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In this situation, you can solve the problem by deleting all the currently downloaded updates and retrying. Once you have deleted everything, go back to the Services dialog and right-click on the Windows Update service and choose Start.
Just to share where I am having the same problem but Windows Update & BITS services are running well. Finally I found the problem is cause by Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) which suppose to enhance the SATA disk performance. I had exactly the same problem on a new W7 install and once I updated the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, all was well. Thanks to your post, I finally got the update check to run and updates are currently installing.
I had to start all over again with a new hard drive (old one died) and it could not update. Oh my goodness this simple fix solved a problem that i have been beating my head against for TWO DAYS. 1st one was that it stopped being genuine at 1am last month (was disabling onboard display to FORCE ION2 HDMI output on TV that didn't want to work well without doing so) that required me to restore hd image from windows backup. 2nd one is memory overflow when using HDMI display on Nvidia ION2 netbook (maybe it's global HDMI or nvidia problem). But a big WTF to the guy that talked about a virsus causing this problem on the microsoft site. After stopping the service, deleting the files, restarting the service and then running windows update I found I had 15 Important updates which I'd missed!
I have a lenovo T410 that had the same problems with the windows update and the optical drive was always powering down and could not be turned on without booting in safe mode. I tried all the suggestions here and elsewhere and finely found there was PC doctor on board but disabled. I installed the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver from Intel's website, restarted my computer, and windows update is working. This works wonderfully, but you MUST reboot a Vista machine before Windows Update will start working again. Then choose the local disc where your operating system is installed (most likely C ) in the left column, and Windows in the right column.
You may get a warning asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer, which, of course, you do.
The Software Distribution folder in Windows operating system is a folder located in the Windows directory and used to temporarily store files which may be required to install Windows Update on your computer. While you do not want to touch this folder under normal conditions, you may need to empty its contents should you find that your system’s Datastore and the Download folder have got de-synchronized, resulting in your Windows Updates not working properly.

It is generally speaking safe to delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder, once all files required by it have been used for installing Windows Update. If it is just the size, then if you use Disk Cleanup Tool and opt to Clean up System Files on your System Drive, and then Windows Update components & Delivery Optimization files , you will find that the size of this folder will get substantially reduced. To delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder, in Windows 10, from the WinX Menu, open Command Prompt (Admin). After you have emptied this folder, you may restart your computer or you may type the following commands, one at a time in the CMD, and hit Enter to restart the Windows Update related Services. Restart the service and click on Windows Update and it will go on its merry way inventorying your computer and suggesting updates.
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Seperti yang kita tahu bahwa setiap pengguna Windows 7, 8, 8.1 dan edisi lainnya akan ditawari upgrade gratis ke Windows 10.
Jadi hari Minggu kemarin saya berusaha mencari solusinya dan saya sekalian catat disini untuk membantu anda yang mengalami masalah yang sama. Maka proses pembaruan Windows akan berjalan (siapkan internet dengan kecepatan tinggi atau tinggal tidur saja), dan semestinya dalam jendela command prompt tadi akan muncul notifikasi upgrade ke Windows 10.
Akhirnya tutup jendela regedit dan jalankan Windows Update lagi, niscaya dengan salah satu solusi diatas mampu memaksa sistem operasi anda sekarang menjalankan upgrade Windows 10 secara manual.
Dapatkan update artikel, giveaway, game gratis dengan mengikuti halaman Facebook, Twitter, dan Google Plus kami. Bergabunglah dalam email list kami dan dapatkan hal menarik dan kabar terbaru langsung ke inbox email anda.ox. Sometimes an update gets corrupted and then Windows gets confused and thinks the service is no longer running. Now scroll down until you see the Windows Update service, right-click on it and choose Stop. All the files and folders will be re-created and hopefully you can start downloading updates for your PC.
I have been messing with my laptop for days since I reformatted it just before Xmas, and despite being very computer savvy, I couldn't figure it out. However, is it possible to "undelete" the Update History as you cannot see it anymore? I followed the first guy's instructions and updated the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. I've been battling over the same problem for a number of days now and had tried and retried all the suggestions from Microsoft. I installed a new SATA drive on my Lenovo u450p laptop and could not get windows update to work even though the windows update service and the BITS service was started.

A corrupt update through WSUS knocked out 40pcs in one go – all started showing this. It's hard to believe that none of the long-winded solutions from the official Microsoft support site and Windows 7 forums worked but your simple and easy to understand fix worked the first time with minimal fuss. The update was without a hitch on my larger laptop, but stubbornly refused to install on my Surface.
But if you are facing Windows Update issues, then you flushing this folder has been know to help in several issues like Windows Update not working, Windows Updates fail to install, Failure configuring Windows updates, Windows Update stuck downloading updates, We couldn’t complete the updates and so on. All content is based on the author’s experiences and opinions and is not intended to influence the actions of the reader. Nah… tanggal 29 Juli kemarin adalah saat diluncurkannya secara resmi Windows 10 dan ini berarti komputer anda bisa dimigrasikan ke versi terbaru Windows. Hapus saja semua folder didalamnya, ini akan membuat isi Windows Update menjadi kosong seperti baru diinstall.
Kalau cara ini yang dilakukan sebenarnya adalah mendownload file – file sistem operasi Windows 10 untuk memasang upgrade (pilih Upgrade this PC now) atau instalasi ulang (pilih Create installation media for another PC).
After several, but solved, installation problems, I got stuck on the Windows Update failure.
This problem has been bothering me A LOT since when I play games on this computer it was all laggy and stuff. Glad I didn't listen to so-called Microsoft MVP who declared it to be a uncurable virus that mandated clean install. I tried deleting old updates, no luck, then downloaded the newest Intel RST and it works again. If you were to delete the folder itself, it will get automatically re-created and the required WU components downloaded automatically. The service is running but the GUI indicates a problem and suggests you reboot your computer. Tapi kasusnya laptop teman saya tidak selancar itu prosesnya, gagal walaupun Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit) adalah asli dan sudah memasang update terbarunya. After I got this PC back from repair, Windows Update hasn’t been working at all, until now!

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