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Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees enjoy many benefits as part of a proven franchise system, from top-notch home office support to ongoing training throughout the entrepreneurial journey.
Professional referrals are also important – we work together with other community business owners to build partnerships, and we have national partnerships with synergistic franchise systems for a mutually beneficial relationship. Our current customers love our Friends and Family Referral program as well as our Customer Loyalty Program, which encourages valued clients to help us grow our business. As part of the Kitchen Tune-Up system, our franchise owners entrepreneurial satisfaction is at the top of our list of priorities.
Marty Ceranec, long-time Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owner, kindly contributes to our national newsletter and our blog. Now, there was one more guy in our new joinees group who was equally enthusiastic about stock market (that guy is now an IAS officer) and just like a smoker finds another smoker in a big group, we found each other and became buddies. For those who want to learn about options in detail, I would recommend an excellent resource on it from Deepak Shenoy of Capitalmind. After getting introduced with Options, our greed went to next level and now we became much more rich on excel sheet. So were all set with high energy, but could not take any action because our trading account was still not active that time and we were waiting for it.
I made Rs 2,500 profit , a 24% profit during LUNCHTIME and now we were planning, if we can I leave our jobs ? I realized years later that one should never make profits in their first trade in stock markets, it fuels the overconfidence in you like anything and gives you a false sense that you are really some smart guy ! Till now I was giving you the background of what all happened before we started our options trading journey . I am not saying my learning’s are some hidden secrets which are very new, but I can share what all I learned in my style , I am sure it will help someone who wants to learn from my mistakes.
When I entered into stock markets, I was of the impression that I need to acquire a lot of knowledge on how things work, how various strategies work ? I could see a chart and instantly see lots of hidden patterns and could tell more than a normal person who does not know how to read a chart. So, learn things in stock market and then concentrate on the other important elements which you will learn in some time. What I have seen is that all the new traders somewhere want to challenge the markets and want to predict when markets will fall and when it will rise. Below you can see last 1 yr graph of NIFTY Index and see that there has been an uptrend in market and it has risen from 6000 in 2013 to around 8000 now . So, try to identify the overall trend (upside , downside) and then make sure whatever is your trading style , be with the flow itself.
There is nothing wrong in having a contrarian view and predict when the markets will turn its direction, but be sure you know how you will take that decision.
I will give you an example – Let’s say you have set aside Rs 10 lacs for stock market trading . Rule 1 : You will never use more than 20% of your capital in any given trade, no matter how promising it looks to you. If you see these 2 rules, you can see that the maximum loss in any single trade will not be more than Rs 20,000 which is 2% of your overall capital. No one is so bad that they will make bad decisions every time, you make good and bad both decisions , but important point is that you should survive in markets till that time when you start taking right decisions .. The biggest reason why money management should be used is that it does not expose you heavily to the risk on a broader level, even if there is very high risk on individual trades. And the next big reason why money management is crucial is that it brings some kind of consistency in your growth overtime. Below you can see 3 versions of money management, which is BAD , Average and GOOD money management, where the overall risk taken on a single trade is moving from high to low. I did some simulation on excel where we are measuring how capital will grow over 36 months (assuming 1 trade is done in a month) . But in case of good money management , the growth of capital a trader has moves up over time and with high consistency . So when it comes to stock market trading, you can’t choose how many times you WIN or LOOSE, but can control HOW MUCH you will win or lose !
Every trade you make in stock market, you should make sure that your profits potential is generally much higher than the risk potential.

