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The simplest explanation about why the environment matters is that, as humans, the environment-the Earth-is our home.
Within the overall biosphere, or ecosystem, there are smaller ecosystems like the rainforests, marine ecosystems, the desert and the tundra.
The deterioration of the environment, often referred to as environmental degradation, threatens the earth's natural resources such as our clean water supply, fossil fuels for energy and food supply. Another reason why the environment is so important is because it is a source of natural beauty.
Art is important to our community because it allows students to expand on their creativity and express themselves in a different way. I think art is important to education because it allows you to expand your horizons with creativity. The Arts program have been found to improve academic achievement by enhancing test scores, attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking. I talked to my dad on why he thought art was important part of education my dad said he thinks it helps through out life it lets kids use their imagination and creative skills he also talked about how it's a class kids can understand and feel confident about . Art is important because it lets you express you feelings.You can't do that in other classes. Art is important in education because it not only serves as a way to express ourselves but teaches us to accept others views and have an appreciation for each other's creativity.
I think art is important because it gives people a chance to be creative and for some people they can do something that they actually like. Art allows personal self-expression, revealing ideas, beliefs, and opinions in a creative and open way. Schools have always played an important role in encouraging children to become good future citizens. That may sound perverse, but it’s rooted in one of the fundamentals of citizenship: it’s about qualities and behaviors that aren’t handed out as rules, but instead nurtured as self-beliefs within students.

So rather than giving you ‘teaching content’, we’re suggesting three topics around which you can empower your students to build their own concept of digital citizenship.
They could also debate what the absence of these skills would mean, and the implications of disenfranchisement. You need to help students make the leap: from seeing a digital citizen not just as someone who knows how to use technology, but as someone who knows how to use it in the right ways. While safety and civility are important, students shouldn’t see that as the core of digital citizenship. Firstly, it can be a way for them to become producers and managers of information and perspectives, using technology to enhance their critical thinking, communication, flexibility and teamwork skills. The rising sea levels also cause land erosion which harms the habitats of animals living by the coast.
Many of these resources are nonrenewable so when they run out we will be forced to find new alternatives. According to Healthy nature healthy people: contact with nature as an upstream health promotion intervention for populations, a research paper written by Cecily Maller, Mardie Townsend, Anita Pryor, Peter Brown and Lawrence St Leger, nature plays a key role in human health and well-being. But to timeless concepts such as respect and kindness, fresh behaviors are now being added.
So what part should our schools play in creating effective digital citizens, and what can teachers do? They not only understand its technologies as well as or even better than their elders, they also deserve the right to shape its parameters themselves.
Citizenship used to essentially encompass your local community: the neighborhood, city and country in which you lived. Why should we be concerned when we are also facing economic crises, wars and unending social problems as a society?
Our entire life support system is dependent on the well-being of all of the species living on earth.

The plants are consumed by animals who are in turn consumed by other animals who may in turn, be consumed by humans.
All of the environmental problems that exist have far-reaching implications for the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The paper even suggests that contact with nature might play a role in preventing mental illness. Our clean water supply is at risk and more and more of our beautiful, open spaces are disappearing as new buildings and factories are built. My dad works for a tree service and he actually owns the company called robs tree service and he has to tell how big the tree if to see how much it will cost and how big enough space there to fit his trucks and crane in the back yard so he can cut the tree down and he told me he uses Art, Science, and Math.
These relate to the digital world we now live in, and the principle of using its technologies in ways that are responsible, appropriate and intelligent.
But the digital world has no such physical borders, and its citizens need to ‘live’ with everyone everywhere. This is commonly referred to as the biosphere, a term created by Vladimir Vernadsky, a Russian scientist in the 1920s.The biosphere refers to one global ecological system in which all living things are interdependent. The challenge is getting enough people to take drastic enough action so that we can make a difference in our lifetime. Since the icecaps are made of fresh water, they will throw off the saline levels in the ocean which will affect ocean currents. As they disappear the Earth will get darker and absorb more heat increasing the Earth's temperature.

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