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The download button allows you to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows Vista (also compatible with Windows 7). Windows Movie Maker is a great video editing program, which allows its user to edit different video clips, added with pictures, to create a movie clip. If you want to cut off a clip from the video, then you will have to click at the point where you want to start set the cut point. Once you are done with editing, you can save the project in movie format by clicking the “Finish movie” button. Windows Live Movie Maker is a video editing tool from Windows which allows you to transform your photos and videos in amazing movies. This utility has a lot of editing tools to offer you and it also allows you to easily share the results with your friends. One of the strengths of Windows Live Movie Maker is the fact it accepts various types of media (videos and photos).
All these contents from your computer are nicely organized within a Windows Live Photo gallery so they are always ready to hand.

Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to obtain the perfect blend between sound and images, and it puts at your disposal a variety of tools: themes, transitions, visual effects, text for title, captions and credits, fade effects, speed adjusting, split and trim options.
After finishing the job, just post the video on the Internet, directly from Windows Live Movie Maker.
Thanks to Windows Live Movie Maker, it is not difficult to get your own home videos and make them look professional. From importing media contents that you will use to create your video to sharing the result online, Windows Live Movie Maker is there for you at every step.
Windows Live Photo Gallery: helps to organize, view, share and edit your photos and videos. So, if you have a number of videos that you want to convert into one file, in the form of a movie, then nothing can be better than to use Windows Movie Maker, as it is really easy to use and even a novice computer user can operate it. You can add different effects to your videos, such as manipulating colours and speed of the videos, fading the end of a specific scene to black and many others. Right after you drop them on the program window, they will start loading one by one, in the form of thumbnails.

You can then choose from different transition options and apply the effect which you feel look best in your video. This utility is available if you have installed on your computer one of the following operating systems: Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Ultimate editions.
You can select the part which you do not want to use in the video and press “Delete” button on your keyboard. You can also add titles to your video by selecting “Add Titles” from the list that appears by right clicking a clip.

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