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This document describes how to set up, troubleshoot, and use the HP MediaSmart TV as the Extender for Windows Media Center. In addition, you can set up and use your MediaSmart TV as the Extender for Windows Media Center. The following illustration lists some features of using digital media from your MediaSmart TV for MediaSmart mode and for the Extender for Windows Media Center mode. Some of the media experience features in Windows Media Center are not available when using the Extender for Windows Media Center device. For MediaSmart mode: To open the Media menu, press the Media button on the MediaSmart TV remote control. The Media mode interface was designed by HP and provides a unique and simple way to navigate through personal content and online media. For the Extender for Windows Media Center mode: To open the menu from Media Center, press the Media Center Green Start button on the remote control (or, select Windows Media Center icon in the Media menu). Some of the media experience features in Windows Media Center are not available when using the Extender for Windows Media Center device..
The Extender for Windows Media Center interface was designed by Microsoft and is similar to Microsoft Media Center interface you see at the computer. To use the MediaSmart TV in Extender for Windows Media Center mode you need a PC with Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate operating system.
PCs running Windows-based operating system, such as Windows XP (Service pack 2 or later), with either Windows Media Player 11 or any other third-party media server. Network-attached storage (NAS) devices running Windows Media Connect or other UPnP-compliant media servers such as HP Media Vault and HP MediaSmart Servers. Any device with a DLNA-compliant media server, including non-Windows based PCs or other consumer electronic devices with media streaming capabilities such as digital cameras or digital telephones.
The HP user experience in MediaSmart mode has been optimized for PCs running Windows Media Player 11. Both MediaSmart and the Extender for Windows Media Center modes allow you to stream digital photos, music, and videos to your MediaSmart TV. Both the MediaSmart and the Extender for Windows Media Center modes allow you to access online content directly from your MediaSmart. The Extender for Windows Media Center mode allows you to control live TV if your computer has a TV Tuner, and it is connected to a TV signal source. Press Record to begin recording the live TV program you are watching, or to mark for recording the program listed in the Windows Media Center Program Guide. It is not unusual for users to have in the home multiple PCs or other devices that can stream digital media content such as a NAS. To use the Extender for Windows Media Center feature, the computer must use Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate operating system, which includes the Media Center application. For Live TV and other features provided by Microsoft, your computer must have a TV tuner connected to a cable or off-the-air antenna. Your computer may require an active (live) connection to the Internet while you set up your MediaSmart as an extender. These models require a firmware update before you can set up for the Extender for Windows Media Center.
The Network Performance Monitor measures the bandwidth between the computer and the Extender for Windows Media Center (MediaSmart TV).
The Network Performance Monitor displays a graphic of the network performance between the Extender for Windows Media Center and the computer. To navigate through the Windows Media Center menus and play media, just as you would when using the Windows Media Center remote control pointed at the computer, use the Arrows, OK, and Back buttons on the MediaSmart remote control. Press Record to begin recording the live TV program you are watching, or to mark for recording a program in the Windows Media Center Program Guide.
Your computer may require an active (live) connection to the Internet while you set up your MediaSmart TV as an extender. Despite the disappointment about Ceton’s Q DVR player not being released, Ceton fans still have something to celebrate with the company’s new product called the Echo Windows Media Center Extender. The new product is said to be very much smaller than the famous Xbox 360’s power brick but it packs quite the hardware since it boasts more efficiency by using only about 5 watts. Ceton also guarantees a large number of accesses to data whether live or recorded through the Echo. The device is said to be released to the US market by Thanksgiving of this year so we do not have a very long time to wait.
