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When Google came out with its Panda update years ago, it became obvious that content was going to be playing a key role in how search results would be served to users. If you have a website that is note being found on Google, if you have a website that is being found but people aren't calling or buying your product, if you have questions about how to use Content Marketing in your business, don't hesitate to call WSI Smart Marketing and set up your free 30-minute consultation.
WSI Smart Marketing specializes in SEO internet marketing in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Napa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Cotati, Novato, San Rafael and beyond. You might be thinking a€?whata€™s all the fuss about omni-channel marketing?a€™ Some marketers might even think that because their brand is operating alongside a multi-channel strategy, theya€™re already an omni-channel brand, but this is not the case. Ok, so not everything should be a sheep-following exercise, but unfortunately, to remain competitive, youa€™ll have to change your ways and adopt an omni-channel strategy. We have already shared a guide to video SEO and optimized video hosting options for enhanced video SEO, but first you have to know if video marketing is right for you. If I had created a video instead of this blog post to make my point I am sure I would have enticed an (even) bigger audience than I will now. Although some people prefer reading, when we are focused on exposing our marketing efforts to the maximum number of people, video is the answer. Visual content that is interesting, unique and of high-quality will arouse strong feelings within its audience.
Online videos have a big advantage over other marketing content: the human touch it brings to brands.
If you want to ignite curiosity in your potential audience, try dicing your content into shorter videos. When a potential customer is considering doing business with you, they will usually look for customer testimonials. Rising User Statistics: 93 percent of the 600 marketing professionals surveyed said they had used video content in 2013 and 82 percent of them said they found it effective, according to ReelSEO.
Mobile Apps That help Share and Play Videos Are On the Rise: In 2012 and 2013 the average time spent watching videos doubled on mobile phones and tripled on tablets.
Storytelling Through Explainer Videos is a Rising Trend: The new trend of explainer videos that use either animation or actual people to do the storytelling has risen exponentially in recent times. Videos In Emails Improve Click Through Rates: By simply mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, click-through rates were increased by seven (numbers under 10 should be written out, and so should the word percent -AP style) to 13 percent, according to the 2012 Experian Digital Marketing Trend Report.
And if none of the things mentioned above convinced you to use online video for digital marketing in 2014, consider reading this inspiring story of how a small business startup used video to market their brand among 600 potential competitors in the local region.
The FiguresThe practical and conceptual benefits of introducing your business to the rapidly changing digital era are clear and obvious, but the figures tell a more complicated story. Latest Stories[session] Guaranteed Storage PerformanceBy Pat RomanskiSee storage differently! In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Dave Nielsen, Developer Relations at Redis Labs, will shares the functions and data structures used to solve everyday use cases that are driving Redis' popularity.May.
For example, how are multiple containers within an application impacting each other’s performance? Ericsson is a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology – providing equipment, software and services to enable transformation through mobility. Check out this webcast to learn various techniques for designing applications that will scale successfully in Bluemix, for the confidence you need to take your apps to the next level and beyond.May. Peak 10 provides reliable, tailored data center and network services, cloud and managed services. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, AJ Abdallat, CEO of Beyond AI, will discuss what the five main drivers are in Artificial Intelligence that could shape the future of the Internet of Things. This new demand is bringing new issues and challenges and it is important for companies to scale for the coming growth.
A new study from Mintel shows that Millennials are about twice as likely as Baby Boomers to share cell phone numbers with marketers. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. Likes: The countryside, cycling, walking, bird-watching and wildlife, reading and when time permits theatre, concerts and cinema.
Victoria Darragh is an award winning Executive Assistant with over 10 years' experience working in the public, not-for-profit and corporate sectors. A Fellow member of the Association of Personal Assistants as well as a member of the Institute of Professional Administrators, EUMA and the Global PA Network, Victoria regularly presents at conferences and companies across the UK and Ireland, Europe and internationally. Victoria recently won an award at the Mayfair PA Awards for 'Outstanding Contribution to the PA Profession' and has a wealth of experience in creating internal and external PA networks and  working with top companies in the UK helping them to achieve this. Victoria is extremely passionate about the role of the PA and actively encourages it as a truly fantastic career choice.
Gilly gained practical management experience in finance, sales, marketing and training in a variety of roles at Midland Bank, Mars Confectionery and Kettle Foods. A lively, approachable and impactful presentation style makes Gilly a popular and sought after speaker. Allan has built a network of very talented and successful partnerships across Europe, along with running his own consulting & coaching business in the last 10 years, with Innermetrix being at the forefront of this Journey.
