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Microsoft Security Essentials windows 8.1 is a free as well as fully supportive software for you. Windows 8.1 is the latest version of the client operating system from Microsoft available for end users. Open the Control Panel (see all the possible ways to open Control Panel in Windows 8.1)A  and go to the Control Panel\System and Security. All drivers for your hardware should be correctly installed and you should use the latest available drivers for your hardware. If a new driver gives you problems, you can also press Rollback Driver from Device Manager to revert to an earlier stable version of the driver.
Video card (Display adapters)Expand the device category and then right click on the device in Device Manager and choose 'Properties' from its context menu. When you open the System Log or Application Log, you can use filtering to hide events which are 'Information' and 'Audit'.
The new power management concept of Windows 8 is about maximum power saving to be energy-efficient on tablets, so it uses dynamic ticking. If all your hardware, drivers and apps are configured correctly and your system is malware-free, then try to disable the dynamic ticks to get rid of any hangs you may be experiencing because of this Windows 8.1 feature. Abhishek is a qualified blogger and Windows enthusiast, who loves to write about computers. Fast Startup or Hyper-V may be incompatible on some hardware, causing freezes, when it is not a graphics driver issue (very common to cause freeze ups in any version of windows). All of these suggestions are helpful and were part of the path I took to figure out my solution. Regarding Windows 8.1 Freezing, after looking into several things over the past few weeks I think I finally discovered the problem. I always had the feeling something was updating behind the scenes, especially because in most cases if I waited, it unfroze. The problem is all your programs are updating behind the scenes because they’ve been factory programmed to update at weird times. Acer forum had no clue about it and many folks got the device returned (not an option for me since I bought it while travelling abroad) but this made that type of freeze completely old news!!!! Thought this I have now once in a while freeze (black screen) when resetting the PC or when trying to bring it back from Sleep. Yet when I did what RosalieG suggested I found all the ASUS settings at Vista or earlier OS. In all the fuss about the Start screen, it's easy to miss that Windows 8 had major improvements to security; that was the culmination of ten years of work on defending the operating system, senior product manager Chris Hallum told us. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
After being tested on both Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Microsoft Surface Pro, it was concluded that the boot time is the same, with the only difference being of only fractions of a second.
Windows 10 is better, but only by taking into consideration the time that can be saved by using facial recognition. Windows 8’s interface was specifically made for touchscreen devices, without considering that many users don’t have those types of computers or laptops. It also has a new interface option, inspired by Linux, that lets you create a virtual desktop. Another addition to Windows 10 is the Cortana search bar, which allows you to enter voice commands or type them to search your apps already installed in your PC. Even though it wasn’t as loved by users as it was hoped, Windows 8 was considered very stable compared to Windows 10 which was pretty shaky at first. Windows 8 was the first operating system that came with an incorporated antimalware protection, which prevented the PCs from being infected with the most harmful types of viruses. In the case of Windows 10, it also comes with an antivirus, but Microsoft is working with PC manufacturers to prevent the users to disable it, which can be an inconvenience for users who want to dual-boot OSes. Windows 8.1 is considered a good OS for tablets, but the downside is that it doesn’t have as many high quality apps as wanted in the Store. Second of all, it has a Battery Saver mode, diffusing the light on the screen and eliminating some notifications which can use up the battery.
Apesar das varias medidas de seguranca que foram implementadas no Windows 10, e essencial que os utilizadores tenham instalado um Antivirus. Esse upgrade e valido para dispositivos compativeis, com Windows 7, 8 e 8.1, nas versoes Home e Pro. Relativamente a seguranca, a Microsoft ja tinha revelado que o Windows 10 e o mais seguro de sempre. Funciona como uma primeira linha de defesa contra ataques de phishing ou sites que tentam “roubar” dados aos utilizadores. Esta e uma funcao muito util para equipamentos que sao partilhados por utilizadores, permitindo definir assim varias medidas de proteccao por utilizador. Alem das funcionalidades de seguranca do proprio Windows, e fundamental que o utilizador tenha um antivirus instalado no sistema. Estes nao serao os unicos AVs a ter suporte para o Windows 10 ate porque existem outras empresas, como por exemplo a o G Data, que ja anunciaram o suporte para o novo sistema operativo da Microsoft, o Windows 10. E no caso do upgrade desde o Windows 8 acho que esta errado, so o 7 e o 8.1 devem ser aptos. O McAfee funciona bem, nao tive problemas na actualizacao e esta a funcionar correctamente. Se ja activaste o update do Win 8.1 ao W10, entao faz uma PEN USB bootable do ISO do W10, formata tudo (menos a particao de restauro) e instala o W10 do zero.