A Media Center Extender is a standalone device that you can purchase at many consumer electronics stores and online retailers. If you want to watch and record live TV using an Extender, you must have a TV tuner connected to or installed in your computer. Older Extender models that were developed for use with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 will not work with Windows 7. Connection problems can occur while you're setting up an Extender, or after the Extender was successfully set up. If you're having connection problems when using an Xbox 360 as an Extender, see the Connection Issues article on the Microsoft website. If the only firewall running on your computer is Windows Firewall, make sure that the Media Center Extenders check box is selected in the Windows Firewall settings. If you're using a firewall other than Windows Firewall, you might need to manually configure the firewall's settings for your Extender to work properly. If you're using a wired connection, make sure that the Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port on your Extender. If your computer is joined to a domain, some network domain policies might be set that prevent Extenders from connecting to your computer. If your Extender is connected to the network using a wireless connection, make sure that it's within range of the wireless access point or router with as few obstructions as possible between the Extender and the access point. If your wireless network uses a security key, verify that you have the correct network security key for the type of wireless network security method that your network uses. Depending on which model of Extender you have, there might be an update available from the device manufacturer that allows you to play some newer file formats.
On the Network Tuner screen, follow the instructions to determine if there is enough available bandwidth on your home network to run your Extender.
If you are using a wireless network and using a wired network connection isn't a viable option for you, consider upgrading your wireless network to use a faster wireless network connection. For more information about improving your network connection when using an Extender, see Optimize your home network for Windows Media Center Extenders.

When using an Extender, try to avoid performing tasks on the computer that use a lot of computer system resources. The Extender might not be able to connect because your computer is either turned off, in Sleep mode, or in Hibernate mode.
If you see a message saying that a valid IP address was not found, it means that your Extender couldn't acquire a valid Internet Protocol (IP) address and that the connection with your computer failed. The following table highlights some of the Media Center experiences that aren't available when using an Extender. Here are some links to other resources that might help you find solutions to problems with your Extender. If you encounter errors when using an Extender, you can go open the Event Viewer in Windows and look for errors associated with Windows Media Center and your Extender. Check out the The Green Button, a Media Center community site with a lot of information about Extenders. Grace a une unite Windows Media Center Extender et a une configuration appropriee, vous pouvez diffuser le contenu multimedia stocke sur votre ordinateur Windows 7 dans une autre piece de votre domicile. Pour plus d’informations sur les unites Extender, voir Utiliser une unite Windows Media Center Extender et Unites Windows Media Center Extender : Forum Aux Questions. Unites Extender dans differentes pieces, connectees a un reseau domestique pour acceder a de la musique, des photos et d’autres elements a partir d’un ordinateur Windows 7.
Jusqu’a cinq unites Extender peuvent diffuser du contenu multimedia a partir d’un ordinateur Windows 7. Cette rubrique explique comment connecter une unite Extender, sans fil ou filaire (via une connexion Ethernet), a votre reseau domestique, puis comment installer et configurer l’unite Extender dans Media Center.
Vous pouvez connecter votre unite Media Center Extender a votre reseau domestique a l’aide d’un cable Ethernet.
Branchez une extremite d’un cable Ethernet dans un port Ethernet de votre routeur, concentrateur ou commutateur. Verifiez que le voyant d’activite reseau du cable Ethernet raccorde a l’unite Extender est allume. Vous pouvez connecter une unite Extender a votre reseau domestique a l’aide d’une connexion sans fil.
Dans un reseau sans fil, l’unite Extender essaie de se connecter automatiquement sans aucune intervention de votre part. Lorsque vous connectez une unite Extender, seuls deux de ces elements sont requis : le nom du reseau et la cle WEP ou le mot de passe WPA. Chaque fabricant de materiel reseau sans fil possede un logiciel de configuration permettant de definir le nom du reseau et d’autres fonctions de securite.
Vous pouvez egalement consulter la documentation fournie avec votre reseau ou contacter le fabricant du materiel reseau pour plus d’informations.
Le cas echeant, deconnectez votre unite Extender du reseau filaire en retirant le cable Ethernet du port reseau situe a l’arriere de l’unite Extender, puis eteignez celle-ci. Suivez les instructions a l’ecran ou consultez le manuel livre avec votre unite Extender pour entrer les parametres de securite sans fil necessaires. Si votre Xbox 360 est connectee a un reseau domestique, vous pouvez l’utiliser comme une unite Media Center Extender.
