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Mahalo software expert Sean Hewitt offers a tutorial on using audio effects in Windows Media Player.
If your music is sounding too flat, you can adjust certain elements of it with the Graphic equalizer.1. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. Take the example of to rotate video in Windows Media Player and still Microsoft doesn’t come out with a direct solution for answering this problem! Substantial amount of coding and energy goes into the development of a GUI OS like Windows, but it still misses some of the basic amenities, an avid computer user requires. Open any video you want to rotate in VLC Media Player and select Tools > Effects and Filters (Ctrl + E). You can check the checkbox next to Rotate and select your angle of choice to rotate and the video starts displaying at that angle. As you can see under Video > Aspect Ratio you can set the aspect ratio from default to whatever you like for eg. Since Windows Media Player doesn’t support these many video formats and also doesn’t have default rotate option in it’s armoire, this looks like the best alternative way to rotate video in windows media player. NVIDIA Windows Media Player 10 Media Module Skin provides NVIDIA fans with a tribute skin for their Windows Media Player.

Once you have installed the NVIDIA Windows Media Player 10 Media Module Skin, opening your Windows Media Player turns into a mesmerizing experience including both visual and audio high-quality effects.
Choosing to open the playlist instantly changes the tiny GUI into a more breathing entity that, although it takes a whole lot more of your workspace, allows you to quickly and easily manage the music you select to listen to. The incorporated equalizer helps you rapidly choose one the many presets and even create one of your very own liking by tuning the available nine bands.
The bottomline is that NVIDIA Windows Media Player 10 Media Module Skin addresses only a selected bunch of users, NVIDIA fans or not, that utilize WMP as their default media player and also have a certain inclination to tech skins with neon glowing lights and green, lots of green… and black.
Sean has spent most of his career in computer construction and repair, working intimately with every version of Windows (from 3.1 to Windows 7) in the process.
You either need to use a third-party video player like VLC media player or some other software from Microsoft like Windows Movie Maker, probably to overcome this hurdle. So if you want to rotate any of these video formats to your desired liking or direction, the answer is simple.
NVIDIA is one of the two remarkable GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) manufacturers in the world and it is no surprise that someone thought of creating a WMP skin featuring the black and green base colors. The first thing you might notice is the outdated logo of the company and, for real fans that can be seen as a drawback, while the nostalgics would have no problem with it.

It is almost perfect and the blend of colors delivers a very nice touch that excites the eye in a pleasant way.
The good news here is that NVIDIA Windows Media Player 10 Media Module Skin’s alternative look can be resized to fit any gap in your desktop area. On the downside, the EQ also packs crossfading capabilities that can prove a little tricky sometimes as they tend to block the music from playing.
TruBass adds a deeper bass sound.Click and drag the Wow Effect slider to adjust the Wow Effect level. The playback animation depicts a horizontal electric-green lightning accompanied by aurora borealis themed shadows.
Wow Effect simulates a surround sound effect.Click the right or left arrow to go on to the next or previous effects options window. These are the positions that Windows Media Player has determined would sound best with the corresponding genre of music.4.

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