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Big news for folks who were hoping Microsoft would include support for Windows Media Center in its next operating system. Thankfully, there are still plenty of third party applications for folks who want to operate a Windows-powered home theater PC (HTPC). Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University.
Windows Media Center supports more global TV standards and tuners, including digital and HD. Internet TV offers a great lineup of online shows and movies, all displayed in a convenient program guide. Make elegant photo collages (with background music) using the new slide show maker—perfect for parties or family get-togethers. Ehmsas.exe is one of Media Center Media Status Aggregator services which belongs to Microsoft eHome Windows Media Center developed by Microsoft Corporation. Disable Windows Firewall and Windows Defender and display pops- up to block the update process of Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. Prevent network functions from working properly for blocking third- party security protection tool from downloading and installing completely. Drastically reduce system performance via consuming system resources to allow remote hackers to enter the system. Windows registry is the database used to store settings and configuration for low- level system components and third- party applications which are closely related with system performance. Even if you're excited for Microsoft's new OS, you might not be planning to buy a new computer.
The one feature you might miss in Windows 8 is Microsoft's Windows Media Center home theater software, and its accompanying DVD movie player codecs. Microsoft also says, "Metro style applications have a minimum of 1,024x768 screen resolution, and 1,366x768 for the snap feature." "Snap" refers to Windows 8's feature of automatically resizing and positioning application Windows when you drag them to the side of the screen.
Windows Media Player, the native video player on Windows 8's desktop and the video player application on the start screen cannot play DVD or Blu-Ray movies.
The core reason for the missing feature is money in the form of licensing fees that companies have to pay when they integrate playback support into their hardware or software. The Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8 Media Center Pack is available free of charge until January 31, 2013 after which it will be available for a price.
Windows 8 users do however get the option to purchase the Windows 8 Pro Pack for $69.99 which upgrades their edition to Windows 8 Pro with Media Center included. There has been some confusion about the formats that Windows 8 Pro with Media Center supports that standard versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro do not. Windows MediaPlayer will continue to be available in all editions, but without DVD playback support. Microsoft is clearly referencing third party solutions here like Cyberlink's PowerDVD or the free VLC Media Player which is restricted to unencrypted Blu-Rays.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.

It's useful to play BD on the PC because you can just see a short piece, the extra, or check anything without powering on the full HomeTheater system! Adding complexity with editions and additional purchases and format restrictions, that insanely greedy "businessmen" (not only MS but those wanting license fees for bundling codecs) are making piracy even more attractive.
Ok that's a bit of a mouthful, but it really does make piracy seem like a better option, not simply because a $30 blu-ray plastic disc is ludicrously over-priced, but because legitimate customers should not have to jump so many hurdles to watch what they paid for.
I need some clarification, if you purchase the standard version of Windows 8 and then take advantage of the free Media Center offer does your standard version get upgraded to Windows 8 Pro? Actually, if you run the upgrade assistant from the windows upgrade offer site, save the download, run it in compatibility mode, it run through its steps and ID the $39 dollar option, but you'll take the code you got while registering your purchase of a win8 machine during the promotion period and it'll knock the price down to $14.99.
You can use VLC to play DVD, VOB and Blu-Ray on Windows 8, but you will need to download and place the AACS and BD+ DRM libraries and keys in order to play Blu Ray on Windows 8.
Anyway Media Center never worked well for me, everyday we find something that discourage anyone to downgrade to Windows 8.
One of the most interesting applications of Windows 7 is Windows Media Center, a comprehensive platform for multimedia content management however has been somewhat slowed in its development, with few updates and a confusing situation for users, they could even get advantage of its large touchscreen interface.
In fact, Windows Media Center will not be included in Windows 8 as standard, and only Windows 8 Pro users can access the free download and installation separately of this tool that provides a good codec support and playback formats like AAC , AVCHD, MPEG-4, WMV, WMA, AVI, DivX, MOV, XviD. In other versions of Windows 8 will not be possible to access Windows Media Center, so we’ll have to resort to alternatives that are taking very seriously the segment of the Media Center. We can say, it something bad for the fans of Windows Media Center as they will not able to access in Windows 8. Bott noted that Microsoft actually disbanded the Windows Media Center team as far back as 2009. It also plays more popular audio and video formats—including 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, MPEG-4, WMV, and WMA. Its spyware- free version has been digitally signed from Microsoft Windows Publisher – VeriSign Time Stamping Services Signer. Any registry problems will result in a list of complicated system issues, such as slowdown of system performance, increase of annoying system pops- up, drop of browser running speed, failure to run system components and unexpected system shutdown.
If you have an existing Windows PC, Microsoft has made the upgrade process more or less simple, but there are still some things you might want to think about before making the switch. If you purchase the downloadable upgrade, Microsoft will offer you the option to purchase a DVD version for an additional $15.
Windows 8 Pro users won't get it either to start with, but they can download it for free via a post-upgrade download.
Per Microsoft: "You will be able to upgrade from any consumer edition of Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro and bring everything along which includes your Windows settings, personal files, and apps.
Microsoft saves money, and makes available the Windows Media Center as an upgrade to bring back support to the operating system. Windows 8 - that is the basic edition of the operating system - users on the other hand can't get their hands on the free Media Center as Microsoft made the decision to only integrate it into Windows 8 Pro. Many websites and blogs reported that Media Center would add DVD and Blu-Ray playback capabilities to the operating system.

For optical discs playback on new Windows 8 devices, we are going to rely on the many quality solutions on the market, which provide great experiences for both DVD and Blu-ray. You may also want to check whether your Blu-Ray drive came with software that lets you play Blu-Rays on the PC. I do understand though that there are certain setups, a Home Theater PC for instance or a laptop that you use to play back movies for the kids while traveling.
He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. Windows 8 users only get the option to purchase the Windows 8 Pro Pack which upgrades their system to Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. XBMC or MediaPortal are among the best known, and offers a true variety of features for music fans, video and digital photography. Windows Media Center has seen declining popularity over the years, but was a popular video and music playback tool, especially for folks who used computers as home media center PCs. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.
The powerful tool has the ability to help user totally solve annoying registry problems through its built- in comprehensive registry maintenance toolkits. If you have basic Windows 8, you have to download what Microsoft is calling its Windows 8 Pro Pack, which will upgrade you to Windows 8 Pro, and also bring Media Center along with it. I always felt that it is a lot easier to rip those movies instead as you do not have to carry around the physical discs or copies thereof with you. I live in Southern California, you mean to tell me that Microsoft in Washington has excommunicated us?
With the toolkits, users are empowered to totally eliminate unused registry components, fix obscure registry error pops- up and repair the damaged registry files. Windows RT will only come with tablets, and an Enterprise version will be sold with large-volume corporate PC purchases. Microsoft has a Compatibility Center Web site where you can check for specific applications and hardware devices that have been certified to work in Windows 8. Windows 8, Windows Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions, with 64-bit being most common. Most people won't miss Pro's extras like the Client Hyper-V virtualization software and BitLocker disk encryption tool.Windows Media Center and its DVD player software are no longer standard features in Windows 8.

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