Entretanto fiz um restauro do sistema para valores de origem mas perdi todos os ficheiros e apps instaladas.
Esta e nova para mim… estao me a dzr q ao contrario do 8 e 8.1 e necessario instalar um antivirus? O meu caro, eu vou ainda mais longe o meu portatil veio com windows vista de origem, e ja trzia anti-virus instalado (Mcafee), so que so durava 60 dias, tal como o Office 2007, ao contrario do windows XP, em que a licelca era vitalicia (ate instalar outra versao, se quisesse), e trouxe-me o Norton com uma licenca, que salvo erro durou-me 4 anos. Amigo, sem querer contrariar a tua experiencia e opiniao, instale o SpyHunter (ou um similar) e verifique se nao vai acusar cetenas (isso mesmo…. Para alem do malwarebytes de vez em quanto tambem corro outro tipo de anti-virus para fazer double-check e continuo a dizer que tenho 0.
O Comodo Internet Security tambem esta totalmente apto a ser instalado no Windows 10 e funciona perfeitamente.
Esta empresa (Av-Comparatives) nunca fala do Norton porque eles nao querem participar nos testes que eles realizam.
Windows 8.1 Update is out today, as if you didn’t know, and is a mandatory update for all users of the latest iteration of the tiled OS. We’ve covered it in depth here, and Microsoft released a power guide for it yesterday, but if you still want to know more about what’s new, and why you might want to consider upgrading to "New Windows" Microsoft has rolled out a selection of introductory videos.
There are four to watch: "Meet the New Windows", "Make Windows All About You", "Get Around Faster With The Charms", and "Your Familiar Desktop, Only Better".
Each of the videos lasts three-four minutes and is packed with information on how to do lots of things with the new OS.
There are a number of user-facing enhancements, which make it better suited for use on non-touch screen devices.
Windows 8.1 Update 1 is available to download now for MSDN subscribers and will go on general release on 8 April.
Traditional PCs and laptops which don’t have a touchscreen and will not boot directly to desktop with the 8.1 Update. Microsoft had added an Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE) and improved Mobile Device Management (MDM). EMIE brings Internet Explorer 8 compatibility to Internet Explorer 11 so companies can run legacy web-based apps in the latest version of Windows.
MDM functioanlity includes the ability to add whitelists or blacklists for Windows Store apps, URL filters, and Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer settings.
The Windows 8.1 Update also supports low-end specification machines - with 1GB of RAM and 16GB HDD. Not all users are aware you can start typing on the Start Screen to initiate a search - so Microsoft has added a little icon in the top right hand corner. This is accompanied by a little power icon, which makes it quick to reboot or shut down your PC.
When Metro apps are opened in the desktop - pointing the mouse at the top of the app will reveal the traditional options to close the app or minimise it. A right click on a Live Tile will now bring up a set of comprehensive options, including the ability to run the app as an administrator or turn the Live tile off.
The Windows Store app is pinned to the taskbar by default so you can get apps from the desktop. Newly downloaded apps don’t automatically appear on the Start Screen interface and it can be hard to locate them. A Cool Fun Loving Guy Who Came into field of Blogging Just for fun and now is on the way to be an entreprenur and now reading books for fun. I have been using Avast for more than 3 years now and feel its a good antivirus which is available for FREE. I have already been an Avast fan for quite a while, but interestingly immediately after installing the Glass windows 8. This software deliver the protection or security to your system against malicious threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, etc.
Although it is designed to be stable and supports various hardware, sometimes it can hang for some reason. Click 'Advanced' and allow it to run as Administrator to increase the chances of the issue being fixed. Switch to the 'Driver' tab and try to disable the device and then boot into the normal session to see if it helps. Start Event Viewer (EventVwr.exe) from Administrative Tools and expand the Windows Logs category.
Right click the System Log and set up filtering to show only Errors and Warnings so you can narrow down the problem. This new concept involves processor coalescing or batching together ticks when idle, only delivering them when some specific event happens.
While he is focused on writing about technology topics, his great skills and experience allow him to write on almost any topic he is interested in. Only disable one and then test your system after a startup, in order to work out the cause.
