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Windows Media Player 12 co kh? nang nh?n d?ng va choi h?u h?t cac d?nh d?ng Audio nh?c va 1 s? Video. Windows Media Player 12 co 2 ch? d? chuy?n d?i danh cho b?n, do la ch? d? Thu Vi?n va Now Playing. Kh? nang choi Video c?a Windows Media Player 12 con h?n ch?, nhi?u d?nh d?ng khong ch?y du?c, b?n c?n cai K-Lite Codec Pack thi m?i co th? phat du?c.
Giao di?n phat nh?c c?a Windows Media Player 12 theo phong cach trong su?t d?c trung c?a Windows 7. Phanmemaz chia s? link t?i Windows Media Player 12 cho Windows Xp, cac b?n co th? tr?i nghi?m ph?n m?m nay qua link ben du?i. V?i du?ng truy?n internet ADSL b?n co th? d? dang xem tivi online ma khong c?n ph?i vao cac trang web xem tivi tr?c tuy?n c?a cac dai truy?n hinh. Nh?n ti?p OK thi b?n s? th?y Windows Media Player s? load kenh lenh, va r?i b?n du?c xem tivi gi?ng nhu la b?n dang xem m?t b? phim t? may tinh v?y.
Nhung n?u v?y thi trong playlist c?a b?n ch? co 1 kenh tivi thoi va m?i l?n xem thi m?t cong ph?i m? l?i Open URL (l? quen URL thi sao ^^). Luc nay b?n ch? c?n ch?y file asx nay thi Windows Media Player t? d?ng m? va b?n s? co m?t playlist d?y d? cac kenh ma b?n da li?t ke trong file. Ph?c t?p qua b?n a!Dung "Internet TV" nh? g?n, xem h?u h?t cac kenh tren th? gi?i luon b?n a! Th?c ra v?i cach tren cung r?t d?, b?n ch? c?n copy m?y du?ng link ma minh da d? ? cu?i bai vao notepad, ch?n save l?i va d?i ten *.asx la xong ma.
Starmovie thi ko co dau b?n ?, mu?n xem ph?i dung ph?n m?m d?ng P2P Stream nhu Sopcast, TVUPlayer ho?c PPStream (b?n co th? Google d? hi?u ro hon).

D? gi?i quy?t cac vu?ng m?c trong vi?c xem TV online b?ng WMP thi ch? c?n ai do up len 1 file Notepad co ch?a t?t c? URL c?a cac kenh TH (duong nhien la hi?n gi? ph?i s? d?ng du?c) v?y la xong. Please note this website requires cookies in order to function correctly, they do not store any specific information about you personally. D? thay d?i mau ch?, mau n?n va font c?a l?i bai hat, keo thanh cu?n xu?ng cu?i l?i bai hat va click "Configure". Nhung v?n co m?t s? codec trong WMP 12 tren Windows 7 v?n chua du?c h? tr?, b?n co th? t?i v? Windows 7 Codec Pack, no s? giup b?n xem du?c 99.9 % cac lo?i Video va audio hi?n nay. Windows 7 Codec Pack s? khong lam thay d?i he th?ng c?a b?n, no ch? tich h?p them vao cac codec giup trinh Windows Media Player (WMP) c?a b?n choi du?c t?t cac file video, audio. B?n co th? g?i nh?n xet, gop y hay lien h? v? bai vi?t Chen ph? d? vao Windows Media Player va VLC Media Player b?ng cach g?i thu di?n t? t?i Lien He Bao Viet Nam. Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, do the job, common programs, Windows Tips, subtitles, of you, insert, view, video, film, file How to insert subtitles in movies when viewed in the now commonly used programs such as Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player.
Phien b?n Windows Media Player 12 v?i nhi?u tinh nang d?c dao va kh? nang choi nh?c c?c da giup b?n thu gian v?i nh?ng bai hat yeu thich. La ph?n m?m du?c Microsoft t?o ra va phat tri?n, qua t?ng phien b?n Windows Media Player ngay cang ch?ng t? cho ngu?i dung th?y du?c la ?ng d?ng ch?y nh?c don gi?n, hi?u qu? va tr?c quan, d? s? d?ng va ch?t lu?ng khong h? thua kem b?t c? ph?n m?m tuong t? khac. N?u nhu ? ch? d? Thu vi?n, ngu?i dung co th? qu?n ly va quan sat d?y d? thong tin c?a t?ng b?n nh?c.
Trong danh sach phat, danh d?u x?p h?ng cho bai hay ma b?n thich d? nghe nh?c hi?u qu? hon.
Mu?n xem kenh nao b?n double len kenh do d? xem, r?t nhanh chong va ti?n l?i ph?i khong nao?

Plugin nay s? t? tim va hi?n th? l?i bai hat cho b?n khi choi nh?c b?ng Windows Media Player. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Tuy nhien trong Windows 12, Microsoft da tich h?p cac codec h? tr? play cho cac d?nh d?ng ph? bi?n nhu Divx va MP4. Xin bao g?m ten bai vi?t Chen phu de vao Windows Media Player va VLC Media Player ? d?ng ti?ng Vi?t khong d?u. Con ? ch? d? Now Playing cho b?n giao di?n tr?c quan, danh sach phat du?c li?t ke ? ben ph?i giup b?n d? dang thay d?i bai hat cung nhu th? t? c?a chung. Phien b?n m?i nh?t la KMPlayer 3.7 Final, b?n co th? t?i v? va so sanh ch?t lu?ng c?a 2 ph?n m?m nay. Do la:B?n hay dung m?t chuong trinh so?n th?o b?t ki (Notepad cung du?c), t?o m?t file m?i r?i chep cac link URL c?a cac kenh tivi vao. Theo ph?n anh thi khong gian luu tr? tren di?n tho?i c?a h? t? nhien b? bi?n m?t d?y bi ?n. Tru?c khi ch? don nh?ng di?u tuy?t v?i ? nam 2016 thi chung ta hay cung xem l?i v?i nh?ng n? l?c c?a minh, h? da t?o du?c d?u ?n gi dang nh? trong nam v?a qua.

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