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Winamp have released a new version of its critically acclaimed media player for Android that includes SHOUTcast radio integration, wireless syncing of your iTunes library from your PC to your Android, Now Playing and other great features. SHOUTcast radio can now be accessed from within the App and you can search, favorite and play over 40,000 Internet radio stations.
It also helps you sync your iTunes library using your PC to your Android device without using any wires. How about control from an android device of shoutcast radio stations on winamp installed on a PC?

It's easy to drop songs into the Now Playing column on the right, then rearrange, sync, or burn your playlists.
Now Playing is another great feature that has been integrated with the popular media player. The widget and the lock screen player have also been improved and other features like scrobbling, more language support and Play Queue Management have also been added.
Like, I don?t want to listen to winamp shoutcast radio on my phone but instead on my stereo and have the ability to change shoutcast channels with my phone.

The App now interacts with other applications such as Pandora, YouTube and Amazon MP3 Store and can grab info of any song instantly.

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