While 8.1 is meant to check these automatically, I have found that a full DSKCHK run as administrator can sometimes pick things up. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The operating system was supposed to be a road-opener for the touchscreen era, but after it came out, the consumers were adamant about still using their mouse and keyboard. Windows 10 corrected the errors, by designing the start menu as a Windows 7 and Windows 8 hybrid, to allow users to use it even on devices without a touchscreen.

Meaning, you can sort your apps on different desktops connected to the same PC, according to their intended use. We’re sure that it will improve over time, but for the time being, several bugs can still be found in the newest system.
Aside from that, the new operating system comes with face and iris recognition as an authentication option which is pretty convenient.
On the other hand, Windows 10 wants to bring users universal apps, which can be downloaded on a tablet, PC and phones.
First of all, because of Continuum, an adaptor of Windows 10’s interface for using it on hybrid devices. It shows potential and it’s also a way for Microsoft to demonstrate that they can do what other thought farfetched: an OS that can work with computers, tablets, and laptops. No mercado existem varias ofertas mas so alguns AVs sao, neste momento, compativeis com o novo sistema operativo da Microsoft. Pode ser feito durante os proximos 12 meses, ate dia 29 de julho de 2016 e, uma vez instalado, e gratuito durante o tempo de vida do dispositivo. O Windows 10 tal como o Windows 8.1 tem o Windows Defender que e anti-malware, anti-virus e anti-spyware. Ora se eu levar vacina contra a doenca xpto e depois essa doenca nao tiver forma de ser rastreada, nunca vou saber se a vacina foi eficaz. E tudo em 1, embora a licenca seja anual, mas compensa porque nunca tive problemas com as maquinas. They are all worth watching, although admittedly the narration style quickly gets irritating (maybe it’s just me). This is a useful feature for business users who are unlikely to be using the Start Screen with their legacy applications. Microsoft has also revealed a 64-bit verison of Windows will be available for the Intel Atom chipset.
Not only does this mean you can access them without having to go the Start Screen, but it also means they open up in the desktop. Microsoft security essentials is one of the best antivirus for Windows 8.1 and you can also test it. 1 beta, Microsof company has prevented Avast from running and rates incompatibility issues. If you are one of those unlucky users who experiences Windows 8.1 hangs or freezes, here are some basic tips for you which can help to resolve the problem.
If you don't find drivers on Windows Update, search for the manufacturer's website and download them. If you are sure that you have all the necessary drivers, then you can also try to uninstall the problematic driver.
Avoid relying on Microsoft Security Essentials are it doesn't protect you 100% against all kinds of threats. Check the System log and Application log for any serious errors that may be causing Windows to hang or crash.
Events are usually sorted by time and date so check for the most recent events in the System log and Application log to determine what may have caused the hang. The machine got freeze every time I detached it from the keyboard or when switching between Users. Might the person who managed to solve everybody’s problem not possibly be a person of the female persuasion? Windows 10, on the other hand, shows progress in the digital world and is largely considered better than its predecessor.
At the moment though, it requires a special Intel RealSense 3D camera, but in the future, the computers and laptops will hopefully have it integrated. For example, you can have one desktop destined for communication, with Skype, Outlook and other message centers, and you can have another one destined for work, with the Microsoft Office pack and a web browser.
We don’t know if it will be done in the future, but even without them, Windows 10 is considered better. For example, if you disconnect the keyboard, the OS automatically enters the tablet mode, and vice versa: if you connect the keyboard, it goes back to normal mode. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! It then prompts to a fix around the Avast site, which then points back towards regular download about Download. This software automatically quickly runs on your system and removes the harmful threats after scanning procedure. Protecting against stolen certificatesMicrosoft will also be more active about protecting the browser against stolen certificates; because the browser trusts those certificates to identify popular web sites that you log into, hackers have started targeting them (and the authorities who issue them) as a way to break into your accounts. If you recently installed a new device driver and started experiencing hangs or crashes, enable the Last Known Good Configuration feature, restart Windows and restore your last stable hardware configuration. That's why all versions of Windows will now include encryption; BitLocker in the business editions and the same device encryption that's already in Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 in the home editions. That means the PC has a UEFI BIOS and either a separate Trusted Platform Module (TPM), ARM's Trusted Zone or Intel's Platform Trust Technology for storing information securely. This will use the record of secure boot stored in the TPM to verify that your PC isn't infected.

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