Si vous disposez d’un peripherique Extender autre que la Xbox 360, vous pouvez le connecter a votre reseau domestique de la meme maniere. Mettez votre peripherique Extender (par exemple, votre Xbox 360) sous tension et verifiez qu’il est connecte a votre reseau domestique. Dans l’ecran de demarrage de Windows Media Center, accedez a Taches, cliquez sur Ajouter Extender, puis suivez les instructions. Si vous utilisez un autre type de peripherique Extender, appuyez sur le bouton Demarrer vert de la telecommande de votre peripherique Extender. Sur votre televiseur, suivez les instructions a l’ecran pour obtenir une cle d’installation Windows Media Center a 8 chiffres. Vous n’avez pas besoin de telecharger de logiciel supplementaire, car la fonctionnalite Extender est integree a Windows Media Center.
Sur votre ordinateur, sur l’ecran Entrer la cle d’installation dans Media Center, entrez la cle d’installation a 8 chiffres qui s’affiche sur votre unite Extender, puis continuez en suivant les instructions. La configuration de l’unite Extender entraine automatiquement la modification de certains parametres de votre ordinateur, notamment ceux du Pare-feu Windows. Si le pare-feu installe sur votre ordinateur n’est pas le Pare-feu Windows, verifiez que ce logiciel pare-feu est configure de sorte a permettre a une unite Extender de se connecter a votre ordinateur.
Sur le televiseur auquel votre unite Extender est connectee, l’interface utilisateur Media Center apparait. Connect the Ceton Echo to a TV set and enjoy live TV, DVR and all your personal media in any room.
Transform your Windows Media Center PC into the whole-home entertainment box you’ve always wanted.
The Ultimate Media Center SidekickBring your Windows Media Center experience to any TV in the home. Save up to $60 a year on electricity alone compared to using a cable box or an Xbox 360 used as an extender. Use your mobile phone or tablet to manage your media library, select shows and play using the Echo and even use your mobile as a killer remote control with the My Media Center app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. However, in MediaSmart mode HP software running on your PC can stream a wider range of file formats than Extender. The update downloads automatically when the TV is connected to your home network with access to the Internet. Watch the graphic to see the affect on network performance when you reposition the wireless access point antennas for the computer or the Extender (MediaSmart TV), or reduce obstructions between them.
The company even says that users may be able to save as much as $60 a year just by choosing to use an Echo rather than other consoles.
Wanting to get more out of their media center, then users should make sure that their PCs are running the Windows 7 or the future Windows 8. By connecting an Extender to a wired or wireless home network, you can stream media from your main computer to your Extender.
Play a dynamic slide show of your favorite photos, and add some background music to set the mood.
Play home videos that you've recorded with your digital video (DV) camera or downloaded from the web. Some are simply Extenders, while others combine Extender functionality with familiar devices (such as DVD players).

For example, the Xbox 360, which includes built-in Media Center Extender functionality, will work with Windows 7.
To learn how to change Windows Firewall settings, see Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall. To learn how to do this, see Tips for solving setup problems with Windows Media Center Extenders. Make sure that you know the user name and password for an account that has administrative privileges on your computer.
If the Extender can connect to your computer, then the problem might be with the router, hub, or switch, and the settings on them. If your computer is connected to a domain, you can try removing the computer from the domain, and then go through Extender Setup again. For more information about troubleshooting low wireless signal problems, see Why is my wireless signal strength so low?
