you need to buy the software. This software enables the user to add different special effects to their painting and giving it an absolutely new look. The features which make this software popular are the brush strokes, text, textures and gradients.
This software has a very simple interfae yet gives some strong and powerful effects to the pictures.

It is basically an image manipulation program featuring image composition, retouching and image authoring.
This software have been used since last many years and it won’t be wrong to say that it was the first well admired and well used photo editing software. I use Gimp but I would like to find a good free one for HDR and colored Infrared — thanks for the write-up. I will not going to compare these with Adobe Photoshop because i knew newbies want and an easy and fast way. Users can crop, resize, increase brightness and can also add beautiful effects in the video with Avidemux.
This free software have many drawing and selection tools to add some beautiful additions in your videos.
Even if you don’t use all the functions on your iDevice, the camera is something most of us use all the time.
From simple edits to complex effects, Photoshop Touch has some tools you definitely won’t find in other image editing tools but I must warn you that it’s not that easy to use for beginners.
The color effects and the sharpness added with a photo editing software may change the picture completely. It also includes the computer graphic editing features which makes it a first choice of the graphic designers. The special features in this software are Painting , Image Manipulation  and Icon Editing .
Although they need high end software like Adobe essentials but they also need to learn other small software that are not only free but also provide some awesome basic features.
Plus users can also adjust color and brightness and can also add many beautiful effects in the videos, download it now. It’s easy to understand user interface and this is actually what made me choose it over Photoshop Touch. You can add me on Facebook, follow my updates on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! However as time passed by and technology impended, many different photo editing software are developed. Today we will list best paid and free video editing software for students to polish their skills. I would specially recommend windows movie maker to the professional photographers for creating time lapse.
I forced my iPhone to use an older version of the software but it’s really crappy and I couldn’t get it to work properly though it works great on a friend’s iPad. Photographers can add as many frames as they want and can also adjust the frame rate, they will also be able to add beautiful transition effects to their time lapse photography. We hope you will like our list of best paid and free video editing software for students, stay in touch for more buying guides.

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