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Content Matrix: What It Is and Why It Matters in Content Marketing You are using an outdated browser.
What is a content matrix’s purpose in content marketing?To understand why having a content matrix is important you first need to understand that content marketing serves 3 primary purposes in a company’s go-to-market strategy:Filling the top of your funnel with inbound leads.
Content Marketing is a buzz word that you hear everywhere now, but why does content matter? Many companies today are not sure where to start, but listening to what people are already saying about your businesses is a great place.
Being authentic is an expectation that consumers already have today; and they are holding business accountable to live up to those expectations. When we read this article, How the Internet killed ‘global marketing,’ we were taken aback.
The article claims that because of limitless exposure from the Internet, multiple localized campaigns are not necessary because one universal message for global audiences will work. Now, we live and breathe this stuff daily, helping some of the best-known brands in the world reach their global audiences through effective marketing localization strategies.
Let’s take a look at the main points from that article so we can explain why global marketing isn’t dead. Point 1: Localization isn’t needed since consumers are exposed to messages, images and products from other countries, and are able to purchase these products because of the Internet. No doubt, the Internet takes your business to new heights by smashing down geographical barriers and opening your messages up to audiences beyond your home country.
The Internet makes information easily accessible across the globe, but that doesn’t change cultural views or eliminate language barriers. If you notice traffic coming to your site from other countries, you should consider localizing your website to cater messaging appropriately.
While this is true—and great for creating global brand awareness—it still doesn’t eliminate the need for marketing localization. Sure, one could argue that global marketing is not about the localized message but rather the right message and platform. In fact, the Old Spice marketing team did see the value in marketing localization—adapting their campaigns and doing it very well. Going viral is great, but you still have to build long-lasting relationships with your customers so your organization can yield the highest return in all your markets.
Point 3: Developing separate strategies for global campaigns and local campaigns is inefficient, because all customers want the same information and in real time.
People may want information about the latest product launches at the same time, but you still have to speak their language—and localizing campaigns doesn’t have to delay this. It is true that companies like Apple can simply host an online conference so all of their customers can get the information right away.

So yes, marketing localization requires time and resources to develop, but more importantly, you can significantly increase your campaign effectiveness when your content is adapted to the language and culture of local markets. You should always think global and be aware that the Internet is changing how companies enter global markets. After all, localized campaigns are at the very core of what made the global brands that we know and love. Check out our article, Global marketing campaigns: Is your approach personalized for each locale?, for more tips on how to do it right.
Localization (global marketing) is critical at each step of the process above – and it is becoming increasingly so as the internet coalesces diffuse markets into a contiguous marketplace. In the constant quest to keep things running somewhat smoothly, business owners tend to neglect marketing. This is a critical mistake to make because marketing is essentially what will grow your business in the long run. Donna Rachelson, Chief Catalyst at the Seed Academy, who will be speaking at the upcoming SA Business Excellence Forum, says that the biggest mistake small businesses owners make is that they focus on marketing tactics before thinking about strategy.
In her view, if you simply think of marketing as the ‘4p’s’ you will not succeed in this economy. Without doubt, digital will need to be a core part of any successful marketing strategy today. “The starting point is a website that is impactful, represents your brand and what you stand for, and is effective in terms of what you need to achieve in terms of its objectives,” she says. This is done by building awareness of a problem and aligning this problem with business issues, while at the same time making a buyer aware of your company and how it can help resolve each of these issues.Speed up the buying process and increase the conversion rates between each stage of it.
From a brand perspective, the challenge is clear we must create relevant content that engages consumers where they are.
Quick searches on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and forums can give you a pulse of what the internet is saying about your business or brand. So while we think this article has some good points, there are definitely some missing puzzle pieces. In fact, because of instant global access through the Internet, it’s crucial now more than ever to adapt your campaigns for various cultures around the world.
But that doesn’t mean that it is always effective to have one universal message versus multiple localized versions.
Doing so can result in better engagement and increased revenue with your international consumers.
With the Internet, people can view your online content from any country whether you intended it or not. As an example, Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice Man campaign went viral across the globe after its debut at the 2010 Super Bowl—despite being available only in English.
But instead of betting on the right universal message to go global and appeal to many audiences, you should target each one appropriately and tailor copy as needed.

After their initial success with the Old Spice man commercials created for the United States, they localized the concept for Australia, where they incorporated a “down under” theme with tweaked messaging and local props such as snakes, crocodiles and kangaroos. However, that doesn’t mean that they have stopped their marketing localization efforts to support those launches. Companies often choose to localize product launch materials for multiple locales simultaneously, ensuring that product release dates are consistent across the globe to avoid delays. That in fact, it has become smaller and tighter rather than massive and bigger because of the internet. Aimed at existing and aspirant businesswomen, it combines compelling and relevant business news (both local and global) with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, health, travel and inspirational content each month.
This is done by crafting targeted content that is intended to help each buyer through each stage of his or her journey, which will hopefully keep the buyer moving through the journey and ensure that they have learned the key factors about your product that resolves their issues.Arm you marketing and sales team with a tool that tells them which pieces of content should be shared with specific buyers at a given point in the journey. Every form of content has to be consistent in order break through the clutter in a relevant and authentic manner. If people are being very negative about your brand, then it’s time to make content that builds that trust back up. After all, if they are going to find your message anyway, you should make sure it resonates.
It’s all about creating a good experience for your end users—welcoming them to your website with open arms. In this case, you may want to consider transcreation where in-country linguists with marketing expertise reposition your copy so that it is sure to strike the right chord with locals. If you take a look at Apple’s website, for example, you’ll see that it’s adapted for over 100 countries so that they can sell their products in these countries. The overwhelmingly positive response to DESTINY from female entrepreneurs, students, corporate leaders and other economically active women has more than vindicated Ndalo Media’s belief in this publication. Just because they are exposed to your messaging does not necessarily mean it will resonate as well as it does in your home country—and that creates missed opportunity. This is a lot more effective than simply hoping your campaign gets picked up in the countries you want it to.
Additionally, it helps keep your team properly targeted on the few factors that matter to a given buyer at a given stage in their buyer journey, thus maximizing the return on your company’s content creation investment.

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