For more information about the different wireless network security methods, see What are the different wireless network security methods? Media Center in Windows 7 is compatible with most audio and video file types, but different Extender devices have different capabilities in regards to what types of files they support. If your Extender is too far from your computer, playback of media that's protected using DRM might fail. You can test your wired or wireless network bandwidth by using the Network Tuner in Media Center. Using a wired connection usually results in a faster connection speed compared to using a wireless network connection. For a list of different wireless networks, as well as pros and cons of the different types of wireless networks, see What you need to set up a home network. For possible solutions, see the "Why does the Network Issue notification often appear when I use my Extender?" section in this article. To determine if your computer has enough available system resources, see See details about your computer's performance using Task Manager. For example, avoid running a backup on your computer or editing and watching video when using an Extender. To correct this problem, check your network settings and your network router, hub, or switch. After locating the error in Event Viewer, double-click it to get more information about why it occurred. Einfach einePause im schnellebigen Alltag machenohne der Zeit Beachtung zu schenkenist ein Erlebnis, das ich gerne teile. Decouvrez comment obtenir Windows 10Windows 8 est installe sur votre PC, mais les informations contenues dans cette page s'appliquent a Windows 8.1.
Pour ce faire, votre ordinateur et votre unite Extender doivent etre connectes a votre reseau domestique. Ce type de connexion est appele un reseau filaire, et il est preferable a une connexion sans fil car il est generalement plus rapide et fiable. Ce type de connexion vous permet de connecter votre unite Extender a votre reseau domestique sans faire passer de cables Ethernet a travers toute la maison.
Toutefois, si des protocoles de securite sont actives pour le reseau sans fil, comme une cle WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) ou un mot de passe WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), vous devez entrer manuellement ces informations lors de la configuration de l’unite Extender.
Pour plus d’informations sur les differents types de methodes de securite reseau sans fil, voir Quelles sont les differentes methodes de securite reseau sans fil ?
Cela vous permettra ainsi de diffuser facilement vos images, votre musique, vos videos et tout autre contenu multimedia depuis votre ordinateur Windows 7 vers votre televiseur.
Pour plus d’informations sur le Pare-feu Windows, voir Pare-feu Windows : Liens recommandes. Vous pouvez utiliser votre manette Xbox 360 ou votre telecommande Media Center pour acceder a la TV en direct, des emissions televisees enregistrees, des images, de la musique, des videos et tout autre contenu multimedia numerique sur votre televiseur. Department of Energy published electrical rates, April 2012, comparing Ceton Echo to a high-definition DVR cable set-top box and an Xbox 360 used as a Media Center Extender.
One popular Extender solution is the Xbox 360, which includes built-in Media Center Extender functionality. For more information, see Get help for your TV tuner or contact your computer manufacturer. If your Extender and your computer still can't connect, the problem might still be associated with a setting on your router, hub, or switch, but in conjunction with a firewall setting on your computer. For example, if you installed a codec so you could play certain file on your Windows 7 computer, that doesn't mean the file will play on your Extender.
This is because certain types of DRM are set to block playback if the data is streamed too far from the host computer. If you're still having trouble, try restarting the Windows Media Center computer, the Media Center Extender, and your network hub, router, or switch. Pour obtenir des informations d’ordre general sur les reseaux domestiques, voir Configuration d’un reseau domestique. Pour plus d’informations sur la configuration d’un reseau domestique ainsi que les avantages et les inconvenients des differents types de connexions reseau, voir Elements necessaires pour configurer un reseau domestique. Il s’agit de la cle que vous utiliserez pour relier l’unite Extender a votre ordinateur dote de Windows Media Center. En revanche, d’autres logiciels pare-feu necessiteront que vous apportiez des modifications a leur configuration.
Pour en savoir plus sur les fonctionnalites specifiques de Windows Media Center qui ne sont pas disponibles sur votre unite Extender, voir Unites Windows Media Center Extender : Forum Aux Questions.
For more information about changing router and firewall settings to work with your Extender, see Tips for solving setup problems with Windows Media Center Extenders.
Ces peripheriques sont generalement fournis avec une telecommande dotee d’un bouton Demarrer vert Media Center . Pour plus d’informations sur les pare-feu deja configures pour autoriser la connexion d’une unite Media Center Extender et sur la configuration d’autres pare-feu pour qu’ils fonctionnent avec une unite Extender, voir l’article sur les Pare-feu et unites Media Center Extender publie sur le site Web Microsoft.

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