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Learn how to tackle your system when you receive "Windows Media Player has stopped working'' message while playing music or videos in Windows 8 or later. However, if your system music or video library is not according to what Windows Media Player needs, you may face weird issues with it. As you can see in the above shown screenshot, there is no clue at all that could help us to solve this problem. In this way, recreation of library or whatever the root cause detected in your case, the suggested fix by troubleshooter would put an end of this issue. Geek by nature, Windows blogger by passion, Microsoft MVP by choice and Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil loves to help others for fixing their Windows related issues. I tried the troubleshooter which ran exactly as you stated, but it did not solve the problem. 5 ??????????????? 2016 ????? ??????????????(??????? 20,000 ???) ?????????????? GT 940M ??????!!! In the Computer window, in the Devices with Removable Storage section, choose the optical drive and then click AutoPlay. Albeit Windows Media Player claims to support AVI file format, sometimes we still find it go wrong when it comes to play AVI files. Here introduces top four solutions to fix AVI files not playing in Windows Media Player issue with a desire to assist you to tackle this problem with the greatest of ease. Solution 3: Resort to the Windows Media Player Alternative like 5KPlayer or VLC for playing AVI files.
Since Windows Media Player is developed by Microsoft, it's advisable for you to convert AVI files to Microsoft's WMV and ASF (in general, there is no problem about WMV and ASF playing on WMP.).

Free download the AVI to WMV video converter of Windows version or Mac version and launch it.
Click "Browse" button in output setting area, select a destination folder in the dialog box that opens, and then click OK. Assuming that you are not versed in dealing with Windows Media Player won't play AVI problem by installing the abstract codecs or converting AVI files, it doesn't matter! Both VLC and KMplayer work seamlessly with AVI files, as well as MP4, MOV, MKV, 3GP, FLV,etc. In the event that your AVI files not playing on WMP rests with the AVI files corrupted or damaged.
Note: Apart from aiding you to effectively fix the WMP won't play AVI problem, this all-in-one video converter program makes you wow at its superiority in converting any video no matter the SD or HD video from camcorder or online website.
MacX Video Converter Pro is a feature-rich, high quality, and incredibly fast video converter. Though there are tons of third-party competitive multimedia players available for Windows, but none of them could take place of this built-in player. Press + Q and type troubleshooting in the search box, pick Troubleshooting from the search results. Moving on, in the following window click Windows Media Player Library in order to launch corresponding troubleshooter.
So the troubleshooter now detects the issues what is causing problem with Windows Media Player to work correctly.
If you are using the former version of WMP and also want to play the former mentioned video formats, this all-round video converter pro can address your needs to convert these video to WMV, ASF, and AVI video to MPEG Windows Media Player friendly formats with unaffected quality in solely mins.

Thus, in a bit to play AVI video file well with WMP, you need to install DivX or XviD codecs at the first place. Then restart your computer and you can then play AVI files on Windows Media Player with smoothness. More importantly, VLC media player also delivers perfect performance in playing incomplete or corrupted AVI files so that you can play the damaged AVI files without worry about any unplayable issue. You can take advantage of it to convert AVCHD to MP4, AVI to MOV, MKV to FLV, MTS to 3GP, etc.
It's an all-in-one video converting solution with top quality, easiness, fast speed and high-efficiency.
Certainly, you can't make this come true without the aid of the best video converter-MacX Video Converter Pro (for Windows, for Mac), which can help you convert AVI to WMV, ASF, MPEG and more WMP compatible formats without any significant quality loss. And KMPlayer outshines WMP related to its rare 3D format playback function, which allows you to experience the amazing 3D home cinema world with a low CPU Memory share and an optimized, stable playback supported by GPU. Then here gives you the remedy-download and install the highly sought-after free DivXRepair, which has the knack to repair all kind of avi files through removing the bad parts and re-asseming the avi file.
The other players available to you may have lots of options to offer, but they lags when it comes perfect stability.
This article will guide you to solve AVI won't play on windows Media Player problem and aid you to play AVI files on WMP with no amount of road blocks.

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