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Microsoft released the latest version of the Windows  Media player That is Windows Media Player 11.   Download Full offline installers of Windows Media Player 9, 10 , 12 from Directly from Microsoft .
Windows Media Player allows you to play audio and video files locally stored and streamed from the Internet. If you are looking for the best MP3 & Audio software for your Windows PC then I recommend and suggest you to download and try Windows Media Player Windows XP. Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System Windows 7 has been previewed at the PDC 2008 event showcasing the next gen features and screenshots of the Windows 7 pre beta version. Device Information Retrieval downloads information from Microsoft for your hardware devices and displays it in the Windows 7 Devices and Printers control panel, and when you first install and use a device, in the Device Stage.
Driver Protection helps prevent the operating system from starting drivers that are known to cause stability problems. Dynamic Update enables Windows 7 to perform a one-time check with the Windows Update website to get the latest updates for your computer while Windows is being installed. The fax feature allows you to create and save fax cover pages, and to send and receive faxes using your computer and an external or a built-in fax modem or a fax server. Automatic learning is a handwriting recognition feature that is available on Tablet PCs and external tablets.
A HomeGroup allows you to easily link Windows 7 computers on your home network so that you can share pictures, music, videos, documents and devices. Windows 7 Gadgets are mini programs that run on the desktop( sidebar killed) and provide at-a-glance information, and easy access to frequently used tools. Internet printing makes it possible for computers running Windows 7 to use printers located anywhere in the world by sending print jobs using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Beta version of Windows 7 will be released public download by the end of 2008 or in Jan 2009.
We are currently in the planning stages for Windows 7 and development is scoped to three years from Windows Vista Consumer GA. Microsoft released the Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 8.1 users to enjoy the high audio and video experience. Windows 7 is expected to be faster in terms of operation and in boot times, the OS will also feature full touch and multi-touch support for touchscreen based devices, along with support for up to 256 CPUs.
Turning on BitLocker encrypts the hard drive where Windows is installed, including all information that is stored on that drive.
Using the Update Driver Software Wizard, you can update device drivers for hardware installed on your computer, modify hardware settings, and troubleshoot device and driver problems.

These drivers are listed in a Driver Protection List database that is stored on your computer. If updates are found, Dynamic Update automatically downloads and installs them so your computer is up to date the first time that you log on or use it. It also makes them ready to stream media to devices on your home network such as a media extender. As is standard with the release of a new product, we will be releasing early builds of Windows 7 prior to its General Availability as a means to gain tester feedback. No Spam.Click on confirmation link in email for activation, check spam folder if not in mailbox. So review all technical details and specially check Windows Media Player Windows XP offline installer file size, language support and license type before downloading. If you like this software after using then you can purchase the full version and enjoy all the pro features. Get standalone and full offline installer for Windows Media Player Windows XP so you can install without Internet connection. Automatic learning is enabled by default, and the handwriting recognition software will attempt to recognize and improve its interpretation of your handwriting style and vocabulary. You can help protect your HomeGroup with a password, and you can choose what you want to share. Check out Windows Media Player Windows XP description, features, technical details and system requirements.
Hard Disk space depends on the file size of Windows Media Player Windows XP, so make sure you have more free space than the total size of the software. Play it, view it, plus sync it to a transportable device for enjoying away from home or even share with devices about your home, all from one location.
You will have access to over two million songs from all of genres and even exclusive music CMT, VH1 and MTV. To run Windows Media Player Windows XP properly, please review my recommendation for minimum RAM and processor.
IT is the best Media player  for Playing both Audio and Video files with much easier than ever. URGE This new program will include the Windows Media Player playlists, radio stations, songs blogs, profiles of musicians and stories. For more information, see the Driver Protection List article online at the Microsoft website.

File Formats Supported by windows Media Player As like in VLC media player WMP supports many video and audio formats.
With it you can purchase songs and CDs of your favorite bands and superlegais access content over the music world.
Supported Many file formats Windows Media Player 11 is Downloaded for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Ripping CDs Download Microsoft Windows Media Player to ripping the cds and Dvds for music you can split music CDs to your personal computer just got easier. The default file formats are Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), and Advanced Systems Format (ASF), and it is own XML based playlist format called Windows Playlist (WPL). The newest version will download your own music MP3 WMA plus choosing quality audio plus automatically get information about all of them. Copying CDs : Copying Cds and Dvd using WMP is much easier than before Organize your own music The navigation from the music library is also more lean and more agile.
Audio File Formats supported by Windows Media Player 11 Windows Media Player supports several different types of audio file. With a new layout, you can view your playlists by artist, albums, music, genres, years and rankings. It supports Windows Media Audio files (WMA and ASF),The basic Audio for Windows format (WAV),the Moving Picture Experts (MP2 and MP3),the Musical Instrument Digital Interface file formats (MID, MIDI, RMI),the Sun Microsystems and NeXT file formats- AU and SND, the Audio Interchange File Formats (AIF, AIFF and AIFC),and CD Audio Track (CDA). In addition you will have a revamped internet search engine to find your music rapidly in your collection. Playlist Create playlists simply by just dragging the specific songs or albums towards the list pane with a completely redesigned to offer greater swiftness and comfort the agent of the program system. Windows Media player is single supported player for all types of devices like Tablet, windows Mobile,Pc, Laptop. Synchronization and portable media WMP  has new synchronization tools for you to synchronize your own music on portable media players. The Music and  Video Player software program is totally renovated and full of helpful tools. Also check out the brand new version of one of the most well-known and used media gamers around the world!

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