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We offer a whole range of marketing services all of which are crucial for the long term success of a business.
At top level, a marketing plan is a tool that pulls together the marketing strategy for your business, your products and your services – it’s a plan that will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd, tell people you exist and increase sales, revenue and growth. It’s a document that will keep you on track with your marketing strategies, goals and objectives but also within your budget. Once you have built your marketing plan and created a strategy, it will lay out the foundations of where you need to go to build a successful business. We hope that this guide helps you to understand the marketing opportunities within your own business to help it thrive and would be happy to offer you any advice on how to build and implement a successful marketing plan to make your business a success. I’m sure when you started your Nu Skin business, you knew there are millions of reps in your Nu Skin MLM company. Your Nu Skin blog will speak about YOU and educate people about how you do business prior to any prospecting process that takes place. And that is what will increase your readers’ trust and credibility in YOU not your company!
Multi level marketing blog offers a great platform to interact with your readers, ask questions, find out what is keeping them awake at night with their eyes wide open and offer solutions that can help their online MLM business to grow. There is a huge opportunity for you to capitalize on these benefits and become remarkable in your MLM company and I know my coaching can help you. If you’re looking for a marketing tool system to learn online marketing AND generate leads, here is my second secret revealed. Customers are your primary goal. Being an entrepreneur, you have to know what entices your customers. Increasing those sales. You cannot sell any products or services without some form of marketing.
Create trust and establish reputation. People want to buy from a business that has a trustworthy reputation. There's no question about it: An effective content marketing campaign will increase your organic search traffic.
The purpose of this post is to offer a primer on how to properly implement a content marketing plan.
While the rest of this post will mention SEO benefits very little, make no mistake: An effective content marketing campaign is a major driver of increases in rankings and organic search traffic.
For the purposes of this post, our focus is on content marketing that is designed to help bring new prospects into the top of your sales funnel.
However, in many cases, your efforts will build relationships with people who will never become customers. In addition, once people are already engaged with you, the nature of the content that you should produce to move them through later stages of the sales funnel is different in structure from what I will focus on in today’s post. The best way to think about content marketing, from a relationship and visibility perspective, is that it can drive increases in awareness of your brand, and that’s a pretty good start.
One of the great changes that the Web brought to us is that it put customers in more direct control of the dialog between a brand and themselves.
The Web changed that, as there was no longer any reason for a potential customer to deal with commercial messaging they didn’t want. This thinking even penetrated to TV ads, where many commercials today strive to provide some level of entertainment value and can therefore also be considered content marketing. As the understanding of content marketing grew, so did the number of channels available on the Web.
However, there are so many social media options and so many different sites where brands can publish content that most companies have to choose a few to focus on. As a result, it’s critical that you get the content team and the social team to collaborate. You also need to make sure that your outreach efforts to promote your content don’t end up conflicting with outreach efforts or relationships that they routinely manage.
The reasons for collaboration with the PR team are many, so make sure to include them in the mix. It turns out that there are other types of people worth engaging with (not just your target audience). Media people are important because they can write about your content, or they may publish some of your content on their site. Getting them to share your content can have a large beneficial impact, and it may result in many media people seeing your content and then writing about it, asking you for an interview or offering a guest post opportunity.
Or it may be as simple as the media person learning you exist, and at some later date when you reach out to them to talk about some other piece of content, you already have credibility with them, and you have a much better chance of a successful dialog.
Content marketing targeted at building your reputation and visibility is NOT about promoting your products or services.
If you do this on a continual basis, people begin to feel that they have a relationship with you, even if they are not interacting directly with you. Getting the foundational concepts right will help you get so much more out of your content marketing efforts.

Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. We know this because we have vast experience in building and implementing marketing plans and measuring the success of them. It covers everything about your business and how you will market it; from information about your target market (who your audience is and what they want) to the tools and channels that you are going to use to reach your target market. It helps you plan for the year ahead… or 2 years, or 5 years or even 10 years ahead and ensures you keep your focus on your end ‘marketing goal’ whilst progressing forward.
Expect some trial and error before you reach the right people in the right way but by constantly reviewing and analysing the impact that your marketing activities are having, it won’t be long before you see positive results. But why is it important to have a MLM Blog if you are in Nu Skin network marketing business? When you first start your Nu Skin MLM blog, the truth is you are hungry to generate leads, sponsor people in your MLM network marketing business and make MONEY! Your blog will become an education and training center for your existing team and your potential prospects.
Your readers will want to become your subscribers for the value they will get in return and will be WILLING to pay you for your expertise! This will happen through commenting and replying back to their comments with productive solutions and positive comments.
If you want to know how I generated 600 leads in less than 2 weeks when I first started my online business, here is my secret. The biggest challenge that most entrepreneurs have, is consistently appealing to their customers wants and needs.
Your business will not gain any customers if they do not know what your business has to offer. If you are too busy or not sure what to do with marketing, you should consider outsourcing. It’s designed to create a fun, positive, and informative atmosphere while learning new and innovative ways to apply marketing tips… right to your inbox! However, as noted above, centering your campaigns solely around old-fashioned SEO thinking is often dangerous. Those relationships can still have great value if they help spread your content far and wide. No interaction was possible, and the largely sedentary customer received the commercial messages whether they wanted them or not. Smart brands began to realize that they really needed to engage the prospect and use content to add value to their lives.
You can publish content on your own site, develop relationships to publish content on third-party sites, or leverage social media platforms. The content helps you grow your social presence, and your social presence can increase the ROI on your content by sending it visitors, subscribers and links.
Since content marketing is integral to the expansion of your company’s reputation and visibility, you should involve your PR team. For example, someone with a large social media following can be an influencer, even if they don’t have their own blog or media site.