A good trader wins just 4 times, but he makes sure that he will make big win and every time he makes a bad decision, he cuts the loss fast. Today I have shared my mistakes I did when I traded OPTIONS and I hope you will learn from my mistakes . It’s extremely addictive to trade and if you are like me, you will feel a great thrill trading either stocks, futures or options (or any other instruments) , while I didn’t succeed in trading, I at-least know why I failed, I at least came to know my weakness and now I can improve upon it. Also in future, if I get into trading again, I am sure I will be 10X better compared to earlier version of mine. Hello,very good and informative views from all.I would like to know from all traders online about the the companies which have the lowest brokerage for intra day and delivery based trading. Intraday trading requires proper self-discipline… (It should be your primary source of income, while secondary income is also essential). Now you decide which type of stock is better for you, but you should be habitual to book profit.
Please try to select beaten down (Group A) stocks with the price range of 20-40 to generate good amount of profit.
Driving a car on same road regularly is more comfortable and controllable, because driver knows all holes & doles in the road. If you have trading experience less than 2 year, please avoid trade on margin money completely.
Frankly I am saying here if you have mind (Good Analytical Power, how fast you can observe the things happening surrounds you), then only you are made for Intra-day Trading. One of the most important benefits is KTU’s approach to marketing and sales, making sure that your Kitchen Tune-Up is as profitable as possible. Many Kitchen Tune-Up owners have found success in different venues, such as booth opportunities in home shows and county fairs. We also work with local realtors who know the value of updating kitchens and baths in order to sell homes.
Often, this isn’t a hard sell because they’re already very pleased with their newly updated kitchen and bath.
Harnessing the power of pay-per-click programs, we’ve dominated the online ad space and built our site to optimize searches.
We’ve done all the hard work vetting marketing vendors, now it’s up to you to get in the door and start transforming homes in your community! I was 23 yrs old, fresh into job and had no idea how my life is going to take shape at that time.
We got to know that there is something called Options (derivatives) apart from regular stocks. Our profit margin went really high (but we didn’t focus too much on risk factor, infact we were not even clear on where we are entering into and how risky it can turn out to be). I logged into my account, transferred 10,000 from my ICICI bank account to ICICIDirect account (they were interlinked already) and there was one stock we were following from long time. For next 1.5 yrs, we were very much involved each day into stock markets, made some money , lost a lot more money, got frustrated , some short-lived happy moments came in too and finally one day I put a big break on my options trading . These few points will help you to not make mistakes I did and help you overcome some myths and notions associated with stock market trading . That’s 33% increase , but imagine someone who didn’t stay with the trend and always tried to predict when will market fall and looked at markets with suspecting manner and never got in the trend itself. If I have to compare this trend following with some adventure sports, then I will compare it with Surfing, where you ride on the flow of the water. You can surely take a call against the trend , but make sure you accept that you were wrong in case you fail.
The biggest reason for my failure was that – I was very casual about money management and made the biggest mistakes in this area. Hence it’s important to be in the game and unless you take money management very seriously , you are bound to get out of the game some or the other day.
From the childhood we are programmed to WIN and that same mindset takes over rational thinking in stock markets trading too. When I bought an option for a stock, every time I wanted to WIN, every time I wanted to make profit on that option. And in same way, a bad trader might win 6 times , but every time they are in hurry to book their profits (so they earn small every time) and when they are in loss, they do not book their losses fast (no money management rules in place) and hence let their losses grow because they can’t accept they made mistake (Ego) .

But this can just be starting point only, you will only learn when you get on the ground and do the real trading.
I know it will still be very though , but I can try at least and when I stopped my trading, somewhere I felt bad about leaving it.
Learning from failures is a good thing,but putting effort to teach people who u don’t even know, to not to make the same mistakes is great thing. In the same way, you should trade only in selected 2-3 stocks daily in fix period of time say 15 days or one month.
How fast or slow you are driving is not much important, how much control you have on your car it is the main thing. My advised to choose a brokerage house which give unlimited trading facility, at the same time, never compromised with quality features and value added services.
100 as a brokerage, actual cost of trading would be Rs 170-300 depending on brokerage house. This gives the owner a one-on-one approach to finding new customers, as many people are looking for more options to update their homes. We build the brand using social media, networking, blogs and targeted public relations efforts. Suddenly, I saw a huge inflow of money (salary) in my life and I was not very clear what to do with it.
We were already millionaires on an excel sheet and we thought even in worst case scenario, we will do well.
Just a request – Note that these learning have come from my trading in Options (which is derivatives) and not regular stocks, but that does not change the learnings you are going to read below.
Money Management in context of trading is all about managing your overall money and how much part of your overall trading capital you put at risk in each trade.
We want to WIN on all the trades , It’s hard to accept that you were wrong , being wrong means taking a LOSS . I felt as if I am turning my back and got a feel of leaving the battle ground , but it was a right decision because I could have damaged my own net-worth to a big extent had I not stopped. One more important thing, trade in only those shares, which one follow the market (analyse this from historical data). After trading fix time period, you may switch on those stock that shows movement at that time. When it comes to CONTROL, it connects directly with your mind, not from any other part of body.
Many people know each and every part & features of a car, even also know how to drive a car, but can’t drive the car. Since realising that it is no gain game for me, I have been trying to detoxify my self from trading addiction and you have reinforced my resolve.
Imagine what happens if you try to go against the water flow, the chances of you getting crushed is high. At the same time many don’t know clearly part & features of car, but they drive car smoothly. But when real attack comes from all corners, they not only lost the war, but also, they have to work for own survival (for existence). I am now buying shares only in form of Monthly Equity Plan and holding on to them to satisfy this urge of trading. The Rs 500 annual charges seemed too small to us compared to what we would be minting in coming months. I even went on to download lots of videos online and watched it over and over for many months and I realized that my knowledge had gone up significantly. However in this process , I realized that all the time I was just trying to swim against the trend, If markets were going up, I tried to predict when it will fall and how much and vice versa, and in that process I never stayed with the trend.

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