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We thought it would be cool to create a simple whiteboard animation software that you can always use for all of your WordPress sites. Whiteboard animation software creates videos that draw themselves. The term whiteboard animation comes from the process of someone drawing on a whiteboard and then recording the drawing movements. The animations involve images, characters, shapes, sounds and voice-overs; all referred to as assets.
This form of animated video production is becoming more popular, especially with the availability of so many online video-making software programs.
The method has been used very successfully by educational establishments, mainstream businesses, and private online marketers to get their messages across. There are several web tools that will allow you to put together an animated video with simple tools, such as drag-and-drop. From a teaching point of view, this method of cartoon video animation can be used to create and share tutorials in the classroom, as well as step-by-step guides, presentations and more. Students, and for that matter most of us, are extremely receptive to having easy-to-decipher information placed right in front of us, without having to work for it – like reading loads of text!
The thought process of understanding ancient carvings in a cave or graffiti on walls takes only a matter of seconds to decipher their meanings. Our lives tend to be in the fast lane, where we have less patience and often lack a sense of humor. See the funny side of life and make a cartoon video to help promote anything and everything. It has a fantastic UX (user experience), and I guarantee that you will be up-and-running with it in very little time at all – and it’s free to try out!
I was amazed at the functionality, performance and the quality of the finished video, that I immediately bought the software outright. The beauty of owning it means that unlike most other online software programs, I have NO MONTHLY COSTS forever! Creating a whiteboard animation has to be one of the most effective ways of getting your message across simply and quickly. They don’t know your business and may not fully comprehend the message you are trying to get across to your viewers. It’s the finer detail of video creation that can make them special, so why not create it yourself?
By getting hold of a copy VideoScribe, an industry leader in whiteboard cartoon animation, you can make your amazing videos at any time yourself. Conscientious marketers know that creating videos for their businesses is essential for user engagement. By injecting some fun with cartoon characters, you have a recipe with the secret ingredient for reaching out to your visitors. About the Author Latest PostsAbout RobHaving been an affiliate marketer since 2006, I want to pass on my experience to enable you to build a successful online business yourself.
The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

I often come across these type of animation videos and I always meant to do a bit of research about them once I will need one. It just takes a bit of fun stuff to break barriers, and heck, we all need something to laugh about occasionally, don’t we? I have often thought of adding some to my website, but thought that it would be too difficult.
But I guess you just need to know where to look – Videoscribe looks like they have taken a lot of the difficulty out of it!
Guess the only way I’m going to know if it works for me is trying it… Thanks for sharing this! This would be another way of showing folks how to do certain stuff, rather than the real-time, live screenshots of a screen cast. A friend of mine who works at Walmart say’s they make it a practice to use whiteboard animation software in many of their employee learning tutorials. You have a website that entertains your readers; therefore, they will be interested in going through the process of becoming affiliates. I have two family members who are graphic designers, and they have promised me some bespoke SVG artwork sometime – I’m still waiting! The image library in VideoScribe contains 49 different categories, like Business, Household, Money, People, Creatures, Education, Arrows, Callouts, Shapes, and loads more. I’m snowed under right now, but will bookmark your site and come back to dig a little deeper and check this one out. This is a program that has evolved in efficiency over the years to the streamlined one it is now. My reviews and recommendations are aimed at all levels of internet experience, especially newbies. Want to have the best flexibility when it comes to responsive Wordpress themes, then create with Genesis. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. The technique of using video to promote virtually anything online is highly effective and desirable in a marketing campaign. These assets are then laid onto a canvas and tweaked by you, the story-teller, to make that humorous and engaging cartoon-style video.
Yes, the images have been drawn by artists and anyone capable of creating basic images themselves. Even crayon drawings of young children will evoke emotion and personality that enable us to comprehend the messages immediately. The power of the infographic is evident to see, especially when you share images on Pinterest and other social media.
Its absorbing power enthrals us as we visually search and consume – I expect mainly for visuals and photos!
Also, we are more impatient nowadays, and therefore, being spoon-fed information seems to be more desirable!

Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.
I plan on creating my own product eventually and when I do I would like to have a quick little animated video to explain what my product offers. You outlined these benefits nicely in this article and I will definitely come back to this when my time is right. I was about to ask you what is the price for that particular software but I finally saw it. I prefer to work with animations, as you can add that small amount of humor that can make all the difference to engaging with your readers. I would became addicted because it will entertain me while trying to send my message to a potential customer. I’ve used another white board program, but found it lacking in images and what I wanted to do without spending a fortune on vector images.
And each category can have upwards of 100 images in it (some more, some less) – and that’s only in the base library!
Creating a fun story-line is easy as you have such a comprehensive basic library to select from. It has been the most useful online purchase of any marketing product that I have made, and the people at Sparkol (creators of VideoScribe) are always there should you have any questions.
It’s mostly conducted in a non-verbal environment, and yes, I know we occasionally make a call, but it’s the caveman or woman in us that loves those pics! Chill out, by taking regular breaks from your computer to regain your thoughts, you will be amazed at how effective it will be in managing your concentration. And, the best of them is the whiteboard animation software king of them all – VideoScribe. Once you get into it, you can have a laugh while you build up your story-line, as there are so many great images to choose from. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from making your own (in SVG format) and uploading them into the library. The designers have spent a lot of time refining the interface to make it thoroughly intuitive, without too many distractions.
If you can create your own images, then you could go to town with you video and make it totally unique. Only thing that makes me a little bit worried is that – how much time I have to commit to learn that skill?
They have refined the software so much within the last few years to make it one of the very best ones of its type online.

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