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Particulars of building plots usually make reference to the type of planning permission that has been granted for the land in question. OPP is the abbreviation for Outline Planning Permission, a permission which indicates that the Local Planning Authority has agreed in principle to the building of a house. This permission may have certain conditions or restrictions however and the documentation should be examined closely so that you are aware of exactly what is and what may be allowed to be built. DPP denotes Detailed Planning Permission indicating that detailed plans have already been submitted to and agreed by the Local Planning Authority for the erection of a specific type and size of house. The points below have been compiled to give you a better idea about the different types of planning permission, and how the whole planning permission process works.
What turns the corner of a field, or part of somebody’s garden, into a building plot? Outline planning permission grants approval on the principle that the land can be developed.
Full planning permission rolls the outline and detailed stages together into one application. Outline planning permission is always conditional; in other words it will always be given with certain conditions that have to be satisfied.
Newer outline consents will only last for three years with the requirements that the application must be made within that period, and that work must commence on site within two years of the granting of the Approval of Reserved Matters.
If you decide to self build you won't be alone: up to 20,000 people build their own homes each year and many others will carry out a renovation project or conversion.
The market is estimated to provide around 13% of all the new houses that are built throughout the country each year and the annual spend by self builders on land and building costs is thought to be in the region of £2 Billion.

The most important function of the self builder is to oversee and manage the project from start to finish. Only a very few (probably less than 5%) will carry out all the building works themselves, with only around 20% being involved in any building activity at all. As a toddler, you walked the enormous isles of the toy store, looking up at the shelves as though floors of a skyscraper.
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1600x1200 - The best quotes, sayings & quotations about love, inspiration, life, the mind, funny, friendship and famous people. It can be obtained with a simple site plan, which could be nothing more than a copy of the Ordinance Survey map, with a red line drawn around the curtilage of the plot. Up until the autumn of 2005, most consents were granted for five years, but since then most consents in England& Wales now last for only three years.
In which case, you might still want to proceed with the purchase, but with a condition on the contract of sale making it subject to receipt of satisfactory planning permission. This is important because it does mean that if the application for the detailed consent runs past the original three year period and it fails, then the outline consent will be out of time and therefore no longer be valid. You must also be certain that if they involve third parties, the necessary legal agreements are in place to make certain that they can be satisfied. However, in many cases project management is being handed over to specialists in this field who offer specialist project management services, leaving the self builder with virtually no active role whatsoever, other than signing the cheques! It is vital if you are buying a plot, or any property that is subject to a planning consent, that you check out the dates first. Once again, the rule must be to check all dates carefully and if necessary, only agree to buy subject to receipt of satisfactory planning permission.
Without planning permission land simply can not be built on, so it does not make much sense to buy land without it.

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