In addition, if you have multiple problems to fix from my list above, fix them one at a time. As long as you offer REAL value in the written copy, your Nu Skin blog will act as an attraction magnet. Whether you’re selling an online marketing product, an opporutnity or a physical product, they will be enticed to do it because they trust you. Marketing your business is the way to inform your community that you are worth their dollar bills! Even though your potential customer may desperately need your services, it is imperative to nurture your marketing process instead of going gung ho on a sales pitch. Simply Devise offers personalized marketing packages, writing and design services that can help your business go from good to remarkable. By focusing on reputation and visibility first, you will actually net the best links as a byproduct.
They may have many relevant relationships that can help with the promotion of the content pieces you produce. Let’s take a look at some recent numbers that show the rate of return for some classic advertising channels. Not only that, but they will in fact start joining your MLM business as they see you as a thought authority leader in your niche.
Some entrepreneurs realize they need marketing, but fail to realize it is not all about posting from time to time on social media, few advertisements and knocking out sales. It is crucial to conduct research and figure out what exactly are the needs and wants of my target market. Discover new ways to attract new customers and keep the existing ones.

When your company is marketed correctly, people will see a genuine person that wants to fulfill their needs.
If your business is lacking powerful marketing solutions then it is time to call in the reinforcements.
You’ll then be perceived as a thought authority leader in your niche and an expert in your network marketing company or online marketing business.
There is a great deal of relation between your MLM blog content offered and building that likability, trust and credibility factors. Having an explosive marketing plan will constantly develop leads on potential customers that could later become sales. Keeping your marketing influential and geared towards your customer wants and needs will score a home run. The right marketing will show that you are committed to ensuring the highest form of customer satisfaction.
Your business success is at stake and it is crucial that you realize outsourcing your marketing can help your business survive. Note that these numbers are from a 2013 study, and should likely be adjusted for different markets and industry segments. When customers enjoy your marketing tactics they will keep coming back, but you must remember to rotate marketing ideas so that your customers are excited about your plan to gain their business. Browse Simply Devise services and find out more information on how we can help you market your business. If you have serviced your customers’ referrals that means those customers not only believe in you and your product or services they are also invested in you. That is why I stress to entrepreneurs that they have to spend time on what is important in their business and know when to outsource their work. Outstripping the alternatives with an ROI of about 30%.Here’s another from the Direct Marketing Association published in 2015 (with figures displayed slightly differently than the chart above) in MarketingCharts:Do those figures look impressive? Ultimately, the success or failure of a marketing channel is based upon the combination of its reach and the relevance of its message to the audience.
And, of course, relevance implies both suitability and timeliness to the audience’s situation. So the right message has to be heard by the right prospective customer, at the right time.And that can be difficult, right?In fact, this sounds even harder when you consider the number of advertising impressions that consumers face today. It may not be quite as many as the mythic 5000 per day that we’re supposed to be exposed to (as has been discussed in this short article post-scripted by J. We continue to be oversaturated by traditional and digital marketing methods that advertisers employ to reach our eyeballs and ear-holes.The fact is, the more of those messages you see, the more those messages are irrelevant to you. The marketers who created the message aren’t likely people that you know personally; there are many degrees of separation between you, the audience, and them, the marketers. This separation creates a gulf that must be crossed with some form of familiarity.Developing a Sense of FamiliarityMarketers work hard to create this sense of familiarity with things you might know, like a celebrity’s face, a tune you recognize, or perhaps a taste or image that evokes a feeling in you.
That gulf has to be crossed because you have no personal relationship with the person who created the message, and the lack of such a relationship creates a trust gap; a psychological barrier between the marketer’s message, and your impetus to buy what they are selling. Because this gulf is hard to cross, and few people are willing to cross it to make a purchase, marketers need to reach more people more frequently in order to acquire new customers. Hence the performance of these wide-gulf marketing programs is poor, while the costs can be relatively high.When the marketer is someone you trust, someone you know personally, or perhaps even someone you love, that marketing message suddenly carries more importance. Not the bullshit one-to-one marketing falsely created by a CRM system that supposedly knows everything about you, but actual contact between two humans.
And, perhaps not surprisingly, referral marketing fees are well below the average cost of other methods of customer acquisition.How Referral Marketing Fees Are Less Than Traditional MethodsTaking some of the examples above, let’s imagine that you are trying to acquire a customer who will spend $25 per month on your subscription service. Let’s say that the average client has a lifetime-value of 3 years, or $900 to your business.Let’s say that you generated a direct email campaign in order to reach that customer, and converted successfully as a result. Market statistics say that it will have cost you an incremental $775 in advertising fees to acquire that one customer.However if one of your existing customers, already happy with your service, recommended a friend, and that friend signed up, your costs would have been significantly lower. In fact, for the cost of the referral marketing program itself, as well as paying a small reward to the referrer and the new customer, net incremental costs would be closer to $75 in referral marketing fees, or about 90% less than traditional methods.Remember those ROI statistics we looked at earlier – the ones that made the 30% return on investment of magazines look like money well spent? By eliminating all the work that goes into creating an artificial relationship with consumers to bridge that trust gulf, you save significantly on the costs of advertising.
About the authorNeil Parker Neil is the VP Product Management and Marketing at RewardStream.
Neil has 20 years experience in Product Management and Marketing at companies such as Glenayre, Infowave, Sierra Wireless, Contigo Systems and Contractually. He has also spent the last 30 years as a semiprofessional drummer and plays with a number of acts you’ve never heard of, but it keeps him off the streets at night.
Neil just wants to work everyday with amazing people to deliver applications that become stitched into the fabric of everyday life.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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