A dynamic Training & Development Consulting specialist with extensive Management experience working with leading bluechip Companies.
Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organisation has been pivotal to success. Bill has over 30 years experience as a professional entertainer and Ex Band Secretary of HM Royal Marines Band, Flag Officer Scotland Northern Ireland.
Few people understand the importance of looking after high-profile figures than Joan Serafini.
A native of the Lanarkshire mining village of Holytown John joined the Police Service in 1971. He jogs five miles each day which suits his wife perfectly - by the end of the week he is 35 miles away from her.
John joined Lanarkshire Referees' Association in 1970 and has often been compared to World Cup referee Hugh Dallas - compared to Hugh Dallas he is brilliant!
Since 1998 he has been a regular on the after dinner circuit at a variety of venues ranging from local establishments to top hotels throughout the UK. Lucy Brazier is CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary and The VA Magazine - global training magazines dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals. As editor of the magazines, Lucy works with some of the best trainers of Executive Assistants in the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market. Lucy runs a LinkedIn group for assistants which currently has over 11,500 international members who share information, network and learn. A sought after trainer in her own right, Lucy regularly speaks at and chairs conferences & webinars all over the world.
She collaborates with trainers including Susie Barron-Stubley, Sue France, Julie Perrine, Melba Duncan, Dewoun Hayes, Eth Lloyd, Dr.
And the reason for this hive of activity revolves around the lack of communication regarding a recent train journey I had the unfortunate ‘pleasure’ of experiencing. I thought things couldn’t get much worse after the journey from Birmingham to London where every toilet on board was blocked – quite an inconvenience when the journey is 2hrs 40mins and you are travelling with an 11-year-old.

But they did and my complaint revolves around being  sold a ticket 24 hours before my journey only to find that the train I was planning to catch was not heading to where I needed to be – something I didn’t discover until the train arrived on the platform. But according to First Capital Connect, staff in the national rail booking office at St Pancras International where I bought my ticket 24 hours earlier, are “unlikely to have known that I required timetable or ticket information and “if a customer does not ask for advice, it is assumed they do not need it.” I just assumed that when I bought my ticket to travel from Radlett to St Pancras, the train I would be taking would at least take me there. So of course I have gone back to First Capital Connect to ask how it is possible that the National Rail ticket sellers at St Pancras International are not aware of the lack of trains from Radlett to St Pancras on Sundays considering this has been taking place for the last four months. Clearly, here is a situation where communication has gone very badly wrong  (see our blog in internal communications) – not only have key staff members not been informed of issues affecting the tickets they sell but also the poor, lowly customer has suffered as a consequence. If there are any changes going on within your business that will affect your customers, make sure your staff know for they are the ones in front line and need to portray an efficient, professional image at all times.
Try and be specific when telling them what you want from them and make sure it is within their capabilities.
Find the best way of keeping your staff informed, whether it be about internal issues or those affecting customers. Content Marketing is a technique and strategy used to get found online, build brand awareness, create more traffic to your website, generate inbound lead generation and increase sales. Google cares deeply about not only the quality of your content but also the regularity of its release. It's important to use the proper keywords in the titles of your posts, blogs, articles and press releases.
How often am I providing innovative or educational information to my user base through blogs?
If youa€™re not sure what the differences between the two are, check out our article surrounding this confusion here. Not only are large retailers slowly adapting their strategies to offer a seamless customer experience, but smaller fashion brands are also adapting theirs, too.
Youa€™re aiming to consistently deliver a seamless experience to your customers, so each department will need to be working toward this same overall objective. This is the question we are going to answer in this post, but first there are a couple of other key questions that we need to consider: does my company or brand need videos? We would agree that a motion picture normally attracts us more than an intriguing novel or comic book based on the same story. Let’s compare the different interest levels by looking at the common reaction to text content, infographics or online videos. When real people appear in your video it gains the trust of your users and, with competition growing between brands in almost every online niche, this trust can make all the difference.
This is an effective video marketing tactic if you want to get conversions in the form of subscriptions. If you have a text testimonial with a picture, name and location, they will only be half convinced.
Mobile phone chat apps, such as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp continue to captivate people and increase their worldwide user bases.
You can find more statistics on email marketing via video content in this SmartInsights post. Digital Content Marketing is not just important because of what it can offer, but because it has so many layers and dimensions.
