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A visitor from my YouTube video time-lapse photography using Sony Cybershot DSC WX1 asked me how I was able to do that particular time-lapse using my camera.
A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web. Great information sir, user friendly and windows movie maker, yan din po gamit ko sa video editing kapag nag upload ako ng video sa facebook, pero marami pa akong natutunan dahil sa article na ito. You can't expect a great looking DVD if you start with a poor quality camcorder or capture process. Dunn's column Selecting the Right Camera to Meet Your Needs for help on selecting a camcorder. When you're dealing with the very high data rates of DVD video, do not skimp on computing power. DVD+R is, but DVD+R burns about 2.4 times faster and seems to be the preferred format lately. You can improve your moviemaking by adding your own special touches to make your movies look distinctive and professional. You can also add a transition by dragging it to the timeline and dropping it between two clips on the Video track. If you upgraded your computer from Windows XP to Windows Vista, any additional transitions and effects that you had previously downloaded and installed will not be available in the current version of Windows Movie Maker. To reduce the transition duration, drag the beginning of the transition towards the end of the timeline.
To increase the transition duration, drag the beginning of the transition towards the beginning of the timeline.
On the storyboard, click the transition cell that contains the transition that you want to remove. You can also add an effect by dragging the effect from the Contents pane and dropping it on a picture or video clip on the Video track of the timeline, to the effect cell of a video clip, or to a picture on the storyboard.
If you upgraded your computer from Windows XP to Windows Vista, any additional transitions and effects that you had previously downloaded and installed will not be available in the current version of Windows Movie Maker. On the Video track of the timeline or on the storyboard, click the video clip, picture, or title that has the applied effect you want to change. To remove an effect, in the Displayed effects area, click the effect, and then click Remove. To add an effect, in the Available effects area, click the effect you want to add, and then click Add.
If you add multiple effects, you can change the order in which they are displayed by using the Move Up or Move Down buttons. If you add the same effect more than once to a clip, the effect is applied as many times as you added it. You can also remove an effect by selecting the effect cell in the storyboard that contains the effect you want to remove, and then pressing the DELETE key.

Movie Maker is a simple tool that allows you to create and edit videos, but some users report that they can’t hear audio in their Movie Maker project.
Users report that when they add music to their Movie Maker project, the video works without any problems but there is no music available. Choose Restart from the list of options and after 10 seconds this service should be restarted. Although this is a working solution, you’ll have to do it every time you start a Movie Maker project or restart your computer. If you need to use DTS sound you can just set it to internal from the main screen instead of turning it off completely. This might not be the most practical solution but users have reported that WMV files work without any problems in Movie Maker, so if you’re having any issues with sound, convert your files to WMV format and then use them in Movie Maker. Let's Look at the Opening ScreenBefore we can start making a movie, let?s look at the parts of the Windows Movie Maker window. Note - Clicking the Show Storyboard link changes this area of the Windows Movie Maker window to the Storyboard view. Similarly, to select several files that are not in consecutive order, hold the Ctrl key rather than the Shift key and then click on the different filenames you wish to import. A lot of people don't realize Windows Movie Maker (version 6 for Windows Vista, NOT XP) allows editing HD video. When you export your video, either select 720p or 1080p depending on your source files and how large you want your final copy to be.
If you want to send someone a link to your video on YouTube, the normal YouTube URL's are in standard quality, but if you add &hd=1 in the URL, it will force HD to be turned on. Im not 100% sure if they only convert H.264 and WMV, those are the only 2 I've seen work so far.
You will see the file names of (IMG0001, IMG002, and so on) the images are in sequence; so it will be easy for you to incorporate them according to time of captures.
What I do is move the arrow to the smallest, which is .50 seconds, then right click the clip to speed it double one, two, to three times. Save the project or you can immediately publish it into WMV file for YouTube or Facebook upload. For more details about my own time-lapse photography, you can click this link: Time-lapse photography. OO kasi you have to spend long time s isang location; mas maganda kung may remote yung camera, yung nasa DSLR lang nga.
By adding transitions and effects, you can make sure that your movie flows nicely from one scene to the next and give it the look you want. Or, if you are in the storyboard view, you can drag the transition to the transition cell between two video clips or pictures. For example, you might have an imported video that you want to look and feel like a classic, old-time movie.

You can click Play under the preview monitor to see a preview of what the effect looks like. For example, if you add the Speed Up, Double effect two times to the same video clip, the clip would play four times as fast as the original clip. This looks like an unusual problem, but fortunately for you, there are few solutions available. This is an unusual problem, and if you’re using Movie Maker on regular basis this could be a big problem for you. This link will then read Show Timeline.Clicking on the link Show Timeline returns this area to the Timeline view. The Storyboard is where you will build your movie.Notice that after you drag your picture to the Storyboard, it still remains in the Collections view. Your Bitrate encoding looks great between 3 mbps - 5 mbps, but Im sure you could upload them at a higher rate if you wish.
YouTubes iframe code requires the width and height to be in high def too, so even if you add the ?hd=1 in the URL, if the width and height are not large enough, it will switch it back to low definition. When I published my video, there was no Windows Media HD option in more settings, is there any other one i can use or how can i make that option appear on the settings? I, however, replied to the comment, and for that I thought it would still be not a satisfying reading for a user if he really wants to know how I have incorporated the captured shots through Windows Movie Maker. If so, you could add one of the Film Age effects to a video clip, picture, or title to make the video for that clip look like an old-time movie.
If you’re having this issue with Movie Maker you might want to have a closer look at our solutions below.
Collections View A list of all imported components for your movie - photos, videos or sounds.
When your movie is complete, you have additional options for saving the file, so that it may be played in a webpage or emailed, for example. I guess it will only help people visually see their video size during the creation process. So here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how I was able to create a video with time-lapse photography in it.
Or you might choose to use more brash transitions, such as, Bars, Shatter, or Zig Zag (to name just a few).
The Preview Screen The Timeline or Storyboard All parts of your movie, whether photos, videos or sounds are dragged to this area. Select the picture files you wish to import.Tip - To select several picture files which are listed consecutively, click the first filename in the list, and then while holding the Shift key, click on the last filename in the list.

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