Storage performance problems have only gotten worse and harder to solve as applications have become largely virtualized and moved to a cloud-based infrastructure. By Liz McMillanThe increasing popularity of the Internet of Things necessitates that our physical and cognitive relationship with wearable technology will change rapidly in the near future.
It was about cops dropping mobile phones with a tracking device and following the stealing culprit for an arrest. I had noticed that a growing amount of effort was going into deploying and configuring applications.
Our good friends at HipCricket reported that back in 2012, 44% of consumers were willing to provide personal information in return for a reward, coupon or deal.
As we’ve always said here at Tatango, the best way to capture a mobile phone number from a consumer, is to offer them some sort of incentive to share it.
With a strong business background and interpersonal skills, Gilly is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and developer of people.
With speeches full of helpful tips and practical suggestions that audiences love for their immediate benefits, Gilly’s approach is enjoyable, frank and very memorable.
Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst, Professional Values analyst Attribute Index Analyst. The Entertainment Company is Scotland’s only one-stop answer for quality events, imaginatively presented. Prior to retiral he was Superintendent at Govan - a quaint little fishing village on the banks of the Clyde! His refereeing career has seen him officiate at Scottish Amateur Cup Finals at youth and full amateur level. He really looked forward to a Sunday as this is the only day that his parentage was not openly questioned. With access to the most forward thinking, passionate and knowledgeable trainers in the world as well as personally meeting and speaking to literally thousands of PAs over the last two years, Lucy’s knowledge of the market and what Assistants all over the world are facing on a day to day basis are second to none. She also launched adminchat in January last year – a weekly free training session presented on Twitter and hosted by a different world class trainer every week. This year alone she will have delivered training in the US, Canada, South Africa, Moscow, Milan and of course the UK.
Monica Seeley, Marsha Egan and Bonnie Low Kramen as well as organisations including Pitman, OfficeTeam & Hays.
Lucy has previously worked as a Publishing Director for Wilmington PLC, and has managed a team based in Singapore, New York, Germany & London responsible for 13 magazines, 12 international conferences, awards, trade show attendance and marketing for EMAP. He served as Convener of Finance in the City of Edinburgh Council, as Minister for Finance and Local Government in the Scottish Cabinet and was a member of the Scottish Parliament from 1999 to 2003.
His specialist areas include finance, transport, housing, planning, local government, legislative process and the Scottish Government. No-where in the station were there any signs stating that trains on that day would not be running to St Pancras. Their response – well, there hasn’t really been a satisfactory one and despite my suggestions that their ticket sellers should be better informed, I think it has fallen on deaf ears. Here I share with you my top tips for keeping your staff in the know and your customers happy.
They need to know why they are doing their particular job and how it will affect your customers if they don’t do it properly.  Remember, everyone in your business needs to work together to meet customer needs. There are a number of channels you can use to relay information but you need to decide which one is the most effective whether it be via email, a newsletter or at staff meetings. As a business you need to be pro-active – it’s not the customer’s responsibility to find out what is going on but yours as a business, particularly if you want to build up trust.
The idea is that a company or person regularly creates "unique" content on their website and distributes it consistently throughout the Internet. Out of all the strategies a company can use to create inbound lead generation or to be found online, content marketing is now the most important.

It's also important to use the same keyphrase from the title in the body of content therefore tying it all together. Granted, Amazon is a globally-recognised retailer, but you can see how fast customer service techniques are evolving. With everyone in the company working together to deliver this strategy, communication becomes more free-flowing, barriers are broken and everyone can work synergistically with one another.
But if you have a video testimonial, then you’ll have them: they can identify themselves with the other person and this will eradicate any apprehension they may still have. This type of video is perfect for promoting products and services because they are short, entertaining and convey your marketing message in a unique way. Storage performance in a virtualized environment is not just about IOPS, it is about how well that potential performance is guaranteed to individual VMs for these apps as the number of VMs keep going up real time. Redis speeds up just about every data interaction between your users or operational systems.
14%) What’s even more interesting for SMS marketers is the fact that 51% of Millennials said they would be swayed by an incentive offer to do so, whereas for Baby Boomers, only 25% could be swayed by these same type of incentives. This data from Mintel backs up that claim, as only 30% of Millennials are willing to share their mobile phone number without any sort of incentive, while with an incentive, that percentage increases to 51%.
In addition, Gilly has developed and grown Priority Management in Glasgow with year on year growth; her high standards and expectations throughout the business from administration to delivering training have resulted in a significant market presence.
By introducing people to new working processes and by leveraging existing IT, productivity and performance improvements are immediate, tangible and measurable. Her concept of an event management company seemed to fit in well as another arm of the organisation.The success has come from spotting the possibilities of business events and trips, to and from Scotland. John is a master of mischief and character assasination however he is aware that his job is to entertain and not to offend. Other companies worked for include The Times, The Independent, Centaur Communications and Glass's Guide.
He is the Director responsible for overseeing development of new events, partnerships and products. There have been a flurry of emails hurtling backwards and forwards and still we seem to be at cross-purposes! You can establish authority in your field, gain trust with consumers, create loyalty and strengthen your brand all at the same time by providing insightful, valuable, innovative, and educational information about your services or products. The idea is that if your website is consistently providing updated information it must be more valuable than the website that is not. You need to get quicker and better at identifying customersa€™ needs, and most importantly innovating your customer service to match their ever-growing standards. Look for a concept related to your niche and bring it to life with a blend of creativity and humor ; the perfect recipe to increase your brand’s fan base. Any forms of copying other than an individual user's personal reference without express written permission is prohibited.
In increasingly complex DevOps workflows and environments, and especially in larger, regulated, or more crystallized organizations, these core concepts become even more critical. Now with this new data from Mintel, SMS marketers are able to easily see what percentage of consumers are willing to share their cell phone number with a brand, in addition to how that changes as consumers age. Gilly now has a first class team working with her to deliver the Priority Management programmes. History of successful delivery of a wide range of training solutions within blue chip organisations. She has to organise possibly the most glamorous event ever to hit Scotland.She was the Scottish co-ordinator of the Braveheart film premiere in Stirling, liaising with BAFTA, 20th Century Fox and essential services, such as local police, to ensure the evening for the event went smoothly. He has a particular focus on helping other organisations to match their policy and practice objectives with the best ways to contact and network with the appropriate audience they wish to reach. Think about who they are, where they go, what they do and what makes them your potential client. The digital era is upon us and resisting it is like buying a rotary phone over a brand new iPhone 6.
Further distribution of these materials is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to, posting, emailing, faxing, archiving in a public database, redistributing via a computer network or in a printed form. The ability to turn your IoT service into profit requires the ability to create a monetization strategy that is flexible, scalable and working for you in real-time. I liked the feel of the day, it was relaxed and the chance to mingle with others was helpful, not only during the group discussion but also in the market place. Content marketing is a critical piece of any well thought out Search Engine Optimization campaign. But if you can manage to make one, the competition will be so sparse that it will set you apart from others in your industry. Digital content marketing is so essential today that marketers have largely shifted the conversation from "Why digital?" to "What digital strategy?" Digital marketing strategies are today's epicenter of focus and investment.
While this is the best portfolio for them to invest on, they need to periodically step back and evaluate the end objectives. The FactsDigital Content Marketing is important because it is effective and it is effective for the following essential reasons: ExposureEmail.
Today's platforms and delivery systems are amassing and knowing how to reach your audience through a digital content marketing strategy that comprehends when, where and how to navigate the digital age could not be more important.
All fit comfortably into our present-day rubric of common online communication and engagement, both at the personal and professional level.
Digital Content Marketing gives you access to the kind of wide ranging, on-target, multi-dimensional exposure you crave but can't find in a traditional print program.ReachThe fact of the matter is, digital can confidently promise a quick and easy million-person reach (provided the content is there) while print lingers in the thousands.
Going digital means taking that essential leap forward in understanding and absorbing the complexities of our socially interconnected e-commerce world. The newspapers, magazines, brochures and publications of yesterday were a vital middleman bridge between businesses and their customers, but they confined and restricted channels of communication between the two parties. Today's brick-and-mortar businesses are asking themselves a number of questions, some easy some hard, that need answering one way or another. RosettaBrand's knowledge and expertise compels it to believe wholeheartedly in digital content marketing, its importance and the role it will continue to play. We've all faced that 21st century dilemma of having to sacrifice the traditional likeability of a paperback book for a convenient and cost-friendly digital download.
But the strategic basis for adopting a digital content marketing program is truly revealed by its cost effectiveness. Not only are businesses able to distribute digital content for less, customers are more inclined to respond positively to the offer of a cheaper option.Expansion64% of Americans own a smartphone. What needs to be noted is the fact that these numbers are not only clearly expanding, but are representative of a business' potential for expansion as well. Today's businesses have the unique privilege of undergoing the step-by-step journey through the digital content marketing world by launching a website, starting a Facebook page, developing a mobile eReader app.

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